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TeamViewer_Desktop.exe high cpu usage

I noticed that the TeamViewer_Desktop.exe process on the remote PC is using a lot of CPU. It is 50% of a 4 core CPU (Intel Q6600), so it is higging 2 cores just for itself.

I tried to set "Optimize for speed" but that makes no difference.

First this happened with version 11, so I updated (both remote and local system) to TV version 12.0.72365. It did not help. The CPU usage is still at 50%.

The remote system is running Window 7 Pro 64 bit in safe mode.

Please advise,


  • elbea64
    elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭
    Do you have the monitor driver installed? Is it working in safe mode?
    Does this happen when not in safe mode? Why safe mode?
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  • What monitor driver?

    Safe mode is because we are troubleshooting a problem. The PC does not work in normal mode.

  • elbea64
    elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    Monitor driver:
    monitor driver
    In safe mode you have only very basic drivers available, which might be the reason for the high cpu-usage, especially on a system that isn't working correctly. It doesn't look like TeamViewer is the source of your problems as then your system wouldn't work in safe mode too. But it might be a good idea to uninstall TeamViewer to make sure it isn't the problem. If your problems persist, it seems not useful to resolve problems with TeamViewer, that are most probably away when the system is running well again.


    »We are all born unique, but most of us will die as a copy.«
  • I have the exact same problem.  This is not related to just one system.  I have a few systems that this happens on.  Team Viewer uses anywhere from 43 to 52% on average when connected remotely to the system.  Most machines can handle it as they are high end i7 with tons of RAM, but there are a couple machines that it just kills the system. 


    The video driver is not installed in Team Viewer, it is the default setup.  Are there any other solutions for this?

  • jefray
    jefray Posts: 1

    I have the same issue. I've sat and watched TeamViewer_Desktop.exe cpu usages fluxuate between 33% and 56%.  Just wondering if any one knows if this is normal.

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐
    I know.
    But you must wait few hour as i'm on smartphone in a business trip.
    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐
  • Hook
    Hook Posts: 2

    Window XP with very little on the box.

    TV 12, CPU at 90-99%, Comp slows to a crawl with TV running.
    Comp temp files etc cleaned up.
    What's up?


    Windows Perf.JPGTVDesktop.JPG

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐

    As I see this is very normal behavior.
    In your case the problem is easy to solve.

    Just add 3 additional core to your CPU and then all will be fine ;)

    And seriously :  What a prehistoric  CPU you are using ?

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐

    Here I try to elaborate about this case.

    The problem is that TV APP is using as much power on a single core as it is possible.
    Mostly program are writen to use single core.
    If processors is OLD and have only one core, then the problem araise as, TV APP is fighting with system and other programs for CPU TIME.
    TV APP is trying to encrypt each transmision from remote to local device.
    The encryption is doing all the time when sesion is in progress.
    So what you expected ?

    For each modern application which is strongly using encrytion or are AV like software there is recomendation to use at least 2 cores with 2 GHz.

    For example:
    For modern AV software my recomendation is to use I7 procesors with ultra fast SSD disc.
    Then your system will be as fast as you never installed AV software (I mean you forget that you have instaled any AV program).

    But when it comes to encryption I can say to you that I'm using 2 years old Intel Celeron 2Ghz with 2 cores, on 11 inches netbook, exactly at the moment, this cost me 200 euros 2 years ago, and I'm happy to use them daily connected to standalone 24 inches Monitor.
    And I do not have any speed issues with them, even if I have 5 TV sessions , 4 pages in GoogleChrome, and opened Thunderbird with 10GB IMAP boxes, all on my Windows7 updated to Windows 10.

    So the time to forget about OLD PC with old Procesors, and old XP comes about 2 years ago (when MS "finally forget about XP" ).

    If you havent 200 euros to upgrade you can always buy post leasing computer for 100 euros with very good specyfication (better than my netbooks).

    I know this is sad but the same issue is when you try to run new PC GAME on your old machine.


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • Hello elbea64. Your're right. Monitor driver is heavy.
    Unfortunately some customers machines are what they are and frequently slaved to other machines. They have to stay where they are and frequently remotely connected.
    I tried uninstalling vpn, print and monitor drivers obtaining a significative reduction in CPU consumption. Nice. After monitor reinstalling it was back to initial voracity.
    So VPN & Printer are not significative.
    I wonder if TV Team was in mind to optimize that monitor driver (?) .....
    Thank You :-) 

    @elbea64 wrote:
    Do you have the monitor driver installed? Is it working in safe mode?
    Does this happen when not in safe mode? Why safe mode?


  • Original Monitor Drivers installed & SysOp running in normal mode.
    At the moment is not possible for me to verify accurately those informations cause, unfortunately, with 12th release of TV, the blue screen of death in the slave machine breaks down the connection (not with the 11th).
    When I'll be able to verify directly the machine I'll be more precise.
    Thank You, at the moment, I'll be back with the precise info. :-) 


    After a control I verified that there is a Generic PnP TeamViewer monitor installed (naturally). Tried to reinstall the previous standard monitor drive found in the sysop folders. Again applied the TV one.
    At the moment (just restarted) I have no blue death but high CPU consumption still.
    CPU usage was controlled during those steps and always I verified an excessive work from TV Desktop.
    At the moment I'm waiting for blue death behaviour because "that" has become the main problem.

    Thank You again :-)






  • Same here with approx. 30 machines out of 500 affected.

    Windows 7 and Apple OS X and Linux Mint affected at our customers. TeamViewer closed our ticket without resolution.

    To me, it's a TeamViewer bug, no question, especially as it's not been the first time. As usual, just wait until TeamViewer will accept this and give a solution by the next major update and buy an expensive new enterprise license for that. Same as for the past 20 years.

  • tgharding
    tgharding Posts: 1

    I'm trying to connect to my dads older single core AMD Athlon 64 PC.  It has 4 gb or ram.

    Whenever I connect the CPU usage of TeamViewer is very high.   I have to be careful not to open too many chrome tabs or the computer will hit 100 cpu usage.  As soon as I disconnect.CPU usage drops dramatically.    

  • adrianh
    adrianh Posts: 1

    I've also had this issue.  Specs:

    OS: Windows 7-64bit SP1
    CPU: AMD Turion x64 Mobile Technology TL-58, duel core
    RAM: 2GB
    DirectX version: 10.0
    Video card: NVIDA GeForce 7150M/nForce 630M internal video card (laptop) with latest drivers (According to driver properties in windows: v7.15.11.7967.  According to NVIDIA's System Information, v179.67).
    Core clock: 475 MHz
    Memory interface: 32-bit
    Dedicated video memory: 64MB
    System video memory: 0MB
    Shared system memory: 735MB

    It is kinda annoying and would like if it could tone it down a bit on the CPU if possible as it is eating up between 30-60% of my CPU.

  • DAOWAce
    DAOWAce Posts: 1

    Old thread, but I was googling about this because I just installed TV12 on a freshly restored laptop that was eating the CPU.  Nobody seems to know how to fix it.

    Revert back to TV10 (or even older).

    Newer versions are not made for older computers.

    Running TV12, the CPU usage on 2010-2012 era laptops is extremely excessive (50-60% on dual core), causing massive slowdowns when trying to do anything that uses the CPU.

    Running TV10, the CPU usage is manageable (1-5% with spikes to 15%, notably on mouse movement).

    Older versions will probably use even less CPU, but you lose newer features the further you go back (and some are just bugged at its core, notably with drag 'n drop file sharing).

    This is why I've never updated the older TV that I have running on old computers I've worked on, because I know the newer versions are resource hogs.  You'd think this would be something they OPTIMIZE for, but no, it seems the company just disgregards performance with their feature creep and UI redesigns.

  • caper
    caper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    Just to throw this in though it's indeed an older thread: If TV shows high cpu usage please check your antivirus software. Sometimes after a core update of the AV software this might happen. For a test try a rollback to a prior version of the AV software and see if the problem persists. It is mandatory to restart your system after a rollback.. After extensive testing we could nail it down to an AV core update and the issue was solved instantly after a rollback.
  • well this has been an issue for years now and teamviewer always moan about they need gigabytes of personal data of our customers which would be illegal to provide. right now hence tv 14 has been released yesterday, i am waiting for every support ticket to be closed again due to „old version - fixed in new one (which never was) - buy new license you stupid customer“. just like every year for the past 15 years. still looking for alternatives...
  • caper
    caper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    @PatrickRuppelt: I see your point! Never felt for the new versions except for testing purposes. We see no need to spend all that money year after year and getting milked. Others might see it different though. No problem! Besides that we just wanted to throw that in because in this case it cured an acute and severe rising problem with our customers' systems. ;-) With no regard to any (buggy) new version this might help the one or the other.
  • Hello everybody,

    got Teamviewer running in every out of 3 virtual machines on Intel Xeon E5-2403 v2. VMs are identical with dedicated 1 cpu core and Window 7 64. Identical means same amount of RAM and same version of AV software and same TV version (13).

    So, in one VM the Teamviewer_Desktop claims 50% CPU, while in the other VMs the CPU usage of this process is about 3%!?

    It should be possible for TV developers to debug that process to see what the process is busy waiting for?

    Best regards,

  • ctech
    ctech Posts: 1

    Found one article that claims to solve this issue:
    1.  The article reads:  "Note: These instructions only apply to Windows 8.x and older. Windows 10 does not provide the ability to disable hardware acceleration this way." But there is no link for Windows 10.
    2.  This article wants you to cripple your machine and all other applications by changing your HW settings.  That's not a solution in my book.
    Same issue.  I have to not only direct the application to exit, but also kill the service.  Windows 10 Pro, 6 Core gen 7, video w/ 4GB, 32 RAM, all drivers updated...  And
    TeamViewer is the only process that makes the fan run continuously.  Repeat, TV is the ONLY process that makes the fan run continuously.  This is in addition to Apache, Linux, PHP, Office local install, many development tools all running as well.
    This issues is getting worse as the TV version increases and the HW specs get better.
    It seems that the option is to disable the service and the client from auto starting, and then use a different, mechanism, to remotely turn TV on, then use TV as you might normally.
    (Thinking outside of Occam's razor, perhaps I could write an Outlook alert to run a script to turn TV on.)

  • If this is the problem that I think it is .... then ... my workaround has been to leave my laptop display open 4 inches so it does not think it is shut. Then CPU usage is normal for me, I believe. My apologies if my workaround is for a different problem.

  • Hi everybody

    I'm using windows 10. Teamviewer on my computer always occupies very high cpu (cpu core i5 9400f) I tried searching in the support item not found


  • Litchonez
    Litchonez Posts: 3

    There's one explanation that seems increasingly likely in face of the absolute silence from TV support on the issue and that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere: TeamViewer may be mining cryptocurrencies in people's computers.

    That would easily explain why reports of this problem began about a year ago, at the height of the crypto bubble, and why no combination of measures seems to fix the issue for good. The software is likely programmed to start mining after a certain number of hours of uptime so as to avoid raising suspicion, which also explains why killing the service yields temporary results.

    Notice that the reports talk about 10-20% usage in high-end CPUs and up to 100% in slower processors, which fits quite well TV running a fixed number of hashes for mining, taxing different CPUs at different percentages. 

    I mean, if it were some sort of coding error or legit new feature, you'd expect TV to be all over it and respond to the numerous threads on the issue, not to mention having fixed it by now, but they've kept absolutely quiet and have failed to reply to tickets addressing the problem. 

    In other words: It's not a bug, it's a feature to maliciously explore customers' processing power for extra profit. By now, I see no other possible explanation except extreme incompetence.

    Whatever the true reason is, I'm just not running TV in the background anymore, which, as others have said, defeats its purpose. I'll switch to another remote desktop software as soon as possible and will gladly accept suggestions of reliable, trustworthy names.

  • Now it's even worse! Every time I turn on my computer I go to the clockwise icon in Windows and close TeamViewer. After a few days it does not start any more along with Windows. But I notice that the fan is turned on and the temperature is high. From there I went to look at the task manager and there is TeamViewer hidden, consuming 7% -50% of my CPU. This happened several days.

  • Yershov
    Yershov Posts: 10

    Same Problem Shame!


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