Commercial use - Connection time out



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    Yes !!!! one minute and also less ....... 30 seconds !!
    it's incredible !!! It's not a good thing at all !!!
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    Hi there, 

    Thank you all for your posts. 

    Can you please tell us the exact wording of the message you receive in this context? You are welcome to post a screenshot of the message. Please make sure that there are not displayed any TeamViewer IDs, passwords or email addresses.

    Which version is installed on the remote side? 

    Looking forward to your answer. 

    All the best, 

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  • I had a problem while I was transmitting my pc to a friend of mine via teamviewer and in the meantime I received the message from Ban because I used the account for commercial purposes when it is not true

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    It varies. It says something like "It seems are using Teamviewer for commercial purposes" and then "You have been disconnected due to using Teamviewer for too long" 30 seconds too long when connecting only and almost always exclusively to the same computer at my home in another country to help my Dad use his computer?
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    I'm sure it does but it's not very smart
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    Hallo Natascha,

    mein Problem ließ sich tatsächlich beheben, wenn beide Seiten mit der aktuellen Version 14 arbeiten. Bisher habe ich das nicht so genau genommen, da es nie Probleme damit gab.
    Damit es verläßlich funktioniert, musste ich meine Installation komplett entfernen und durch eine frisch heruntergeladene Neuinstallation ersetzen. Denn ich bekam beim Start eine Meldung in Englisch, dass ich auf die neueste Version wechseln muss.  Bin ich aber auf Update gegangen, hat er mir auf Deutsch bestätigt, mit der aktuellsten Version zu arbeiten. Dieses Verhalten ist seit der sauberen Neuinstallation weg.

    Bei meinem Freund (Version 10) und meinem Vater (Version ca. 12) habe ich jeweils die aktuelle Quick-Support Version heruntergeladen und seitdem hat die Verbindung länger als 5min gehalten.

    Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung,

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    hello, teamviewer detects a commercial use while it's wrong how to do? thank you

  • Did it fix itself or how did it get fixed?

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    Hallo @Tommyfare 

    könntest du, wie @PraO, bitte einmal versuchen, TeamViewer auf beiden Seiten komplett mit allen Einstellungen zu deinstallieren? 

    Installiere ihn anschließend erneut und teste es bitte noch einmal. 

    Ich hoffe sehr, dass das hilf und freue mich auf deine Rückmeldung dazu. 

    Viele Grüße

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  • Good day;

    Although after claiming for the commercial use of the product, you have answered me
    "After reviewing your application, we decided that your use case can be described as" personal "
    I still have the same problems of not being able to connect with my equipment.
    Do I have to do some other procedure for TeamViewer to return to its private use situation?

    Thanks and best regards

  • Did it ever get reset properly? I'm still waiting.

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    Today nothing change. still limited 1min max

  • And there's no technical support or contact for free users to follow up. So I guess we just have the one minute free version that just keeps telling us commercial use detected even though we've also been told it isn't.

  • OldSurferDude
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    I suspect you may have to send in a form for each and every computer to which you connect, not just the client (or is it "server" using client-server terminology?)

    I think if you send the form everyday, for each computer, from each computer, for three months you may hear something.

    Or not.

    I suspect that Teamviewer has dedicated one person, one hour per month, to review cases such as ours.

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    I am not using this professionally but I am blocked to use it.

    Really bad :( will not use it again.

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    @OldSurferDude : yes, I think you're right, I filled in the form for all my IDs, the problem is that when they answer back, they don't tell you which one has been reset to free. Thus I've received an email like this, and another one to fill the declaration of personal use, but again no idea to which IDs they apply. Therefore, I consider the procedure to be completely useless, and it's just dust in our eyes...

  • Natascha
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    Hi @pv7721 

    You have to fill out a form for each ID... We are not able to reset more than one ID with only one form. 

    Thank you and all the best,

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    @Natascha : Yes, I understood that, what I point out is that when we receive back an answer from TV, we don't know to which ID it pertain...

  • I get same email some days ago, but I haven't tried it yet

  • pv7721
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    @AriannaMicrochi : have you filled the form only for the ID of your computer, or for all the IDs you connect to?

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    Hello (i'm sorry for my english). :) I use Teamviewer for personal use. (i connect my pc from pc of my wife for personal use, because she now live  in another Country. Its 2 Device. .

    Few weeks ago, Teamviewer was block my account for sospect use commercial.

    So, i send email for Teamviewer and explame my real situation. And  2 days ago i have this message in my email from Teamviewer: Dear TeamViewer User, Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”. So, today i open Teamviewer, but i have message that me or my wife use teamviewer for use commercial :/ Today i was send ticket for Teamiwer, i hope that will response more fast. Or Maybe some administrator che read my message. I will send my personal Id. Thank you so much. Have nice Day.


    I send another email for Support and i hope they will response more fast for me, or maybe here some administrator can read my situation, i can send my real id, in private message. 

    Thanks for support.

    Kind Regars.

  • fuxas100
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    I have also, this problem with my notebook.

  • Same problem here. "You've been using Teamviewer for too long" (or similarly worded) after less than 10 minutes of use (and a timeout before I can login again). This is not useful any more. I'll drive to my friend's home in the weekend and fix his problem then. In the meantime, I won't recommend Teamviewer to anyone any more.
  • Yes. A form with my ID. I have only one ID!

  • pv7721
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    @AriannaMicrochi : but what are you connecting to then?!?

  • I added my parents' computers to my account. I don't remember exactly why I did it a long time ago.
    Among my teamviewer contacts I see their computers, I click and I connect.

  • pv7721
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    @AriannaMicrochi : then you need to fill it again for the ID of your parents' computer.

  • Not only the form, I filled out the form and now they are asking me to fill out a weird paper with my name, address, and more, SIGNED, and to send it! This is ridiculous!!! And I will have to sign a paper for EACH of the IDs that I use?

    I'm not tolerating such waste of time only because TeamViewer believes that I make commercial use of it. I will just simply delete my account and start again like the first day. That day when I thought TeamViewer was great, I want to give it a last chance, or else I will switch to a different alternative, free or cheap, but that won't be annoying me with commercial use warnings.

    Thank you
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    @marcgalmes : as they do it one ID at a time, probably yes, you'll need to sign the form as many time as they ask it. It's so ridiculous they don't see how ridiculous it is...

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    It's nothing to do with business commercial use, its something TEAMVEIVER is doing.
    I use FREE Personal since 2012 & lately 2018 its been the same 5 minutes and cannot reconnect for 1 minute for me also, and they dont reply to tickets for any sort of free support, they dont care unless you pay for premium.