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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Mike55
    Mike55 Posts: 5

    Do you use this support? I tried it now. Hope it works too.

  • waces
    waces Posts: 29 ✭✭
    Yes,that's the most pathetic part of all. They "guarantee" 30 days response/fix (which better for them than fix the bug in the so called algorithm in the backend). They simply don't want free users anymore (even the god-complexed admins sais different things). 30 days are enough to choose alternate,free and better solutions.
    Unfortunately teamviewer doesn't care about the free customers anymore. They never resposnse any tickets or requests (the admins of tbis forum are not tv supporters), they simply ignore them. That's the fact.
  • I've tried it now lets when they revert, earlier i did it multiple times and as usual teamviewer team is sleeping over the tickets!!!

  • MikeATL
    MikeATL Posts: 1

    Same situation as everyone else... been using TV Free version to connect to my home PC for years and then out of the blue I’m now “commercial” with no warning this was going to happen and no grace period to resolve it or switch.   The “5 minute” restriction which barely lasts one minute might as well just be a total block (how hard is it to write code to count to 5???)

    Are they really saying that personal use has to be “residence to residence”?   I can have a free license to connect to my home PC, but I can’t be at a hotel or restaurant when I use it?  That seems totally ridiculous - did anyone at TV HQ actually think this through?

    TV is a great product and I’d be willing to live with reasonable restrictions on the free version (or even pay for a Personal version with some limitations.).  They could have implemented such a change with lots of communication and a transition time and probably converted some feee users to paid users,  but all they’ve done now is **bleep** people off.   Another great example of avoidable brand destruction.

  • Anyone using the[removed by moderator] in Win10?

  • Mike55
    Mike55 Posts: 5

    I don´t know any way, to use it in the internet exept DynDns. And you can´t share the desktop with the user at the computer. Isn´t it?

  • easy solved by switching to [removed by moderator]

    forever free!!!

  • This is **bleep**! It's not the first time I had this happen and when they log in and see it on my computer they see it's just 2 home computers connected so I don't have to walk across the room. I'm so sick of being told I'm using it for business when I'm not. I'm seldom even home anymore and when I finally am it's accuses me of something ridiculous. I can't even delete and re-install because it still thinks one or more computers is doing work instead of just using it to load VLC or check facebook.

  • I too have been plagued by this annoying misguided algorythm. Best solution is to completely uninstall all traces of TV. Scan your hard drive for all things call TV and delete. Change/Spoof your MAC Address. Reboot. And clean install TV. No more Commercial Popup.

  • Moneek
    Moneek Posts: 1

    I have been using TeamViewer for some time, and suddenly it appears that I am using it commercially and continually times out any sessions I am in.

    I have uninstalled TV and re-installed (as a personal *free* version) to no avail.  What is going on here?


  • Al_G
    Al_G Posts: 1
    This is the first time it has happened to me. But what a crummy time for it to happen! Argh
  • jowen
    jowen Posts: 1

    Same here

  • tylerun
    tylerun Posts: 1

    Me as well Booted me off completely 

  • **Third Party Product** is the way I feel :-) TV has gone nuts and wants just tag every alternate person as commercial license so that out of frustration people buy Business license for personal use and they can mint money :-P

  • I have been using Teamviewer12 free version for well over a year.  Just before midnight on 8/19, I tried to connect to my home PC from my laptop and I got a "has detected commercial use" error message even though I have only ever used it for personal use.  I tried uninstalling Teamviewer from my laptop, downloading the install file and installing version 13, during which I selected the "personal use" option, but that didn't work, I got the same thing.  What do I need to do to use the free version again?  I can't afford to be paying $49 a month just for personal, recreational use.

  • quanpt
    quanpt Posts: 1

    Hi, a few days ago when I connected to another computer I received a message about Commercial connection limit.

    I remember installed as Personal User in my MacBook before, so can I fix it? Or change from Commercial to Personal?

    Anyway, I can choose to install with Personal User on my Windows computer.

    Thank you.Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.07.25 PM.png



    SUTANZ Posts: 1

    I am getting this same message all of a sudden. I have been using TV for years to login to my personal computer and not it is saying that they detect me for commercial use. Why alll of a sudden?

  • Lix
    Lix Posts: 1

    I got the same problem! 

  • KER
    KER Posts: 1

    Same problem!  Definitely no commercial use here, just 2 computers at home + relatives and friends/neighbours.

  • mcm57
    mcm57 Posts: 6

    I've the same problem since today.

    Used teamvier for a long time without any problems. Only ONE remote PC located at home.


  • Same thing here man.   I have 1 PC at my house that i remote to.   Deffantly not Commercial use.      Whats up with this TeamViewer

  • mcm57
    mcm57 Posts: 6

    I've the same problem since today.

    I have no idea why teamviewer thinks my usage mightbe commercial. I'm connecting from my office PC to my home PC (only this one). I've opened a ticket - will see what happens.

    OK - Teamviewer must take some measurements to ensure that the software is not used commercially. But either they should not promize a free software for private use or the software should really work for private use. And connecting to only one or very few systems should be an indcation of private usage as no real company will have only opne customer ... 


  • la stessa cosa lo hanno fatto anche a me, nonostante ho dichiarato ufficialme te che lo uso a scopi privati

  • JayM
    JayM Posts: 3
    Yup, same here. All of a sudden I'm now a commercial user.

    Has anyone with TV responded to this yet? 33 pages is a lot to sift through.
  • This is terrible!  It is a very confusing message!

    What exactly does this mean???

  • I'm in the same boat.  I'm hoping this is a glitch, because I think TeamViewer is a great service.

  • JohnRH
    JohnRH Posts: 1

    This is the second time this happened to me. I just received an email, after 30 or so days, that as a "special consideration for this one time only* they will reset my account back to personal. Guess the next time it happens , and it will due to their faulty algorithm, I am out of luck.


  • Duce
    Duce Posts: 2

    I am having the same issue.