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Remove partner ID from my mangement list

In the Control Remote Computer menu I have a list of partner IDs that I have contacted. How do I remove them from the list?


  • tcabw
    tcabw Posts: 2

    I have discovered the same problem.
    There does not appear to be any way to delete a computer listed in the Management Console that is no longer in use.
    Perhaps Support can comment on this or tell us how to do it??


    Tony C

  • I asked this question to the support team but despite being given a case number nobody has bothered to contact me. This editing of partner lists is obviously and oversight and a flaw. I have several friends and family who have upgraded their machines so now I have a list containing Bob and Bob New etc. 

    'Get it sorted please Teamviwer

  • I figured out how to do this. Hopefully I can explain it. Open Teamviewer on your PC. At the bottom on the right you will see your user ID with arrows after it. Like USERID >>. Click on that and your "Computers and Contacts" list will show up. From there you can go to the settings for each computer and delete it. Hope this helps!


  • tcabw
    tcabw Posts: 2

    Right click on computer you want to remove (it will be in the off-line list) and at the top right you will see a small wheel (hovering the mouse will show "more").
    Clicking on that will give you the option to delete it.

    Thanks to Billphilip for putting me on to this. It's been bugging me for some time how to do it and the solution has been there all the time!

    Tony C.

  • This works for TeamViewer 13.

    1. Open TeamViewer.
    2. Under "Partner ID", click the down arrow.
    3. Move the mouse over the ID to be deleted, a cross x will show at the right.
    4. Left click it, the ID will be removed.

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