Commercial use - Connection time out



  • JackHK
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    yes... so frustrated right now. I really hope Teamviewer will really react on our form submitted.. but seems they never do?!
  • JackHK
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    Hello guys,

    May I check if there is anyone who really got Teamviewer to remove the " commercial usage" tab? If yes, how long will it take? 

  • stevep
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    It took about 1 month. I still get a nag screen that says they think I'm a commercial user when I open it, but then I get full use of the product. Their rep assures me that I'm registered for personal use. It's been working for 3 months without further problems.
  • OldSurferDude
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    Teamviewer is working for me again.  From the time I sent in the pledge that I was a non-commercial user to the time it was working again was about 3-4 months.

    These are the facts that I know.  After I was cut off, there was quite a surge of people reporting as you have.  Then suddenly, the number of messages dropped significantly at the same time TV was working again.  

    Remember, you are of no benefit to TV unless you report real issues.  Hopefully TV realises this and will allow more conscientious non-commercial users.

  • stevep
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    If you are getting this nag screen, then TV should work OK once you're past it. I didn't realize that at first, and thought I was still locked out (This is from V13)

    New nag screenNew nag screen


  • stevep
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    I think there is a real benefit to TV from free use - a 'herd' effect, like herd immunity. TV is an expensive product, and will have a limited base of paid users. By having a large pool of free users, they can raise awareness of their product at little cost to themselves. TV is, after all, an excellent product, and with a large free client base, they get talked about and recommended in a wide array of online forums and review sites, something they wouldn't achieve as a specialized product with a limited, albeit well-heeled, client base.
    We do have value!
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    Hi All, so I use TeamViewer at home, strictly to access my media server so that I dont need to have 2 monitors/mouse/keyboard on my desk.  Last summer, my account was flagged as a commercial user. I went through all the steps, it took almost 4 months, ending with me sending in a signed afidavit swearinfg that this was for personal use.  It worked for 3 months, now, I go to use it today, and it is again flagged.  Help???




  • JackHK
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    Hi friends,

    Will there be a notification to inform you that your account was unlocked ? I've submitted the ticket last week but no any response so far :-(

  • splow
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    No notification in my experience - it just suddenly works. 

    However, it is very clear TV has no interest in supporting personal use ... take a hint, find an alternative. 

  • JackHK
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    Agreed, it sounds like they are blocking the users to use it and making tricks to  block the users. That's sad. 

  • Jim267
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    I’ve been using TV for about 10 yrs on 5 personal computers and 1 laptop. Recently laptop was blocked (determined to used for commercial use) I’m retired and only use this device to help spouse and mom with their computer issues. How do I get laptop reinstated as non-commercial.
  • JackHK
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    Fill in this form and wait!

    I am one in this queue as well... the other users said needs to wait 3-4 months! Good luck!

  • Dear reader(s),

    Since 2 days I experience connection issues to my computers at home. Connections times-out after about 30 seconds and reconnecting is not possible due to restrictions. 

    When I try to connect to another computer, a message pops up with the message: (translated) "Teamviewer is used commercial by you or your connected partner. Your session will end in a few minutes. The free version of Teamviewer is for personal use only"

    I only use the application for private use and exclusively with my own desktops (desktops, media pc's and homeserver). I never used this for commercial matters and i am pretty supprised by this message as I use Teamviewer for this purpose for a long time now.

    The only thing I can imagine is that I connected a few times from outside the country. My partner is living in Qatar. I lived in Qatar for a few months and connected frequently to my server for updates and tranfering documents and files. I assume this is allowed and still 'personal use', but I maybe this caused the 'license issue'?

    Is there somebody who can help me with this matter. As I do not have any license, I cannot submit a ticket. Looking forward to a reply. As I am using my homeserver exclusively remotely (no monitor or keyboard attached) this is pretty inconvinient.

  • Since I have purchased a Reconditionned Dell Computer from [The URL link has been removed per the community guideline.] I keep getting warning that I am using Teamviewer as a commercial use ! 
    For many years now I only use TeamViewer to connect to my summer house to view My IP cam there and I also use it to help my family members and close friend with their computer problem, 
    Todaay it is worst, i get this message  and Within one minute I get disconected from my Summer home computerImage 2.jpg
    I Would like any help I can get to get rid of this problem 
    Thasnks to anyone that can point  me in the right direction 

  • Just use TeamViewer v9.
  • I am using Team Viewer for personal use.
    However, there are restrictions on access for commercial use.

    I am so innocent.
    I have never used it for commercial purposes.

    Please remove the time limit for using the Team Viewer.

    I pledge not to use it for commercial purposes.

    Please let us know your email address.

    hava a nice day!


  • JackHK
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    Please fill in this form and wait for 3-4 months. I am queueing as well. :-)**Please do not post ...

    Good luck!

  • Rings
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    Waiting 3-4 months is a joke my friend :)

  • JackHK
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    Hope you will hear the updates "within" 3-4 months. I am one of the one waiting , mate!

  • ingrae
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    There is 5 minute limit for my connection to my home computer. I dont use it for a commercial use. I was connecting to my computer at home. Please help me to improve it that program takes me to use my computer without limit.
    Thanks in advance
  • i'm facing the same issue with the latest version Teamviewer 14 on my laptop, iphone, tablet and another PC.

    there's nothing to do with business use! y is it that teamviewer nowadays causing this issue???

  • 2fools
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    Or install version 9 and turn off auto updating - solves the issue

  • JackHK
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    Great solution! Let me try~
  • I too am having this problem . For personal use and it will disconnect after only 1 minute. Them tell distant end they cannot reconnect in 10 minutes. Wait the 10 Minutes and retry, then gets disconnected after 1 minute. Makes it incapable of completing anything 

  • liegt an kommerzieller nutzung

  • Warum werde ich immer verwiesen???

    Ich habe ausversehen Teamvieewer beim update auf version 14 mit testlizenz aktiviert bin aber privat nutzer!

    Per Formular hatteniich bereits mehrfach ohne antwort angefragt!

    Bitte stellt mich endlich auf PRIVAT NICHTKOMERZIELL UM!!

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    Hallo @Martin02 , 

    vielen Dank für deinen Post und herzlich willkommen auf der deutschsprachigen Community. 

    Wir haben deine Anfragen (vielen Dank für die weiteren Daten in der privaten Nachricht) erhalten und werden uns schnellstmöglich darum kümmern. Hab bitte Verständnis dafür, dass aufgrund des erhöhten Aufkommens, die Bearbeitung aktuell etwas mehr Zeit in Anspruch nehmen kann. 

    Komm bei weiteren Fragen gerne erneut auf uns zu. Smiley (fröhlich)

    Alles Gute und viele Grüße

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  • I have this issue too. I filled in a form and included a log. After about a week I received a reply to say I had been switched to personal. Nothing changed I am still unable to connect to our other family laptops and I can't support my family back in the UK anymore. I wrote back to report the problem had not been fixed but received no answer.

    Why this sudden change? Why no information about why commercial usage might have been falsely be detected? If you're going to accuse someone of something it's only reasonable to provide a reason for the accusation!!

    I filled in the form again including the IDs of all our laptops but again I have received no reply.

    I've been using TeamViewer to support my family for years with no issues. Now I can't even connect to install an alternative on their PCs.