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Can't access computer

Hey! Since yesterday I can't access my computer through teamviewer. Suddenly it wants me to provide a password, but I have never set one and no matter what I try it would not let me in. I also can't find an option for a password recovery etc. I was using it without any problems from my phone or PC, but now it's impossible. Any suggestions will be more then appreciated:)


  • elbea64
    elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    Tell us about the setup on both ends - how did you connect before?

    A password recovery for hosts is not really necessary, as you can simply set a new password. And i think i wouldn't like it, if my passwords could be recovered remotely.

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  • Hi and thank you for the respond! The password that I have trouble with is not on my account, but when I want to enter one of my PC's remotely. The problem is that I have never had a password there so I don't even know what is it about. The way I set everything at the beginning is - I installed teamviewer on exactly this computer and then I added my other pc's + my phone to the teamviewer trusted computers. I have used it like this for 2 or more years. Suddenly yesterday it wanted a password... I tried first through my phone and then from a laptop - the same problem. I have a screenshot but I don't know if I can attach it here. Otherwise the teamviewer itself runs on all machines, but can't reach between them. Thank you for your help!
  • Dragomir
    Dragomir Posts: 1

    I have exactly the same problem! Recently I bought another computer so I can keep my data at home and use the laptop to travel and access the one at home. So I installed and setup Team Viewer on both computers with the same account, and since then it was working for about a week,than it started to promt me about a password when I try to connect my home computer,wich it didn't ask before. I log in automaticaly, so I tryed to change the password for my account but I couldn't, because it was wrong password I was entering. So I requested forgotten password change and changed it, but it still promts me and sais "The password you have entered is invalid, please try again.".When I enter my account password in the empty field it goes away but in the box for the status it says"Connection not established"

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