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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • rfennimore
    rfennimore Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Read the EULA! I am sure you will find in there that TeamViewer retains the right to do whatever TF they want with their software. In addition, they have the right to charge whatever TF they want for their software. It's called supply and demand economics my friends. The free market economy. If you don't like it, then find another product.

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 17
    They state that for free users there will be NO support. Basta.

    Come on guys. Why are you still wasting energy.

    They'll have a nice PR pretty soon. For free.

    Enjoy the show.
  • AlexisJane
    AlexisJane Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Hi guys n gals,

    I've seen the notifications on this thread popping up a lot again so thought I would write a quick update. I've had the same problem that you all have had. I feel your frustration!!!! At the time it was a HUGE inconvenince to me..... Long story short, I completed the 'Personal Verification' Form. 

    When the date clicked over to the first on the next month, TV started to work again. A few weeks after that I received a response from TV saying that my usage had been set to private due to my explanation, but reiterating the difference between business and private. At the end of the day that was no concern for me as I only use for private usage.

    Yes, I disagree with the way myself and others have been simply booted. Guity until proven innocent so to speak. Bad business in my book. However, I can confirm that things have been running smoothly since my usage has been set to private by TV. So, if you have this problem, I suggest filling out the form by using the above link.

    Good luck everyone!

  • waces
    waces Posts: 29 ✭✭
    No,that’s not how works. I spent many teaes with software companies and see it from the inside. Tv have a right to ban you _if_ you violate the policy (that can be prooven by tv). All the free isers know the limitations,that’s not a question but tv as per their eula cannot ban you without proper notification an written proof,it’s simply as that (if i tell your boss tour’re a thief (obviously,you’re not) and he fires you for this he make a mistake to do something without making sure you’re a thief.
    If tv can provide any evidence regarding this “violations” noone will complain. Until that it’s just false accusations besed on the lack on their side to be able to write a proper algorythm to find the users who violates the terms and conditions.
    That’s how freemium model works (you pay for the free version as well with your datas,your habits and the adverts)
  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 17
    You don't get it.

    But that's ok.
  • t0mmyr
    t0mmyr Posts: 2
    I didn’t see any mention of TF in the EULA? Where TF does it say that?
  • Seulji
    Seulji Posts: 1
    A few months ago I started getting this popup on the TeamViewer phone app when I tried to access my home computer from school. I went through the steps on the TeamViewer site to get it unblocked but it required a TeamViewer ID. Phones do not have an ID. I downloaded TeamViewer QuickSupport to give my phone an ID that my computer can connect to and entered that as the ID, I got an email saying that it was reset to free but when I tried to use my phone to connect to my computer it said 'commercial use suspected' again. What am I supposed to do to get my phone unblocked? I even uninstalled the app for a month and a half to no avail.
  • rfennimore
    rfennimore Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Anyone who uses commercial proprietary software and uses it for free, and then publicly trolls the company when it no longer works (no matter what the reason), is an imbecile, plain and simple. If you want to continue your imbecilic behaviour by trolling me, then be my guest. I will just unsubscribe to this thread. I rest my case. Cheers. :)


  • f1ydave
    f1ydave Posts: 4
    I have been cleared for personal use 4 times. After each update is resets me to 1 minute connection.

    You are only trolling yourself with this ridiculous comment.
  • waces
    waces Posts: 29 ✭✭
    That’s way so cute how you miss the point. Noone used the free tool for commercial purposes. That’s not the fact and never was.
    You simply don’t understand the situation. That’s fine but please, if you’re in the hole stop digging. Or read the previous 28-29 pages to have a light understanding about the issue as you don’t have a clue about it for sure
  • bd2acaeb
    bd2acaeb Posts: 7

    Also getting SAME "Commercial Use Detected" message for 3 days now across ALL 6 of my home PC's.

    Just sent a complaint in to "fix" the issue via the "Personal use Verification" web portal at

    Portal indications it could take up to 30 days to receive a response from the SALES DEPARTMENT! :smileymad:  :robotsad:


    The few times I have posted a message needing help on this site or sent a complaint to them via the app indicating "Something is bothering me" I have never received a reply from a TeamViewer Help Desk rep.

    Guess NON-PAID USERS GET THE **bleep** treatment here and only $$$ counts to them. TIME TO LOOK INTO OTHER FREE REMOTE CONTROL APPS.

  • Entium
    Entium Posts: 2

    I have been using Team Viewer for my 8 PC's and devices at home, and as of two weeks ago this has happened to me, I have emailed Teamviewer and no response, What the **bleep** is going on?  I'm sorry but if your software can't determine the difference between business use cases and home use cases, I will go else where.  Its not hard to set up VPN for my systems but Team Viewer was working fine for over a year and now this? 

    As a free user I understand that support is not spontaneous but 2 weeks guys........

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    @Closed account

    I can confirm rfennimore is not a staff member.

    They are a regular user just like everybody else. Believe me, it's the first thing we check.
    Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean they have an ulterior motive.

    Of course you are free to not believe me as I am sure you will choose not to, but I thought I would confirm it anyway for rfennimore's sake


    Senior Moderator
    Did my reply answer your question? Why not accept it as a solution to help others?
  • Bogmore
    Bogmore Posts: 8

    I'm sure one of the professional criteria is using TV from a different country to your home country.  I used mine to buy a lottery ticket in the UK from abroad on my mobile. Got back from holiday and BOOM! BANNED! 

  • BillBittel
    BillBittel Posts: 11

    After having TeamViewer Support hang up on me, my connections stopped being interrupted. Not due to the call, since they never even asked who I was, or anything specific about the ticket I submitted. She hung up on me before we got that far. Anyway, it started working again but since the detection, accusing, and disconnects are evedently specific to each machine ID, I would have to run around to every machine and check to see if it can establish a TV link without being disconnected a short time later.

    I guess I could do that but the thing is, with all of these reports of people's accounts being "cleared" as personal use, and then getting disconnected again anyway, I just don't feel like I can rely on TeamViewer anymore. How they implemented their "crackdown" has caused a serious backlash, and now it seems like accounts are getting enabled and re-crippled in a random and haphazard fashion. That is not something I need in a remote access utility!!

    My big thing was finding a reasonable service that handles multiple monitors on the remote end well. Most of the computers I remote into have 4 to 6 displays, so being able to jump between them quickly is important to me. TeamViewer does this well, but if I can't depend on it working, its not much use to me. So, like some others, I am moving on whether my machines are approved as personal use or not. I can't trust TeamViewer anymore. I have found a free alternative that handles multilple screens on the remote machine ever better than TeamViewer. The GUI is a bit different and will take a little getting used to, but at least it works, [Removed by Moderator as per community Guidelines (nice try)]

  • Drekko
    Drekko Posts: 2

    Teamviewer **bleep** now

    Been using [Removed by Moderator as per community guidelines], its great

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 99 ✭✭
    @Bogmore, if your ticket wins then TV might consider you are commercial because you made money. Better let them know if you didn't win.
  • Faisaltv
    Faisaltv Posts: 2
    I used to use the program as personal in my mobile but sudenly it stop working and i am getting message that . This programm is used as commercial although i am using it only to control my personal pc. Help please
  • Faisaltv
    Faisaltv Posts: 2
    I used to use the program as personal in my mobile but sudenly it stop working and i am getting message that . This programm is used as commercial although i am using it only to control my personal pc. Help please
  • sman583
    sman583 Posts: 1

    Yes me happening the same all the time 

  • I am having the same problem. I tried the above suggestion and it did not work. I still got the warning and was disconnected.

  • [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]  I've used TV for many years for personal use only and then it kept saying commercial use. Oh well TV is done

  • tarascon
    tarascon Posts: 14 ✭✭

    LOL. I just received an email that my account was restored to non-commercial. Guess what- I can't connect to a single computer of mine. All flagged as commercial. LOL

  • DanoNH
    DanoNH Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Stop the TV software/service and/or reboot...

    @tarascon wrote:

    LOL. I just received an email that my account was restored to non-commercial. Guess what- I can't connect to a single computer of mine. All flagged as commercial. LOL


  • Last week, any my connections will dropped in 1 minute. And after that I get a restriction for 10 minutes. Who knows what is it?

  • If they put as much effort into fixing the issue as they did removing posts that spreak the truth then it would be resolved by now. Yes I'm on [Removed by Moderator as per community guidelines] but still

  • tarascon
    tarascon Posts: 14 ✭✭
    There ia no issue that “needs to be resolved”.
    Don’t you get it?
  • Users who have their accounts being flagged and not being able to use them even though is for personal use isn't an issue? TV advertises it as free for personal use but yet they are not allowing is even if it is for personal use? And somehow you think that's not an issue they should address? If there's no issue here then why are there 30 pages of posts? Wow that comment just amazes me

  • Hey!

    In my mind, I have been interested in how you determine commercial use.

    So I have the home-user and help friends and relatives about once a month updates and other.

    I am constantly receiving notifications of commercial use.

    Finally, I would like to know why.

    Whether it's the number of connections, the number of trusted devices, or the number of machines on my list.

    I constantly get sent because of the commercial use of logfiles to you and ask to open a free use.

    For information:

    I have read the Terms and I think I have acted according to them.

    I have no business and I can not get this money.

    I even looked at a paid license, but I can not pay 400 € per year

    I would have enough access to 20 machines even though 100 € a year, but such a license you do not have.

    Tell me now why do your system always report for commercial use?

    I do not want any automated system response but really discuss this

  • Hi all,

    I eventually reinstalled on my pc and eventually the issue went away.

    Good luck!