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Control PC from iPad with WiFi but no internet

Tried Teamviewer free version for one-to-one control of PowerPoint on PC from iPad in our church. Works fantastically well when connected to Internet! But I need to control PC by WiFi without internet connection. Doesn't work if I disconnect router from Internet. How to configure to solve this?



  • KatharinaKatharina Posts: 138

    Hi JohnFW, 

    Thank you for your post!

    It is in fact possible to control a PC from a mobile device without an internet connection. 

    First of all, you would need to allow incoming LAN connections on your PC. Please go to "Extras > Options > General > Network settings" and select "accept exclusively" for "Incoming LAN connections".

    Your TeamViewer client will now display your IP address instead of your TeamViewer ID in the main window. Simply type in that IP address in your TeamViewer remote control app on your iPad in order to connect.

    Please note that your iPad and the PC your are trying to remote control would absolutely have to be in the same network in order for this to work.

    I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    All the best, 


  • jk4jk4 Posts: 1

    Hi Katharina, 

    i am having a similar issue where i need to run teamviewer from a PC on to an ipad without an internet connection , i have tried your tips but the ipad will not connect.

    Are there any additional settings on the ipad i also need to change? they are definately on the same network.

    many thanks


  • Magesh00Magesh00 Posts: 3

    Tried it, I am able to connnect , But there is only black screen and no control over my PC screen.
     It is strange that it works perfectly fine with Non LAN (server) internet mode properly. 

  • Hello Katharina,

    Same think for me. With VNC it's OK but unfortunatly no way with Teamviewer in offline mode. Also with internet and an ID, it's ok.

    Hope there is a solution.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem.

    I can't seem to make connection from the iPad app to the teamviewer application on my macbookpro in the local network. As soon I connect to a router that's also connected to the web it works just fine.

    So both devices are connected trough a wireless connection to a TPlink router in Acces Point mode. Another mode doesnt make any difference. Since I'm also connected to another lan with thunderbolt I see 2 IP's visible. I'm using the IP connected to the TPlink to fill in the field on the iPad app but unlike it does with a normal ID, the app seems like not to recognise it when you fill in an IP ..

    any support would be welcome :)



  • LumikLumik Posts: 1


    I have the same problem.

    I'm trying to connect an Ipad and a Mac Bookpro with the wifi from the mac, without a router. I managed to create the acces point on the mac, I connect the Ipad, but after, I doesn't have the sign of the wifiin the left high cornerand in the app, I set the Ip adress from the mac, but can't connect.

    Thanks for the support.

  • MarcusLMarcusL Posts: 1

    This does not work. Tried it on both the Mac and Windows versions of the desktop app.

    If I set the pc to create a network the ios app simply will not connect. If I connect both the pc and the ipad to my iphone network it works, but the phone then shares it´s internet connection.

    Seems like the ios app simply will not accept the IP adress from the pc. Could it be that the pc has more than one IP adress?

  • Same here.  The iPAD client refuses to budge and connect to the server if the iPAD's wi-fi is not connected to the internet.   Specificcialy, The "Remote Control>" link on the TeamViewer screen is dead.

    I suspect it's insisting of seeing an internet connection.  Conversely, the client running on my andriod phone can reach the server over the LAN without internet connection.

    Please fix this!  We also need this for our Church which does not have internet services.

    Thank you.

  • MrwolffMrwolff Posts: 2

    Yup! This is happening to eveyrone Teamviewer needs to fix this ASAP 

  • thmsmltthmsmlt Posts: 3

    Same issue here. The app freezes without an internet connection.

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