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Quick support for TeamViewer 12

I have a Business License for TeamViewer 12, but when I direct a new customer to download QuickSupport so I can help them it gives an error that it is incompatible with TV12. What link do I need to use to provide Quick Support that is TV12 compatible?



  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 245 Former Staff

    Hi @powerserve,

    Thanks for your post!

    You can create your own custom Version 12 Quick Support from your account in the Management Console to ensure your end user will always install version 12.

    To do so, please check out the following link:

    Hint**You can disregard the first section about "assigning the case to another supporter" as your license is a single user license. All other steps apply.



  • Hi,

    I seem to be having a problem similar to the one described above, but I don't find the solution in the link posted by Jonathan.
    I have TV 12 corporate and when the client downloads the QS, it gets the 13 version instead.
    In addition, when I am in the browser area and try to start a session, I get redirected to TV14 and have no ohter choice...

    Another problem appears if the client already has another version of TV and I have 12. What to do?? We paid good money for 12 corporate :)

    Please help!

    Thank you,

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