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Adding a Username\Owner Field to "My Computers" or a Searchable Tag(s)

We have a corporate license and are currently in the process of setting up all of our clients so that we can remotely manage and control for support. 

A big gripe I have at the moment there is no where to tag the computer with "username". There is no field. Previously with other remote tools we could tag or alias the computer with the owners name making it easier to search and find their computer in the list. Under properties there is a "description" box but this does not appear to be searchable from the client or online portal. 

Does this functionality exist? if not, could it be added. Its frustrating to have to ask the user for their hostname or id when users names could be added as a searchable tag or a field that is populated via the client during install or when last accessed or even added manually is helpful while we deploy the client. 



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  • Perfect Esther thanks very much. Is there away to modifiy the alias via  registry key or can it onl be done in the portal or client host?

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,614 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi again,

    no, you can not change the name via a reg file since the TeamViewer Account and the Computer & contacts list is stored online and not on the device itself.

    Thanks, Esther

    Community Manager
  • Is there a way to update the alias to include the local user like what you can with with the assignment tool? (using -devicealias "${COMPUTERNAME}"). As I'm not aware of another variable that would rename the alias to Username rather than Computername.

    So for example
    -devicealias "${COMPUTERNAME} - ${LOCALUSER}"..
    Could become:
    Laptop1- Test User


  • NigeNZ
    NigeNZ Posts: 8

    @JakeWallace @Esther Was there an update to this at all, this is a major issue for my deployment as well


  • RandB
    RandB Posts: 1

    @JakeWallace @Esther , any update or answer on this? My organization is also looking for a way to automatically add the User Name to the default Computer Name in the description for each TeamViewer Host installation.

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