Reassignment of unique IDs



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    Just had an email from one of the client companys affected, they are asking if this was a security breech and if so do they have to report it to the ICO under GDPR rules....

    Gulp now now very worried. Ester do you know if it was a security breech?

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    I'n not able to submit a ticket in your website. My licencekey is being rejected at the automated system, but im a commercial customer since 2014.

    I support a group of customers in the agricultural world with it systems and support and also some elderly people. Since yesterday a few systems have a black status unknown in my account computerlist.

    Now i sometimes use from my iphone 7+ to enable some features on site by conencting to my own system at my workshop. this one is also unknown. But i found out whats causing this.

    In my adress book my teamviewer id for my own system is a 9 digit number beginning with 9. My own computer now had a new id in a 10 digit format beginnin with one. This has happend to more customers of mine.

    So i now have to travel to my customers to open up the feeding computers, connect monitor keyboard and mouse to see the new ID numbers. Some are an hour drive from my shop. 

    Teamviewer; changeback the id's to the old ones or atleast upgrade my account's numbers from your site. You should have a list from what youve altered.

    If im going to take a tour from one day to get from customer to customer, who is going to pay for that? 

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    So the IDs on two of my PCs (on the same ISP and router) were changed.

    YOU SHOULD update the IDs in your WAKE ON LAN lists.  I just did.

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    This is some kind of a joke. I use TV daily for work purposes and now I lost some of my contacts due to this mess. TV, address this at last!
  • Kohrinn
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    I've got the same problem. TV is my mail work tool and I couldn't use it yesterday. Some of my client PCs are half across the country. Is this what I'm paying for?
  • Esther
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    Hi all,

    All TeamViewer systems are back to normal operations.

    In case of persisting issues, please restart your device or the TeamViewer service and refer for any further questions to our support.

    Please subscribe to our status page to get updates on the current status as soon as available.



    Former Community Manager

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    the problem is not resolved. All my clients (all connected/assigned to my account and with "simple/direct access") are shown as offline. It seems all of them got new IDs !?!?!?!?!?!

    This is a huge problem that needs to be solved!

    Thanks in advance!

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    MY TEAMVIEWER DEAD !?! please resolved this problem!

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    Hi, Esther. Will the IDs that changed stay on the new number or will they go back to the old IDs?
  • Esther
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    Hi @ajq

    No, the new ID will not go back to the old ID.

    Thanks, Esther

    Former Community Manager

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    It's great you're thinking about security but this took our newest remote computer offline and I had to have our attorney drive out to its location and Skype me from it so I could figure out the issue. How about some sort of warning or heads up next time?
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    Thank you for the fast reply!
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    Hi Esther,

    You've got to be joking?  Reassigned ID's without any forewarning leaving us users with no way of remotely connecting to find out what on earth is going on.  In my working days this kind of action would have resulted in someone being shown the door.  I'm not surprised that your customer base is extremely unhappy.

    Dreadful service.


  • Hi

    I have a server that is running Server 2012 RE2 and Teamviewer version 13. I need to connect to that server on a daily basis but yesterday the ID changed to a different 9 digit ID and after a restart it changed to a different 10 digit ID. Is the ID going to keep on changing? This is really critical that I need quick and easy access to this server.


  • Hi. In our company we use an old version of TV, 6.0 After the problem of past days we have a lot of clients with a question mark (?) on it and statu "unknown" (like other users). If I try to reinstall or client than to reconnect it on our account the system says (as usual) than I must update it to the latest version that is 6.0.17222  but tv says that ther was an error and it could not be updated - CTVUpdate failed - CInetDownload::ThreadRun - ErrorSendRequest 12031, Errorcode=12031
    Did TV cut-out old version to force to buy new one?

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    Our company uses TeamViewer to remote into over 300 computers.  We appreciate the need to change the ID for security reasons, but this is causing major issues. We have five different employees that have to remote into these computers for different reasons.  

    I personally took the time to enter all the TVIDs into my console, but the other employees hadn't.  Is there a way I could export my list to share with them?  

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    Following the issues Teamviewer has earlier this week, I have found one of my clients impossible to connect to. All of their computers are blue-lit in my list of contacts, and after conversations with the clients themselves they have the app running with the same original ID number (some changed due to TV security) However I get a connection not established messsage whenever i try to connect. I have got them to restart the Teamviewer service, restart their PC's, re-install Teamviewer, all to no avail. Since the outage i have managed to re-establish contact with all but this client. Can anyone help?

  • BC_IT_Guy
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    Which apparently now has made a LOT of Unnamed connections in my connection reports. The problem with that is, now I have NO IDEA WHO to bill for those connections!!! Am using TV 8 for some time with no problems.... BUT does this mean I have to leave thousands of $$ of lost revenue in cyberspace??? Not good TV, not good...

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    Dear Esther, Thank you::

  • simtech
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    Will the old IDs return or are they permanetly changed? How can I update my connection list without looking on every remote PC for the new ID?

    Many thanks



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    Good question...

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    OK, besides all the issues with trying to get the new ID's remotely, what about backups?  I had 3 servers using your backup service and since the ID change I cannot access backed up files.  I cannot change the ID in your management console.  If add the new ID will the previosly backed up files be accessible?  Or are the files lost?  What a mess!!!

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    can this reassignment change the mac adress of a groups of computers automatic

    @Esther wrote:

    Hi all,

    TeamViewer is constantly working on the best security and service for our customers.

    In order to deliver on this pledge, TeamViewer’s team and leading security researchers perform regular threat prevention analysis to identify inconsistent or suspicious behaviour within and beyond our network.

    As a result of our continuous prevention analysis, we detected patterns of connection attempts that seem to be at odds with normal TeamViewer usage. As this observation was limited to a small subgroup of endpoints, TeamViewer decided to invalidate and automatically re-assign all TeamViewer IDs within this subgroup.

    The precautionary measure has successfully been rolled out to full effect. For a short period of time, some users may experience service degradation, which will be resolved as soon as possible.


  • KKarl
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    THIS IS VERY WORRYING. We recently switched to TeamViewer, and this week I was unable to access two machines, because the TeamViewer ID magically changed. TEAMVIEWER IDS SHOULD NEVER CHANGE UNLESS I APPROVE THE CHANGE. WE CANNOT DRIVE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD TO REACH OUR CLIENT SYSTEMS.

    Can TeamViewer staff PLEASE provide an assurance that my remote TeamViewer IDs will NEVER CHANGE AGAIN?

    If not, we will have to move to an alternate product.
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    Hi Amateur. I sense you are a fellow engineer who is constantly dismayed by "upgrades" that destroy good products and turn them into "cool" looking heaps of garbage. To see this Microsoft type behaviour at TV is very disappointing.

    UPDATE: OK, TeamViewer have redeemed themselves. Their support team responded, both on the forum, and on the phone, in a very timely fashion. I get the impression they will never do this again. I have edited my original version of this comment, as it was overly negative. TeamViewer remains an excellent product, and this is really the first incident I've experienced within 2 years. The issue is not a new "feature" of TV13, it was a specific intervention by TV engineers this one time that caused the problem. They may do it again in the future, but unlikely they will go about it the same way. The remainder of my comment remains below ...

    POSSIBLY OF USE: My IDs changed when I logged in from a different (free) TV account. I have a personal TV account, with all my family and friends systems. And I have a company TV account, with 100+ remote systems around the world. I access my personal systems from both. This never caused a problem in the past, but I believe it is what triggered the ID change.

    I will be complaining to TV about this. IDs must NEVER change, ever, without me initiating it, and knowing what the new ID will be. Otherwise how do we get to the remote system! That is the entire point of TV. 


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    It is absolutely inaceptabel what TeamViewer did. The last weeks we had so much trouble because of that. So many unasigned ID's, it took hours to reasign back, but all notes, password etc are gone. Not to talk to a lot of we have to reasign completely as many said here before no one will pay for that and trust of clients is lost! No official statement. We pay enough for professional service that at least there should be a solution, a backup list at least. Did anyone get any official feedback from teamviewer? 

  • Amateur
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    In response  to KKarl:

    Well, TeamViewer Support (whith whom I had opened a ticket) *did* come back to me - but only to tell me that the ID had changed on purpose. This is of course not good enough.

    I also received private messages from Esther. But their content is vague.

    I have asked TamViewer GmbH - both in my support ticket and on this Forum - to come with an official statement that TV IDs will never change again. Such a statement remains to be seen.

    In this somewhat frustrating situation I could not resist temptation and contacted c't. Let us see if they write about it. (for non-Germans: "c't" is the most important computer magazine in germany).

    P.S. Esther, you need not translate your messages into Danish, I speak both English and German quite fluently. Fortsat god sommer :-)

  • At this point, I would think that they could have offered their customers something.  Free version upgrades, additional connections, service queue access, etc... things that could help people resolve the issue faster and cheaper.

    I don't forsee giving them any more money.

  • KKarl
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    I think it is worthwhile putting things into perspective here. Yes, this was a dangerous and annoying mistake, but TV have been responsive, both on the forum, and on the phone. They indicate to me that they are very unlikely to take this sort of action again in the future, or at least not in the same way without announcing to customers.

    Compare this to many other major software companies (no names mentioned, but a large one starting with M comes to mind):

    Other companies don't communicate, so you cannot even determine if they did anything (whereas TV readily confessed)

    Other companies make it virtually impossible for you to phone them for support, and when you do get in touch, you talk to a low level support person who tells you to reinstall your operating system. With TV, you can phone supports and speak to a knowledgable tech.

    Other companies change their product continuously without asking, removing features, dumbing down their products. TV has not removed any capability that I can recall, and takes backwards compatibility seriously (I use v6 on some systems!).