Teamviewer Host on Android using local ip

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Can TeamViewer host on android be accessed over local network by writing the IP ?


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  • JMR
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    @Julia wrote:

    Hi JMR,

    At the moment it is only possible to establish a LAN connection from Android devices - but you cannot reach them via IP.

    I will forward this to our product management as a feature request :)

    One question , by LAN  you mean that its not using the WAN internet connection for control but only needs WAN to connect to the ID ?

  • Julia
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    Hi JMR,

    That means that you can connect via IP from the Android device to a computer if the computer is in the same network and allows incoming LAN connections.

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  • rnbaker
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    Hi @Julia

    Is there any update with adding this feature?  I think this is a very important feature to have for many users. Thanks!

  • fpettier
    fpettier Posts: 1

    Hello, any news on this feature?

    I have discovered this app and it is really good but would be even better if it could be possible to use it between two Android devices without Internet access hence not using mobile data and sometimes mobile data isn't available anyway.

    I would like to set up a mini router in my car so we can control kids tablets even without Internet access.


  • Alitai
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    Waiting since May but no Answer yet....

    @Scotty: Any Updates?



  • dencol
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    How do you add a computer on an android device with a local IP?  When you try and enter an IP in the teamviewerID box it doesn't allow periods.


  • dukercs
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    I'm very interested in this feature, my company has bought the enterprise(corporate) version to PC, but we're moving to android and in the branch office there's no WAN connection.

    Waiting for updates!


    Thank You!

  • DutchArjo
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    @Julia is there any news yet? I need this option so bad for my coming holiday to france to control our (android) tablet in the back from the front seat using another android device.


    Please please hurry up! 

  • nebula83
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    Hi @Julia, I know I'm not the first to ask but: any news on this topic. Conversly: I too want to control the tablets of the kids in the back seats. I don't mind paying for an app that supports this nor would I mind setting up a server to support this; I'll just mount a raspberry pi in the car. What I don't want is to need to root any device because of warranty issues. Anyone had succes finding a solution for this problem?
  • Julia
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    Hi all,

    I am sorry but it's still not possible to remote control an Android device via IP address - yu can only remote control it with TeamViewer ID.

    We will inform you when we implemented the request.


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  • etalon
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    This feature would be really helpful. Lots of companys having android-devices in their facility which are not connected to the internet. But anyway the administrators want to manage these devices. For example: mobile barcodescanner in the storage. Due to the fact that Microsoft will quit Support for Windows Mobile and Windows CE soon, there will be a lot of companies switching from Windows to Android. We have a lot of customers (> 100) where this feature would be nice. So long we have to look for other support-tools like SOTI e.g....

  • sirius1
    sirius1 Posts: 1

    is there any updates to this?

    the feature request was apparently pushed to product management on 18 04 2017 by staff, 21 months ago.

    Latest negative feedback from staff, as in successful implementation, dates 18 07 2018 within this thread; another such feedback from staff dates 05 07 2018 at

    Latest bump from the user community (that i can find), by @etalon from 21 09 2018 within this thread, is thus far unanswered by staff.


  • bionik
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    Hello there

    We would also be very happy to have this feature, as we have a large customer which wants to use TeamViewer in their local network. Do you have any updates regarding this implementation?

    Best Regards


  • Pierrelapeyre
    Pierrelapeyre Posts: 1

    Any news on it?

  • Abdulaziz1
    Abdulaziz1 Posts: 1
    Please can you go ahead and fix this? You can connect on a LAN via IP just fine on Apple devices but not Android. With Android you have to use the TeamViewer ID - it just gets stuck if you use the IP address. There must be a simple fix if it works on Apple. Please can you go ahead and fix this as it has been an issue for so long and and you promised to action this two year ago? Thanks so much.
  • s177oke77
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    Would like this feature implemented as well. 

  • j_p
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    Please implement it or at least tell me which ports has to be forwarded on the firewall to make a connection possible with current app - thank you

  • burtasov
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    Hi! Is this feature already implemented for android devices?

  • Levis
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    Doesn't seem like it. I'm guessing they have an ulterior motive to not implement it. And that it's not about benefiting/protecting the customers. 😕

  • vskhomemade
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    Please implement this

  • Samanta123
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    Still any update.

    AANSCHARIUS Posts: 1

    Yep, I think teamviewer is dead, after the covid-uprise of ms teams, zoom, etc. they didn't take advantage of the situation, Otherwise it would have been a major boost...