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GPO redeploy does not update password

I am able to push out our custom host msi file to PC's in our corporate environment and the installation works as intended. When trying to update the install by issuing a 'redeploy' via AD along with the newly update Registry_Settings.reg file (that contains an updated host password) the old password is never changed or overwritten with the newly created password. I can uninstall the host msi installation completely, delete all of the registry entries associated with the host install, then reinstall and the original password is still being utilized.

There has to be a file on the PC's that is not being updated, overwritten or deleted that contains the original password. Has anyone else run into this before? Is there a set path to the password file so I can delete it with admin rights then recreate it?



  • logoreg
    logoreg Posts: 2

    I have problem as bmw you.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi 8-Bit,

    Thnaks for posting!

    The reg file needs to be called "TeamViewer_Settings". This is very important as the system uses a smart naming system to fin the reg file.

    Secondly, when exporting the reg, be sure to select "set as default".

    I hope this helps!


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