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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hi there,

    I've got a pretty big license mishmash on my computer. The corporation I'm working for added my corporate address to one of their unused license channels. So, I was able to do little administrative tasks. The problem was: this license was for version 11, I was using version 13 on my home computer. I wasn't aware of this being problem at all but I only used it rarely (about 3 hours in total).

    Some days ago, I tried to connect from a friend's computer to my home one and I got a popup that my partner (my home computer) would have used the software commercially. The connection broke after some seconds and I wasn't able to reconnect for some minutes because of the commercial license.

    Seems like my private computer is blacklisted now. I did never intend to use it illegally and the license of the IT department is still valid, but only for version 11. Am I doomed now? Will I get into trouble? Is it possible to whitelist my home computer again?

    Best regards,

  • Thanks GYW,

    I  will compare this one and the one beginning with ult - I think one of these two should be a good replacement.

    I'm sad to be moving away from TV, though, I've been using it for years to communicate between my home computers.

  • I have just started getting the same message and do not use Teamviewer commercially. I am one of the support technicians with a small I.T. firm in London, Ontario, Canada and we use a different remote management system for all of our clients whom pay the service of being monitored and/or supported remotely. I use Teamviewer with one of my systems downstairs, my parents computer, mother/father in law's computer, Sister's computer and 2 friends of mine whom are married to each other (I have both of their systems on here as they are older and sometimes have trouble with Kodi or outlook and stuff)

    Since I don't have a license, I can't submit a ticket. Any advise as to what to do here?

  • @MyAnime 

    The likelihood that someone in the community can help you is slim because your problem appears to be a subtle interaction.  That said, see if the problem occurs on a different OS.  For example, If your target machine is Windows, try a target machine of linux.  It could be the Host machine, too.

    In the vein of this thread, you'll have to buy a commercial version to get help from TV.  That's part of the EULA

  • jonss
    jonss Posts: 1

    I have contacted TV twice by their form, had a response telling me my account is now unlocked, however it is not. I called them twice, they refused to do anything and told me to wait or reply to the email (which is a no reply address!).

    So I can either log it again, or try some other service. Any recommendations ? I only use it to support elderly parents and relatives in another part of the country.

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 8

    I typed this by mistake.

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 8

    Last week I formatted my computer and reinstalled Teamviewer from scratch, but I forgot to select the option "Personal use" and since then my ordeal began. 

    It started telling me I had trial days, and I was trying to uninstall it and select the "Personal use" option. But as much as I did nothing was solved.
    So I started looking for solutions, programs that changed my MAC, changed the teamviewer ID, etc ... Nothing worked!
    In the end I contacted a moderator in the community and told me I have to  request a resetso I asked for the ID reset, but it says it could take a month !!
    Let's see, all programs that have a trial version give you a few days for free and when those days are over it automatically changes to free version, without needing to do anything else. or an option in the menu to switch to Free mode.
    Why complicate life this much by having to send a form and wait until a month to solve the problem? I find it unnecessary and frustrating for users.
    From here I want to emphasize that my use is, and always has been, personal, and I feel very upset by this uncomfortable situation.
    Why do not you help us to avoid this problem by making the default option during installation in "free mode"? It is making the user's life foolishly impossible.
    Now it tells me that this device can not be accessed because of "signs of commercial use" ... What signs?
    I never used it professionally, and if I tried alternative methods it is because you do not offer an instantaneous and effective option. I want my account available as it has always been up to now (and I have been using this program for several YEARS).
    How much more do I have to wait for this to be resolved and when will I get a specific answer?

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 8


  • Hello, I've been using Teamviewer for a longer period of time. Now I always get the hint that I use this software commercially and will then after 1min. blocked. I use Teamviewer but really only privately. Can you put me back in private? Thank you.
    Wilfried Küter - tommyoskar

  • Today, after months, I tried to connect to my father-in-law's PC but it was impossible to help because the software stopped me with a message after a few moments. I was forced to take the car and go to his house. I have to be honest, for a long while I thought about leaving Teamviewer after years of (sporadic) use and looking for another software with basic functions (I do not need anything else) but reliable.

    What can I do to avoid it? If there is a solution is safe or the next time I use the software, will I have to turn on the car and go again?


  • Hi,

    I am trying to use team viewer for personal use between my two computers, when i first installed it i choose commercial use on accident. I was hoping someone could help me change it to personal use? I would just like to be able to remote connect from my university sometimes. Or if you guys could point me into the right direction on where to ask for help, i tried to submit a support ticket but since i do NOT own a lisence, i am unable to do so.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • CrueRo
    CrueRo Posts: 1

    My laptop broke and I've dug out an old laptop which I haven't used in the last three years, maybe more.

    I've updated TV then bam! "commercial blabla detected". On a laptop (WIN7) that had to do 120+ windows updates before it could be used. Ffs, this is getting beyond ridiculous! 

  • catxv
    catxv Posts: 1

    Hello, my TeamViewer session closes itself in indicating that the time is up. Can you help me to solve this problem is it you please. Kind regards


  • gchin
    gchin Posts: 1

    So i got this box poping when connecting to my home PC. I tried creating a ticket but it requires me to have a license to even create a ticket... What should i do to prevent my account from being blocked.


  • Hallo,

    it's the third or fourth time I'm blocked for suspected commercial use.

    I'm retired, 72 years old and I never and never use TW in a commercial environment. I use it to play Flight Simulator with  5/6 other fellows. From time to time we make some maintenance to our Pc'S. That's all.

    I have sent you many times my log history and you restore my connection after this.

    This time: no answer at all.

    Please, please could you be so kind as to free my connection??

    Thanks in advance and best rega




  • Hallo,

    it's the third or fourth time I'm blocked for suspected commercial use.

    I'm retired, 72 years old and I never and never use TW in a commercial environment. I use it to play Flight Simulator with  5/6 other fellows. From time to time we make some maintenance to our Pc'S. That's all.

    I have sent you many times my log history and you restore my connection after this.

    This time: no answer at all.

    Please, please could you be so kind as to free my connection??

    Thanks in advance and best regards





  • I'm sick of hearing about that Any... it's no viable replacement.

  • SO, pay 500$/year for a TV license :P lol
  • when i install time i selected both of the above instead of personal / non-commercial use how to convert it back.....i unistalled several times still the same

  • I have sent in the form to have my account reset twice. So far, it has been working after the 2nd reset. I have run TV and **Third Party Product** side by side and every time I do, the quality of video in the TV link is better. Text and icons are easier to see. It also feels faster, snappier. All things being equal, I would definitely pick TV over **Third Party Product**. Maybe it's just because I am more familiar with it but the image quailty really is better.

    That said, after all that has transpired, I have accepted the fact that I cannot rely on TV as the sole method of remote access, so I have them both set up. If TV starts with the commercial use pop ups and disconnects again, I won't try to get them to reset it a third time. I will just delete it from all machines and go to **Third Party Product**. Then I will pick another remote access method to back up **Third Party Product**. What I have learned from this is that if remote access is critical, then there should be at least 2 methods of doing it set up.

    So to all of you getting whacked with TV commerical use pop ups and are ready to move on, you should really be looking for TWO alternatives, and when you go through the hassle of migrating whatever computers you need to access, set up BOTH remote access methods of your choice. JMO

  • 80 bucks or 500 is the same to me. I'm not paying a cent for a remote app.

  • **Third Party Product** from Google Chrome does the same thing as TW and is free.

  • First of all, I would like to thank you for the teamviewer software that you have given us. It's very effective and free for personal users. With your terms, I am a personal user, I only use software to control desktop computers on my laptop, sometimes helping my brother solve some problems. As you can see at the attached screenshot, there are not too many connected computers: 2 or 3... here is screenshot:

    (Edited by a moderator. Please attache screenshots instead of putting URL links)

    But I get the message that I am using for commercial purposes and need to use premium.
    Please support for me.
    Sincerely yours!

  • same problem here, I use TV with to help my family ( from a range of 50 to 66 years old ) in their easy computer problems and to connect my computer via mobile phone etc... suddenly get the same alert and closed the connections.
  • Hi,  a few days ago teamviewer interrupts the connection due to suspected commercial use, but I am a teacher and I don't use teamviewer for commercial purposes, I need to use it to connect to the school server, Please let me use it in this way, thanks a lot.

    Regards, Gianluca G.

  • There is 5 minute limit for my connection to my home computer. I dont use it for a commercial use. I was connecting to my computer at home. Please help me to improve it that program takes me to use my computer without limit.
    Thanks in advance
  • corpie
    corpie Posts: 1

    Hi guys

    I have problem with the Teamviewer sessions

    I have several PCs attached to my Teamviewer account but when I connect from a specific PC with Win7 OS, Teamviewer disconnect me after a short time and show me a message: "The free sessions are only allowed for non-commercial purposes"

    I'm using an account and an installation for private use ...

    From the other PCs this problem doesn't occur. the session remains alive. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall Teamviewer (I have also cleaned the entries in the registry)

    Thanks Pietro

  • Tegoide
    Tegoide Posts: 15

    .. another umpteenth idea of the TV new marketing department ?

    After the useless and tremendous internal spellcheck, now the mandatory advertisement. At each TV session.

    I believe that soon or later TV will drop off us, considered by Team Viever marketing people and sales dept. as nasty scroungers.

    Here the screenshot (Edited by a moderator. Please attache the screenshot instead of putting the URL link)


    Anybodys elese is experienceing this beutiful TeamViewer gift ?



  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100
    Yes, I get those ads too. At least they are only advertising their own products so far and not other company's products. To me it's like the cable channels that waste so much time advertising what shows they have but at least don't advertise products. Annoying and unnecessary but could be worse.
  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100

    Wow. this post has grown to 43 pages and been active since 2016 and still nothing has been done to solve this????!!!!

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