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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • KMS
    KMS Posts: 5
    This is interesting from an Aussie colleague (who like me uses TV to fix family machines when travelling for work).

    No rollover, monthly sign up needed, doesn't define a session for these purposes (eg is a session any continuous connection however long? Is there a max amount of data you could transfer?). Maybe the new owners simply don't feel they are getting enough money and rather than offer some form of domestic licence want families to buy into business support monthly sub. It isn't offered in my geography but I'm not sure I trust TV just now.
  • TV2
    TV2 Posts: 1

     I'm having trouble with my teamviewer, TeamViewer is saying connection blocked after timeout. your license limits are blocked. please try later.or upgrade your license. I HAVE A FREE VERSION. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • 03buecoupe
    03buecoupe Posts: 14

    Same thing just started here. VERY frustrating!  And forget getting help.   

     [Removed per Community Guidelines - TeamViewer Discussions only please] 

  • MarkJ409
    MarkJ409 Posts: 4

    Wow...timing **bleep**...can't log in but every 10 minutes or so for less than a minute...Guess I'll bring a laptop in to my office tomorrow and attempt to log in wirelessly.....:(

  • nice2bj
    nice2bj Posts: 2

    I switched to **Third Party Product**.  It's working so far I'm just getting used to it.

  • RanMan62
    RanMan62 Posts: 2

    Same here.

  • hy guys!

    since the last updates of the, free for personal use, software, there are always messages about alleged commercial use and connection breaks to the partner! i have many devices and thus many ids to the same mail account! must i seriously send for each id a personal use request? for me, the teamviewer software is currently unusable and the windows 10 teamviewer app does not have all the features like the software!


    berny (a very angry user)

  • 03buecoupe
    03buecoupe Posts: 14

    Thanks,   Hopefully they'll fix  TV and that won't become necessary as my sisters and brothers in laws aren't the sharpest tacks in the box and walking them through another install would be painful.   But I'll look into it just in case!

  • I am having the same problem also. I found on their website that the free version will no longer be free if you have windows product. I called and I was asked are you going to buy anything, I said no, He says then I am not going to help you and he hung up. Wonderful customer service. I have uninstalled and installed and still does not work. They are recording IP addresses is why.

  • origami
    origami Posts: 15

    I am receiving the message "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED" and then the session is limited to only 5 minutes, without the ability to re-connect without a delay.  I am using Teamviewer on a personal computer and I do not own a business.  Whatever method Teamviewer is using to "detect" commercial usage is obviously flawed.

  • The_Bear
    The_Bear Posts: 1

    I am getting the same issue.  Only happens when I use my gaming rig. 

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    TeamViewer had a security problem that was fixed.

    Still waiting for them to investigate the commercial accusation issue.
  • With as much as this thread has blown up, I can only imagine there's some issue with the algorithm that causes non-commercial users to be seen as false-positives. Or TeamViewer is truly cracking down. Let's hope it's the former and not the latter. 

    If I connect to my home computer from work to do personal stuff, does that count as me using the product for commercial use? Should it? I'm using the product to work on my personal computer, even though I'm on company resources. 

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    As long as the problem persists and from what the reported reactions are, I wouldn't set my hopes too high.

    They achieved their goal of removing 80% of TeamViewer users, I'd say.
  • mikelltea
    mikelltea Posts: 4

    I had been using Teamviewer to connect to my home computer (or wife's when she's having trouble) from work.  Because I have no input into what RDP method my company uses, I can't even suggest any software. Besides, it's my company policy to not allow us to connect to our home computers. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I started getting messages saying "suspected business use" or something to that effect. Since it wasn't true, I would simply click through. Of course, there is no challenge since TeamViewer's knowledge is absolute. Today I started timing out after a minute. It appears to be time to move away from TeamViewer and find another better remote.

  • mikelltea
    mikelltea Posts: 4

    Pretty sure it's the later. Bye, bye TV.

  • Napster
    Napster Posts: 3

    I don´t know why you don´t understand what ive written 



    It clearly says fee license but iam still not able to make use of it because the connection gets terminated after a few minutes

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    Good boy.
    That's what they wanted.
  • Damienb
    Damienb Posts: 5

    I've swapped to [edited by moderator]. It's free and has worked really well in the last few weeks.

  • Oh look, the tyrants censored me. I'll let them do it again... dwservice is who I've started migrating too. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd rather do business with comcast instead of these losers. 

  • TE5LA
    TE5LA Posts: 9 ✭✭

    This appears to be a money grab from TeamViewer. Get thousands of people used to the software and then try to force a commercial account on them. I'm not buying that this "error" is being made to so many users here.

    99.9% of my TeamViewer connections never leave my internal network because I'm using it to control a computer in the same room as this one. It's just more convenient than walking over to it. The other 0.1% is me logging into my home computer from work during lunch to check something I can't access from just anywhere. Nobody else is even ever involved in my use of TeamViewer and I'm getting these messages? I'm sure they are sending these out to everyone to see how many will fall for it. Sounds like phishing.

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    They simply take down the load from their servers by about 80% (my estimation), probably to downscale the servers in an attempt to avoid bancruptcy.
  • TE5LA
    TE5LA Posts: 9 ✭✭

    No it shouldn't unless you are somehow directly benefitting financially from it.

  • siaNYC
    siaNYC Posts: 1

     Now  I am using remotePC and the price for the commerical usage is a fraction of TeamViewer.


  • 03buecoupe
    03buecoupe Posts: 14

    ROTFLMAO - I wish.... I REALLY hope it's just a screwup on their end that will be fixed shortly

    @TE5LA wrote:

    No it shouldn't unless you are somehow directly benefitting financially from it.


  • TE5LA
    TE5LA Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Not sure I'd want to keep using this if the company can't even make a working email form.

  • I switched to[Removed per Community Guidelines]- very happy with it.

  • I don't understand why these sessions are happenning like this.  Team Viewer needs to understand that computers these days are easy to get, especially without the Windows operating system that allows to install linux.   I use Team Viewer for home remote desktop sessions, because I cannot always get out of the bed or chair to go to another computer.  There is hardly any large income coming in. I cannot afford groceries most of the times.  There are 2 desktops in the living room for different applications, 2 other desktops which one is connected to linux, and the other is connected to Windows, and 2 small laptops.   Now we have to end up limiting connections now?    I will see about looking into another remote PC software soon in the near future, and soon discontinue use of this software.  I wish that they would give us more freedom.  Now they are detecting peoples usage and habits, and it seems they don't want us to hoard too many computers, and connect them to their network.  What else is new??     There is serious regulation going on here that is what is happenning.  They try to find the good users and then want to start making us get a commercial license.  Well guess what?  Who is going to afford this type of licensing when you're on a fixed, limited income?  What now?  Do we need to show our papers by scanning them such as showing our EBT cards, ID, and other personal information in order to continue to be free users??   

  • I was on the phone with them for being a free user, and they love using the word "Unfortunitely".

  • 03buecoupe
    03buecoupe Posts: 14

    Could you please elaborate on what they said?!?  No one else I've seen has gotten ANY reply.

    @gccradioscience wrote:

    I was on the phone with them for being a free user, and they love using the word "Unfortunitely".


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