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Remote Control on Samsung Note 9

I just got the Note 9 and accepted Knox activation and I can't get TeamViewer to connect - perpetual "connecting to..." on my computer screen, while the phone acts like it's connected. I installed both QuickSupport and TeamViewer Host. 


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  • Same problem here. "Connects successfully" then gets stuck on the blue remote control screen "Connecting to..."

    Seems they need to update it for the Note 9...
  • kev300
    kev300 Posts: 1

    Yep, same problem on my note 9 as well.  Hoping for a fix soon

  • Same problem with my note 9.  I called Samsung support and got no help at all!

  • mogz
    mogz Posts: 2
    Same here. Samsung Note 9 with latest Android / patches 18.09.18
  • Knock! Kncok! Is anyone there? Are you are aware of the problem? Is it being fixed? When it is planned to submit the fixed version? Can some authority give an information to satisfy our curiosity?
  • mogz
    mogz Posts: 2

    Great! Works for me. Samsung Note 9 on latest updates. (European version).

  • I tried this and it did not work for me, tried uninstalling it completely and restarting the phone and it did not work.  .

  • Installed three of them one by one. Works perfectly! Thanks for your support.
  • Thanks a lot!

    I have installed both the QuickSupport app as well as the samsung add-on.

    So far it seems to work smoothly....

  • Finally got it working.

  • Working here! Thank you!
  • This problem is also on Samsung XCover 3 running latest Android 8.1 update.
    Installed the TeamviewerQS.apk file linked to, and installed addon. It then works as expected.

  • This fixed mine too. Thank you!
  • Hi mogz,
    Can you tell me how to remote the note 9 after screen off? I was connected but cant wake the note 9 with a screen off.
  • Anyone can tell how to remote control on note 9 since screen off
  • jdrch
    jdrch Posts: 9 ✭✭
    This worked. Thanks so much!
    TeamViewer on 5 Windows PCs, 1 Raspberry Pi, 1 Ubuntu PC, & 2 Android smartphones
  • Hi Southern,
    When you connected the device, does it show the navigation bar on your computer?
    I have the issue with the navigation bar problem, it doesn't show on it, and I can control the device with screen off.
  • MortNoire
    MortNoire Posts: 1

    files are no longer availabel :-(

  • baluzen
    baluzen Posts: 1

    Still Doesnt works on Samsung Note 9

  • @William_L  can you please reupload these versions? I have note 9 with the latest updates, but I cannot get teamviewer host to login at all and have a log showing as much.


    I hope you can give us fresh links so we can download these apks again. Thanks

  • gigglepot
    gigglepot Posts: 1

    Hi William - where are the links for these files.  Thanks Ian