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Android - Hide onscreen keyboard

Connecting with an Android Samsung S3 tablet to my Mac Pro.  Both running v13 (Android has 13.0.7991 CL).  Not able to hide the onscreen keyboard which takes up half the real-estate.  (Connecting a bluetooth keyboard gets rid of it).Pesky on-screen keyboard will not go away.Pesky on-screen keyboard will not go away.




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  • This does not work on Android 9 Pixel XL 3. As the back button is not visible.

    Found that swiping up from bottom of screen brings the back button back. However TeamViewer does not reliably detect when you need to type so it's a constant game of swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring the bottom TeamViewer tool bar back to show the onscreen keyboard button. I really think team viewer need to review and develop the way this works. It's not right or productive.
  • Byte
    Byte Posts: 1

    I experience this issue, too. 

    I have a OnePlus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, both with Android 9. The Samsung is behaving as expected, while the OnePlus has the keyboard cover the lower half of the transmitted screen and has the toolbar at the bottom with the phone's navigation buttons disappearing. 

    By switching the app back and forth, or swiping up, I get the buttons back. Then I am able to hide the keyboard to see the lower half of the transmitted screen. 

    Both phones are set up to use on screen navigation buttons, and use swiftkey as keyboard. The issue doesn't seem to be linked to type of navigation (gestures or soft buttons) or the selected keyboard, and is also independent of the device it is connected to..

    This issue is present at least for the past year, and even now with the reworked app toolbar in version 15.0.13, it seems to persist.

    I am more than willing to troubleshoot or assist in finally fixing this, as clearly this issue is not just due to OnePlus being "exoctic".

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