Black screen not working (Windows 10)



  • it happens between monitor on and off.
    The way I solved is turn off monitor and remote restart computer via teamviewer.
    After reboot and login via teamviewer, I can see the game screen.
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    I also have this on 2 new dell monitors, windows 10, nvidia quadro card. 

    Please fix it!

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    There is no fix. I talked with the development team, sent them logs etc., and the conclusion was that it was a known issue with no scheduled fix. So, basically, the message was "We'll probably fix it sometime, but we cannot say anything about it. It might be in two weeks or two  years. Or never."

    Why is the post marked as a solution.
    Is it a solution if they say, there is no solution?

    Needless to say, I selected another software solution for my company.

    If TV not willing to fix this, I have to tought about it too

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    What alternative program have you identified and where can I get it ... since Teamviewer do not seem to care any more @frankhovin?

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    Congradulations!.  This probelm has now surpassed it's 1 year anniverasry.
    Still not fixed.

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    Believe it or not I found something that worked for me.  This after spending hours on the phone with TV and no resolution.

    This worked for me, your MMV. My symptom was the monitor driver refused to install on "some" of my client devices.  My hardware is always Minix Z83 Atom-powered and thus my solution is applicable to using integrated Intel HD Graphics.

    Go to Computer Management and set the Display adapter to MS Basic VGA - sometimes the option to Roll Back the driver is present and sometimes it was not for me.  Either way, use Roll Back or the Have Disk method to set the display driver to basic vga.  Reboot.

    Half the time or better I got the yellow exclamation point saying the driver had a problem--ignore that, continue and reboot.

    Go to TV and now "install" the monitor driver and it will work.

    Download the Intel Driver and Support Assistant.  Let it detect your system and for me it offered a 211 MB Graphics/Controller update.  I installed it per the instructions and rebooted.

    Works now - the monitor driver stays "installed" from before.  I even tried uninstalling and then installing and it works all the time now.

    I realize this may only help those using integrated graphics and/or Atom-powered devices on W10 Ent, but I spent a lot of time reading solutions today and I tried a bunch of them but no luck.

    If this method helps maybe one person...  

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    Since about a week my screen stays black when connecting to a remote computer. I've checked the version on the remote site and my site and they are 100% the same. Connecting with another computer running Teamviewer to the remote site work flawless. I've uninstalled Teamviewer several times but always the same result. It's pretty annoying as we have paid for the license over the last 5 years and need the remove access for our daily work.
  • We are using the latest version 13.1.3629 and the option show black screen is not working.  My laptop is connected with display port (using 3 monitors).

    I have this issue since a while...  I rencently upgraded my operating system from windows 8.1 to windows 10 and it was not working in both version.


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    I had this problem when I was using Sophos Firewalls and AV.  I have since completely removed Sophos and replaced it with Avast and I have no more issues.

    I hate to suggest it, but try completely uninstalling both FIREWALLS and AV on both command and client computers and see if it is still happening ... then reinstall both.  Suspending them for a short while is not the same as deletion and reinstall as sometimes there are TSR parts left behind!

  • Which solution you found for your company?

    I have similar problem, TV said it was caused by Windows 10 1803 update,. and no update will be released to version 12.  Only version 13 will receive the update to fix the problem.

    I am not a fan of service subscription, therefore I will not upgrade to version 13.  Therefore I am looking for alternative solutions.  Any idea could be shared with me?  Thanks.


    Alexander Lai
  • Indeed, since we are facing this problem and nobody from Teamviewer gave us a solution (remote suppport is vital for us) we started to look into alternatives. I can tell that there are plenty of other tools around which do a good job just google it.

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    The TeamViewer GmbH code signing certficate expired ‎Saturday, ‎March ‎3, ‎2018 4:59:59 PM. That is why Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the monitor drivers and will not install the driver.. 

  • I have their lastest version and I am still having the problem.

    Did TeamViewer release new driver with new signature?

  • Working fine now for me

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    Unfortunately, it's nearlky 1 1/2 years since I reported the exact driver change that caused the issue, but it's still not fixed.


  • They told me this problem will be fixed in version 13 when I was reporting this issue to them half a years ago.
    Alexander Lai
  • My company has stopped using TeamViewer because of this. Whether it's because they're not able to fix it, or that they just don't think it's important, is no longer a relevant question.

  • Still an ongoing issue i see. Pathetic from TeamViewer!

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    Today I open another case about this issue with TV support - more than 1 year after my first case about the same issue!
    Current version is 13.2.14327H and this issue is not yet solved.
    Worst technical support ever!


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    Hi PaulB,

    We had tried to install TV on "fresh" - new PCs only with W10 connected directly to the ISP router without sucess.

    We have several customers with SOPHOS UTM, and we found no difference between them and other customers who don't have UTMs.

    In fact all installations made since August/September 2017 are not able to show black screen - however in the same customers PCs who have installations made before that can still show black screen.


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    Has anyone found a solution for this?

    We are using Windows 10 Version 1607 (LTSB) and blanking does'nt work properly. It blanks for a few seconds and then reverts.

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    Current version is 14.1.3399 and Teamviewer didn't solve this issue yet. I had opened several suport cases - and I think they simply don't care.
    They keep adding more "features" - but the basic does not work.



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    There is a solution that required action by TeamViewer

    The Monitor Driver needed for Black Screen the is this file - c:\windows\system32\drivers\TVMonitor.sys.   

    If you look at the properties of that file, then the Digitial Signature Details,  then click View Certificate of the signer, and you will see that it is code signed by "TeamViewer GmbH" who's certificate expired 3/3/2018. 

    That is why in device manager, the device says "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)" 

    This is just lazyness. Can be fixed by TV updating or issuing an new code signing certificate.

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    Hi there, 

    Thanks for your posts. Please find additional information here: How to turn the remote screen black

    Not all monitors, video cards, motherboards, or BIOS support the TeamViewer monitor driver solution, which is required to use the black screen.

    For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. 

    All the best :) 

    German Community moderator 💙 Moderatorin der deutschsprachigen Community

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    The problem has nothing to do with all monitors, video cards, motherboards, or BIOS support

    The solution requires action by TeamViewer.

    The Monitor Driver needed for Black Screen the is this file - c:\windows\system32\drivers\TVMonitor.sys.   

    If you look at the properties of that file, then the Digital Signature Details, then click View Certificate of the signer, and you will see that it is code signed by "TeamViewer GmbH" whose certificate expired on 3/3/2018.

    That is why in device manager, the device properties says "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)" 

    This can only be fixed by TeamViewer updating or issuing a new a new signed driver signed by a valid code signer.

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    And this is also causing a issue with some laptops:

    After installing TV (and not be able to install the TV screen driver) the user is not able to use the FN+Fx keys combination to increase/decrease the brightness, volume, etc.

    The "workaround" requires:
    1. removing the (not working) screen driver in device manager;
    2. search for update drivers for monitor - with luck windows update will find and install updated drivers and the use will be alble to use FN+TX keys.

    TV is completelly missing the point on this: adding more "features" on their product and completelly forget to fix all this issues.


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    I think it will work.

    The instructions are for "How to Sign an Unsigned Driver for x64 Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 with a Self-signed Certificate", but the driver is already digitally signed. 

    Please try and let us know.  

  • still not working....bah

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    Which one did u use for it now?
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    I confirm, no changes even in Windows 7.