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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]  I've used TV for many years for personal use only and then it kept saying commercial use. Oh well TV is done

  • tarascon
    tarascon Posts: 14 ✭✭

    LOL. I just received an email that my account was restored to non-commercial. Guess what- I can't connect to a single computer of mine. All flagged as commercial. LOL

  • DanoNH
    DanoNH Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Stop the TV software/service and/or reboot...

    @tarascon wrote:

    LOL. I just received an email that my account was restored to non-commercial. Guess what- I can't connect to a single computer of mine. All flagged as commercial. LOL


  • Last week, any my connections will dropped in 1 minute. And after that I get a restriction for 10 minutes. Who knows what is it?

  • Grandmstrbud
    Grandmstrbud Posts: 12
    edited March 2

    If they put as much effort into fixing the issue as they did removing posts that spreak the truth then it would be resolved by now. Yes [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • tarascon
    tarascon Posts: 14 ✭✭
    There ia no issue that “needs to be resolved”.
    Don’t you get it?
  • Users who have their accounts being flagged and not being able to use them even though is for personal use isn't an issue? TV advertises it as free for personal use but yet they are not allowing is even if it is for personal use? And somehow you think that's not an issue they should address? If there's no issue here then why are there 30 pages of posts? Wow that comment just amazes me

  • Hey!

    In my mind, I have been interested in how you determine commercial use.

    So I have the home-user and help friends and relatives about once a month updates and other.

    I am constantly receiving notifications of commercial use.

    Finally, I would like to know why.

    Whether it's the number of connections, the number of trusted devices, or the number of machines on my list.

    I constantly get sent because of the commercial use of logfiles to you and ask to open a free use.

    For information:

    I have read the Terms and I think I have acted according to them.

    I have no business and I can not get this money.

    I even looked at a paid license, but I can not pay 400 € per year

    I would have enough access to 20 machines even though 100 € a year, but such a license you do not have.

    Tell me now why do your system always report for commercial use?

    I do not want any automated system response but really discuss this

  • Hi all,

    I eventually reinstalled on my pc and eventually the issue went away.

    Good luck!
  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 493 Staff member 🤠

    @Closed account

    I didn't say anything about the users opinion.

    They were called a staff member which is a false statement.
    I simply confirmed they were not a staff member and they do not speak for TeamViewer.


    Senior Moderator
    Did my reply answer your question? Why not accept it as a solution to help others?
  • dean50
    dean50 Posts: 2

    Hello, Teamviwer manager.


    Well, it seems my account got a sanction again.

    The notice says me that my account is being used for comercial purpose.

    I only use my account to access an online game 'Maplestory' at the outside of my house.

    To be honest, my PC (that is used for playing game) doesn't even have 'Microsoft Office'. I don't install the office programs because I don't want to make my pc slow.

    I have total 2 pcs and 1 mac book. But I only use account on a pc and macbook for gaming.

    My 1 other pc is for work but I don't use Teamviwer on that pc tho.

    I wonder why I'm keep getting this sanction.

    Please help me.




  • abrs110
    abrs110 Posts: 1

    Hi all can anyone help .

    I use teamvier to log into my PC at home I am kno wgetting a message you using for comercila use.

    How does fix this as i am not using for comerial use it private

  • rosebud
    rosebud Posts: 1

    I am using thre free version 13.x of TeamViewer and have received a notification that I'm using it for commercial purposes.  I am not and connect to my PC and laptop via my phone for personal use.  This notice has been displayed twice in the past years and was resolved with my sending logs.  I do not see a location on the web site to contact anyone to send these logs so this misunderstanding can be resolved.

    Please help.

    Thank you!


  • BoobFrog
    BoobFrog Posts: 1
    Hello my account was flagged as commercial, although I only used it privately.

    How can you change this again?
  • RemotePC
    RemotePC Posts: 4

    The easiest would be switching to a different provider that is not constantly **bleep** their users....

  • tarascon
    tarascon Posts: 14 ✭✭

    @DanoNH wrote:

    Stop the TV software/service and/or reboot...

    @tarascon wrote:

    LOL. I just received an email that my account was restored to non-commercial. Guess what- I can't connect to a single computer of mine. All flagged as commercial. LOL


    Nope. Still blocked. It was worth waiting 3 weeks /*sarcasm*/

  • bobkoz
    bobkoz Posts: 1

    I've been using Teamviewer free for personal use for years and now I'm being asked to buy a commercial license. Why am I getting this message? I just use it for personal use.

  • I've used TV as long as it's been around and then this. Oh well I don't mind [Removed per Community Guidelines] though it's pretty good

  • Kennycr
    Kennycr Posts: 1

    Thanks for the tip.  I too switched to [Removed per Community Guidelines].  Even a professional license is [Removed per Community Guidelines] not Thousands

  • 03buecoupe
    03buecoupe Posts: 14

    What ever they changed, they "unchanged". TV is back to being solid again... <phew...>

  • Too late - they lost my trust and I've moved on to another product.

  • I feel like I have been banned from using the software.  After all these years they found out how much of a good sport I am using their software and then decided to make that move to cut me off around July of this hot summer of 2018.     I am using[deleted by moderator] now, and it's working out for me. If I want to use file transfer I will just use Google Drive as my transfer site and cloud server. TV is not going to be reinstalled on my PC's anymore.  

  • pugger
    pugger Posts: 1

    same issue here trying to use TV to access my headless personal pc. It's not even giving me enough time to install another remote admine before it kicks me off. This is a really poor way of telling us to stop using your **bleep** service.

    No way will I ever recommend this software to anyone. I actually referred 2 businesses, I will now make sure they move to another company.

    Teamviewer, the **bleep** of remote admins.

  • DanoNH
    DanoNH Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I am a personal user since TeamViewer 9, and now I'm in the same boat (again).

    I'm on week #2 here, waiting for a second resolution to this. In May, I contacted TV via chat (It's there somewhere), and after explaining to the very polite agent, they looked at my account and whitelisted my personal use connecting to my home computers ONLY.

    Now, it's happened again, even though I connect only outbound to my home machines... It is clearly because I'm behind a work domain, but my use qualifies as personal (I've read the terms a few times in case I possibly missed something).

    I find it hard to believe that their sales staff is so busy that they can't help with this issue. If they cared, they could check the software settings used for being able to access suspected domain machines remotely.

    Here's a thought: They could have offered a modest, one-time fee for licensing personal use! One can dream...

    At any rate, I share the common sentiment here that TeamViewer doesn't give two piles of **bleep** matter about free users. Business must be slow if they are resorting to ineffective scare tactics like this. The censorship of competitor product names here is the icing on the **bleep** cake we're being offered. I do digress...

    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy]
    Life is too short! Peace!

    EDIT: And there's the censorship at play... FFS.  [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #9 - Sales/solicitation policy] No nags, no trouble.  Simple functionality.  Tis a beautiful thing.  

  • Same happened to me beginning yesterday - July 30. After a minute, a window opens with the message "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed." That's it. No explanation of why it was closed. No mention of suspected commercial use.

    Has anyone tried setting up another TeamViewer account to see if the problem still occurs?

    Silence from TeamViewer management and support. Disappointing but then again it's free for personal use. Perhaps time to look for another solution.  Any advice on alternatives that support both PCs and Macs?

  • Hello,
    I called support to have my free account unlocked,
    I was directed on
    I use this session once a month for personal purposes,
    Thank you for your answers

  • mijens
    mijens Posts: 2

    Same for me.
    For the second time.

    3 users; Me, My father and a shared server.
    No commercial activities at all.

    Could it be that i used my work email in the registration?

    TV works great but i really need to find another solution.

  • Tealeaf
    Tealeaf Posts: 1

    Similar thing happened to me using Teamviewer 13:

    Tried logging in to my elderly father's PC remotely this morning to help him pay a bill and was getting multiple disconnects, almost to the point of 'click anything' and I got disconnected.   It disconnected so often that I got locked out of his PC for a period.

    Any clues what is wrong?




  • mijens
    mijens Posts: 2
    Yes and no. My problem is that TV for some reason think i am using it for commercial purpose and want me to pay for the service. It could be the same for you, but I dont know.
  • Same request for me...