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Can't control my phone with QuickSupport

I want to remote control my cellphone

I installed QuickSupport on my phone (Android 5.1) which was already rooted

Teamviewer on my PC (win7 X64) version 12.0.71503

When I connect to my phone , a messeage "You partner rejected your connection request" display above . But I Confirmed on my phone.

After that ,a session established, I can send message between my PC and my phone.

But I can't remote control my phone


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  • I see.

    My device is HuaWei which is not on the supported list.

  • elbea64
    elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    My Devices are Huawei/Honor 7/8.

    There is finally an official add-on in the Play Store.

    There was already an unofficial version before the above release, which worked well. It was originally from TeamViewer too, but for some reason they removed it from Play Store. You can still find it as .apk-file through google.

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  • mxs
    mxs Posts: 2


    The addon doesn't seem to be valid for Honor 8 phones on nougat. I get a message saying the addon is not compatible.

    Is there any way we can remotely control an Honor 8 on Nougat without rooting it?

  • mxs
    mxs Posts: 2

    I would also like to know how to remote control the honor 8 lite with Teamviewer ....

    Has anyone managed to get this to work on Nougat??

  • Kittu
    Kittu Posts: 1

    My mobile is micromax a120

  • ABSam
    ABSam Posts: 1
    I have Motorola E3 Power mobile phone. I am not able to remotely access my phone. It is only working with screen sharing mode. Please help.
  • AungDang
    AungDang Posts: 1

    hi, i need add-on for Oppo phone. where can i find it?

  • I also bought XZ premium cause sony is in the list support but i can't control device and the screen showed the message  "this device only supports screen sharing mode". 

  • mnv_7
    mnv_7 Posts: 1

    Is there any add on for vivo y51l

  • cyndi2966
    cyndi2966 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    install host