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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Would love to say what I have switched to but they WILL censor out the NAME of any COMPETING PRODUCT posted here.

    Your best bet is to do a WWW search with your favorite search tool to find a good free tools.

  • DanoNH
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    Funny thing is, the email notifications seem to go out before the posts are moderated... LOL

    What a shame, TV. ?

    You must be up for sale soon. Lies and all. ?
  • DaveYVR
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    I will be urging my clients and colleagues away from TeamViewer.

    The reason is due to this recent message I received from TeamViewer installed on my personal computers:

    "Sorry for the Interruption, your usage level has crossed the FREE user allowance. To continue using TeamViewer, you'll need to upgrade to a business solution"

    I am sorry to have to go this direction, but I feel I have supported TeamViewer over the years as a good product. I have suggested it to my clients and friends. And I have used it as an employee in commercial settings with a valid commercial license, as well as my personal life.

    I use Dropbox in a commercial setting, and feel it is worth what I pay for it on a monthly basis. I gladly pay the fee, since I am legitimately using it for commercial purposes.  And their FREE limits were clearly stated at the beginning, and are not subject to being pulled if you reach the limit of space. So I can interact with family and friends on the same platform that I do business on.

    Your practice of growing your business using Free licenses is a valid one. Not being upfront and transparent that there are time limits, as Dropbox is, and pulling ALL access if the limit is exceeded, is not. And when I started using TeamViewer more than 10 years ago, I am somewhat certain these restrictions were not part of your business plan. The onus to provide clear rules is on the contract writer, not the reader. This is what courts expect, and support, and should be at the back of anyones mind who writes agreements or contracts, whether on a web page Free license agreement or on paper. A contract is not law and can be invalidated in a court. You should be clear and upfront on your Free license as is expected by any reasonable court or person.

    I am grateful for the free use. However, my issue comes with the time and effort I have spent learning your software, installing it to manage various personal computers and family member computers, and then having the rug pulled out from under me after all this time investment.

    You have the majority of the market share at the moment. But if you keep pulling free licenses, those users are often employees of companies who use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, and there will inevitably be some blowback. In my case, I estimate that license to be over 10,000 seats for my employer (about half the employees), and countless more for our close colleagues and clients.  This is in addition to lost sales from lack of future recommendations.  I will recomend in the future that they look for alternatives to TeamViewer in good competitor products who would welcome larger clients. It would be resonable to understand that some of us do have direct lines to the IT managers and CTOs for larger regions such as Eastern North America and parts of South America, if not world wide.

    In this day of social media, I am very surprised that your current tactics are those that were used in the past 2 decades, and have since rejected by most of the major tech companies who realised the effect of blowback on their shareholders. 

    I would be very open to you contacting me to discuss this if you feel my assessment is unfair.



  • Don't know what to use don't have much experience on anything else. And doing a search on  did not help.

  • Dear Support Teamviewer, I use Teamview do support my friends and remote to my desktop I have setup Teamviewer version 13 version Personal on my MacBook pro os 10.12. And now this version has expired. Please guide me Fix limited 5 minutes. I want to use version Free. My ID: [removed by Moderator] Many thanks,

  • I am retired in and live in Medellin.   Every day I help my grandma a few times in Austria who is in her 90s.  My grandma finds problems every day, so she can talk to me.  Is this commercial use? I cannot connect to her for over 30 seconds.  Seems there was a change, so you guys could make money!  I am okay with that but if TeamViewer is no longer free why do you claim it is? 

  • JosepM
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    My user is still blocked after his reactivation message... ☹ I’m not professional user, i only help my family! Should we install **Third Party Product**?
  • debk
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    you're lucky for real!  Team Viewer still hasn't unlocked my account....I'm starting to explore some alternatives, as it's been longer than 7 days now...

  • debk
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    Hi Esther - so if it's been more than 7 days, should I assume that Team Viewer still thinks I'm a commercial business??

  • braun21
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    Je tu někdo, komu obnovili blokování a může opět spokojeně používat free verzi?

  • To those who work at TV and are here why can't you get TV to help with this problem?

  • Nesoor
    Nesoor Posts: 1

    I have the exact same problem and this is already the second time.
    This really starts to annoy me.

  • When I sent my ticket in 2 weeks ago, I listed all of the computer TV IDs that I use the program on - 5 machines in my family. I read another thread about IDs getting changed to a 10-digit number with no waning, so I checked them all. One of the 5  (a MAC) had a new 10-digit ID. The others were unchanged. So I dodged that bullet.

    I mainly initiate TV links from computer "A". I never got a response to my ticket, but the pop ups and disconnects stopped on computer A, so I thought TV reviewed my tickets and reset my account as Personal. Last night I had to link from computer "B" to computer "A". I promptly got a pop up that commercial use was detected. This computer is in my house. I did not get disconnected but I was afraid to start the process I needed to do on the remote computer because I kept expecting the link to be terminated any second. I guess I could open another ticket, but I never got a response to the first one. I don't know if I have been "cleared" as personal or not.

    That’s the problem. I can't trust TeamViewer anymore. I don’t know the status of my account, or the ticket I submitted. I don't know if I am going to be allowed to link or not, and if I do link, I don't know how long the link will be "permitted", I found myself trying to rush through what I was doing before I got disconnected. I depend on this program to be reliable and now I can't trust it. Maybe that is a lot to expect for free. I guess TeamViewer thinks so. Whatever the case, their minimum license fee of $49 per month is way to expensive considering the options out there.

    I have already set up most of the computers I monitor with another program that is doing everything I need with the free version. I still like TeamViewer's look and feature set more, but I just can't depend on it anymore. Once I get settled in with my new solution, I suppose I will delete TeamViewer from all systems I access. It's a shame really. Maybe TeamViewer management will come around and respond to their loyal users with a reasonable baisc license. Until then, its time for a change.

  • I actually called about my ticket. It sounded like the lady who answered was trying to read from a script. Then she hung up on me! I never got a chance to give her my ticket number and request status before I was hung up on. I wasn't nasty and did not say anything that would warrant being hung up on. Unreal!
  • I see TV has a NEW VERSION out but the release notes make NO MENTION of the "FALSE COMMERCIAL USER" FLAG.

    I have REMOVED TV from ALL of my PC's and found and installed a GREAT FREE software tool that allows me to "RDP" in to them that is much faster, uses less RAM and does NOT need to use a 3rd party server that might want block or monitor my NON-COMMERCIAL usage. It only uses my LOCAL LAN for in-house connections!

    TV can go -blank- themselves!
  • Napo3
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    edited July 11

    that **bleep** dude. I've been having problems too, they've gotten much worse I think. Seeing this probably makes it the last straw for me too. maybe I'll start looking for something else.

  • Conmiro
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    Yea dude this happened to my friend too that used to let me watch him develop.
  • RLO
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    So what is it?

  • Tinkerstoys1 writes here at Outlook we are still looking for something to use like?

  • danxza
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    Yup , I made a thread as well , because I have received two support answers and yet it is still in trial mode and then it will tell me it is expired and then I could not use it , it is a shame what they do.

  • What a **bleep** show. Off to **Third Party Product**.


  • I filled out the form a couple of weeks ago and nothing has changed. They did say it might take up to 30 days. But in the meantime I could a message that says I can connect but I only have 5 minutes which would be tolerable until the non-commercial use is verified. but the timeout is set to more like 50 seconds which is intolerable and then it's his hour before I can connect to the machine again ! Can the timeout period be fixed?
  • origami
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    How many repeat customers do you think this store has?



  • osman68
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    Everytime i log in from my phone ,keep getting masage commercials usage suspected. Kick me out in 5 mins. Pls help.thnx in advance 


  • I had a Problem My id Trial Expired. So I can not use TeamViewer. I am personal user.

    please solve it.

    My ID : [ID Removed By Moderator]

  • kuproom
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    Hi there!

    I am using TeamViewer on personal laptop at home and personal laptop at country house, some more PC like fathers and mothers etс but using it not often.

    When I was trying to connect from a coutry laptop to home laptop I had a warning of busines usage and my connection time was limited.

    But I dont use it for business cases. Please unblock my account for using. Thanks.

    [email removed by moderator]

  • Mike55
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    Seit den Sommerferien werde ich verdächtigt, ein kommerzieller Nutzer zu sein. Griefe von der Schule aus auf meinen privaten Rechner zu. rein privat. Was ist zu tun? Vielen Dank MfG Mike55