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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • I mean i wouldn't mind paying something reasonable for the little use i have, but they only have business plans. I will look into other free alternatives, thanks.

  • Von Jetzt auf gleich soll ich meinen Lizenz angeblich gewerblichen nutzen.

    Finde faseined Frechheit.

    Was soll das?

    Hätte gerne in dem Fall einen Beleg dafür. 


  • Sioux142
    Sioux142 Posts: 4

    I thik that's why I'm getting this issue too.

    I am a home user and have a Windows Server 2012 running which I use for Plex streaming around the house.

    Suddenly TeamViewer has decided I am a business user.

    I removed the Server from my account but I am still getting this message and constantly kicked out of Teamviewer.

    Not impressed.

    I would happily pay for a home user account but I do not need to upgrade to or purchase a business account as I do not have a business nor will I ever have one.

  • Jbib
    Jbib Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Hi Sioux142

    It's a shame that the new Teamviewer management has decided to get rid of non-commercial users. :-(
    It's going to be 8 years that I used their service and I advertised them ...
    However, it will not stop me from continuing to troubleshoot my relatives and friends.
    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]
    Good luck !

  • Sioux142
    Sioux142 Posts: 4

    Many thanks,

    I'm going to try some of them out as an alternative.

    As I said, and I can see others have said the same, I would be prepared to pay for an elevated home user account at a sensible price, but there is no way on this planet that I will be purchasing a business account for home use. If something is worth having I don't mind paying for it as long as it is sensible.

    Just like Plex, it is free however has limitations in the free version.  I purchased a lifetime pass to get little extras and also show my appreciation for the hard work the Plex guys put in to make it what it is. And they didn't force me to do it or charge an arm and a leg for it. It was my decision to commit to them.


  • ikras
    ikras Posts: 3

    unitil few week i ahevc when i try to connect to another computer a message
    '"maybe a professionnal usage detected" (free translate from french, not really same word in english version lol)
    and this day i have a limlit a 5minutes connection (really less at 1 miunutes) when i am connect to someone...and limite to 15 minutes for reconnecting

    i want to know how teamviewer can detect a professional usage when i use this for help my mother, many friends and no for money juste for helping ...

    we have no counter to indicate was it possible, and how usage it's too big ...

    have you a solution for me ?



  • Razor512
    Razor512 Posts: 1

    I have been having similar issues.



    99% of my use of teamviewer is literally controlling my laptop that I will have on the desk next to me while I am on my desktop PC and want to do maintenance like driver updates and other things, but don't want to bother with the laptop keyboard and trackpad.

    Beyond that, on rare occasion I will use it to help a family member out, with some basic things.

  • I posted this in another topic but think it suits here also...

    I wish I could buy a personal license!

    I'm happy to pay for the software, I get good use out of it but just can't justify the price of the corporate licenses, especially when the cheapest is £31.90/month, so ridiculous.

    Recently 2 devices have been coming up with suspected corporate use which is impossible as I don't connect to any devices that are on a domain but now I can't use the software and can't view my friends computers.

    I've put in a request but who knows if that will work or not.

    Going to have to look at alternative software, which is really unfortunate and annoying Smiley Sad

  • Filoor
    Filoor Posts: 1

    I'm facing the same problem any work around?

  • nafeesra
    nafeesra Posts: 1

    Same thing happen to me . I have contact teamviewer and  fill the form where I have mentioned  I am not using this product for  commerical use but still no luck . Teamviewer is dead product for me . Teamviewer company become money greedy now 

  • Why can't I connect to my PC at home? I've seen a message which says commercial use dectected, but it's incorrect - this is personal use.

    Was working fine last week, just getting this error today. 

  •  good morning, I use teamviewer exclusively for private use to control family computers.

    lately I get a message that blocks the link:

    Connection blocked after reaching the maximum time .....

    How can I avoid this blockage? I repeat the use is absolutely private

    thank you

  • herv55595
    herv55595 Posts: 1



    I have the use of teamviewer to help my friends to update the norton antivirus.

    I help them maintain windows 10 in general everyday.

    here is the essence of the use I make to help at a distance.

    since a few days for your software teamviewer everything is cut after 15 seconds.

    a message tells me that you assert me that I have a teamviewer use in a way that is not like an individual.

    I write to tell you that I have nothing of a business. I am a human being who helps others be human for their computers and smartphone.

    if I would be remunerer for it would be great except that no.

    to finalize my message. I look at the price you offer. it's more expensive than the price of my internet access. it is imposssible for me to meet the requirements firancière. I am too poor for that.

    and above all, I could not be a business on my own, I am handicapped in the world of employment.

    but, thanks anyway for blocking me.

    thank you for your attention. cordially




    j'ai l'usage de teamviewer pour aider mes amis à mettre l'antivirus norton à jours.

    je les aide pour la maintenante de windows 10 en général au quotidien.

    voila l'essentiel de l'usage que je fait pour aider à distance.

    depuis quelques jours pour vôtre logiciel teamviewer tout est couper après 15 secondes.

    un message me dit que vous m'affirmer que j'ai une utilisation de teamviewer de façon qui n'est pas comme un particulier.

    je vous écris pour vous dire que j'ai rien d'une entreprise. je suis un être humain qui aide d'autres être humains pour leurs ordinateurs et smartphone.

    si je serait remunerer pour cela se serait génial sauf que non.

    pour finaliser mon message. je regarder le prix que vous proposer. ça fait plus chère que le prix de mon accès à internet. il est imposssible pour moi de répondre aux exigences firancière. je suis trop pauvre pour ça.

    puis surtout je ne pourrait être une entreprise à moi tout seul, je suis handicapé face au monde de l'emploi.

    mais, merci quand même de me bloquer.


    merci pour vôtre écoute. cordialement

  • Ibox
    Ibox Posts: 1
    also, it warns you that you have 5 min and after 30/60 seconds disconnects.
  • bemo47
    bemo47 Posts: 1
    same for me.... all connections give this message after very short time !!!!
  • Ash18
    Ash18 Posts: 3

    So I have 3-4 computers for my own personal use around the house one which is a server and others which are my laptop and home PC.

    Since this new Teamviewer release, I've been having issues, which are whenever I go to connect to my computer which is upstairs or wherever in the house it then comes up with Auto commercial use? and restricts me to 5 minutes and this has been annoying...

    To which my computers are still on the same network in the house just on different connections such as ethernet the upstairs wifi booster and the downstairs booster. I don't see that being the problem because they would all come under the same router IP?

    Any ideas? 

    Please help :(


  • Dreinv
    Dreinv Posts: 1


    first, sorry for my english... I'm french.

    I have a free personnal version of teamviewer. Today, teamviewer  say to me " commercial utilisation detected" and close. But i'm not a professional...

    Why i'm detected in professionnal use.

    Can you help me ?

  • Dear Community


    I've got the message that he think, that i''ve use teamviewer commercial but that isn't right. i had about a year ago for a half year a blockade because teamviewer say my trial license is ouver.


    how i can show teamviewer, that i've dont use that commercial and teamviewer-members, if you read that thread, please note that i've alwaya use that privat. it's my personal computer what i've use only private.


    [ID removed by moderator]


    i know that this is pritty difficult because i'm a infonancial tecnology trainee but i've use that just private.


    greatings, gian duri calonder, infornancial tecnology trainee



    The Software looks used in commercial. Please look that the Free Version isn't for commercial Thinks use!


    Thanks for your fairness


  • Ady
    Ady Posts: 4

    Teamviewer is now unusable, it permanently says commercial use suspected, and session is limited to 5 minutes. However session lasts less than 20 seconds before termination, and can't get back in.

    Unable to sumbit a support ticket as this for paid users, and unable to submit log file for analysis because there is an upload limit for 2.5MB and my log file is 3MB.

  • Astaraelx
    Astaraelx Posts: 1

    I've been using teamviewer for years to access my personal machine  for non commercial use. As I do access it from my workplace, I thought it was fair enough that I received the warning and immediately filled out the proper form to get my licence changed back to the free one so I don't have this 90 second limit on connection.

    I logged my request 30 days ago now, and I'm still stuck with the limited connection. Multiple colleagues who use it for the same reasons as me from the same network have since been unlocked, most within a week or two.

    Why is mine taking so long, and now over the 30 day advised limit?


  • skyspy007
    skyspy007 Posts: 2
    Good day Astaralex, I am pretty annoyed with them, i have been using the TV for years also, i am disabled and all of a sudden getting this nonsense of using it commercial. What can we do to get rid of this message, i have un-installed, registered with a new name and different email address and stil getting this message. Hope they do something about it. It is typical of the IT penpushers sitting and looking for someone to annoy!!!
  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Unlike many others here, I can't blame them for dealing with their own software the way they want to. However, I think that the incredibly poor customer service is shocking – especially for a German company which I would have thought would have had a little more empathy and also pride in how they treat people

    I'm sure that it is useless trying to reregister or reinstall or use different email addresses. I think that the unique identity number is tied into the machine number of your computer and you would have to find a way of changing or disguising the machine number and then reregistering under an unknown email address – and that might do it.

    Alternatively of course, get a new computer.

    It would simply be nice if TeamViewer would communicate with people. I don't think that is too unreasonable.
  • Jbib
    Jbib Posts: 11 ✭✭

    Hi Bankfodder

    Unpleasant business decision for money, this problem will never be fixed !
    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]

  • joggs
    joggs Posts: 2

    The support team should be back at work as germany totally **bleep** and are out of this world cup in soccer...