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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • WillDx
    WillDx Posts: 2

    Just fill form here
    I had same issuse with teamviewer for about 3-4 times on 4 years peroid. 

  • najim
    najim Posts: 1

    hi i need help


  • FormerUser
    FormerUser Posts: 1

    They're not offering any solutions to blocking you and I

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @FormerUser : as announced, TV 9 stopped working for me, I switched back to version 14 and at least for now it works; I noticed a difference on Android, though: each time I launch it it activates itself (so it's a bit slower at the beginning)

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8
    I already filed the form,multiple times !
    I get told between all my machines and my phone it's commercial... (and your reply was that it was reset to commercial! Yet it's still the same!)
  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Xandor : who exactly told you that?!? I too use phone to PC (but most of the time I'm in the same network, it's just a convenience to monitor it from another room).

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8
    @pv7721 I sent the form I was told to, and got the following back:
    Dear TeamViewer User,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”.

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    so it's ok for you or not yet? Have you restarted TV?

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8
    Mainly using it between my computers and my mobile, and it's not fixed on any of them.... even after multiple restarts.. the mail I received with it being reset was 1 1/2 week ago...
    Their whole new system is a farce and a joke and will do nothing but push away customers..
    (I use it at work as well, but other other accounts, I am closing those down now.. not gonna bother supporting team viewer with the **bleep** they are pulling.. )
  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Xandor : oh I see, I did the following: filled out the form for ALL the IDs I've been using (my PC, my mum's and brother's) because they say you have to do it like this; if you do it for only one ID, your account might get flagged again for the other IDs. I did receive only one reset to free (but they don't say for which one was) and I've also received a form to sign and send back. Eventually the warnings and flagging stopped, but I wonder what'll happen in version 15 (and by the way, the workaround to going back to version 9 and stay there without updating is no longer working, as they've deprecated this version, and you got automatically disconnected after 5 minutes).

  • Cjm1975
    Cjm1975 Posts: 2

    How do I submit this form?

    I am getting the exact same message about commercial use.

    When I try to contact Teamviewer it says you cannot unless you have a Licence.


  • Cjm1975
    Cjm1975 Posts: 2

    Thank you. I have submitted a ticket. I hope this works.

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Cjm1975 : You're welcome. Hope always dies last.

  • Viktor5
    Viktor5 Posts: 1

    Good afternoon. I use Teamviewer 12. on the computer. 2017 in my network 2 computers. I operate them by means of iPhone 7, IOS 12 of a pogramm Teamviewer. Two days ago 11.05.19, the program began to give an error message: suspicions of commercial use". 5 minutes, session time. How to correct this oshiba, suspicions? I do not use the program for commercial purposes????

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100

    "I'm expecting the next update to install a virus on the client machine, "HA THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR DARING TO USE THE FREE VERSION!""

    Haha, good one!

  • sintara
    sintara Posts: 5

    im having the same issue as the post i took the title from  didnt want to hijack there post so ill make my own i use teamviewer to help my mate with cancer do his game and sort emails and so on for him  now team viewer has said im using it for commercial perposes and im not  i only connect to his pc yes i do this daily  but seeing as i dont work im a full time carer for my sister i cant be using it  for work  now its blocking me from connecting to his pc for up to two hours at a time and then only loetting me coonnect for 5 mins at a time  this is starting to feel like a underhanded way to get people to pay for the program you OFFER FOR FREE   i hope im wrong in this and its just some kind of bug 

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8

    @pv7721 Well, i've had it with this **bleep** of theirs. To much back and forth, same with my work subscription user. Invoices don't come through, suddenly blocked account with the reson "Unknown Reason". And so on...

    I'm installing a VPN service on my home network to use that instead.. And for work, I'll see what I'll change us over to as TeamViewer has taken a turn for the horrible during the last year...

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Xandor : I definitely agree with you. Unfortunately, from all the alternatives I tried I couldn't find anything else that would stand against TV in terms of features, easiness of use etc.

    I publicly told it already, and to them as well, I wouldn't mind acquire a perpetual licence for personal use, maybe say less features (like file transfer, we can use a 3rd party to do file transfers), that wouldn't cost as much as the annual business licence, because in reality we really don't do any business or gain any revenue from using TV.

    Hey, if there's something you should fight against, TV, it's the scammers that use your product for scamming innocent people, taking over their computer and then ask for ransom money (the tech support scam)

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8

    They won't do anything against the scammers, they pay for liceses so they are customers and more worth than us others ^^ 

    And yea, less features i wouldnt care about either, i use it for remote controll of my machine or my tablet only to as a private user.

    When it comes to TV, i don't use it (thank god ^^ ).

    Only thing i use my TV for, is streaming (I disconnected the tv signal when we moved last year, havent looked back once). So all i do is done from the tablet in my living room, or my phone anyways towards that one.  

    But yea, not to many good once for TV right now unfortunatly.

    They all get to greedy and twist the commercial/non commercial licences and ruin it for those that don't abuse it.. :( 

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100

    @Xandor That's an interesting point. Every one here is complaining about being falsely accused of commercial use but you are the first to mention problems for licensed users. Could you expand on those problems please? Knowing them might help some users decide whether or not it's worth paying for the license.


  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100

    @User51973 Now that this problem has been going on for well over a year, you must have some statistics about your suspected commercial use campaign. Would you please share those statistics with us? How many blocked users turned out to actually be personal users? How many turned out to be commercial users that paid for a license? How many turned out to be commercial users that stopped using TV? How many didn't bother to fill out the form? This be be a great indication of whether you campaign has been successful or not. Maybe it would help you to fine tune your algorithm.

  • Funk
    Funk Posts: 9

    Yep, same here.  Non-commercial user whose account has been restricted and no response from Teamviewer as to a resolution.  If you're going to **bleep** up peoples' accounts then perhaps offer an expedient way to sort it out rather than free users being stuck with nowhere to turn?

  • driver111
    driver111 Posts: 3

    This is STILL happening!!!

    Can this be fixed?? Surely its not that hard..

  • WyldAnimal
    WyldAnimal Posts: 6

    I tried to fill out the Support Form.
    It said, we can no longer provide support to Free users, Please use our Community for Support.

    And Here, it says, the Community can not provide support you must fill out the form.

    So how to I get this issue addressed?

    The Software poped up, that it detected Commercial Use.
    now my session times out after 5 minutes.

    I'm Not Useing it for Commercial Use.
    Is there any way to get this reset?

  • JY1
    JY1 Posts: 1


    I 've been granted a free licence to use Teamviewer (personal use) and my app is still considering it as a trial and closing connection after few seconds. How to update de account information ?

    Thanks for your help;

    (please do not post personal information)

  • Ceyarrecks
    Ceyarrecks Posts: 3

    Only ONE MINUTE connections?!

    When supporting the elderly, one can NOT establish a fix/troubleshoot, in <1m.


    TeamViewer has become SO HUGE, that they choose to disrespect the more humble users, eh?

    One being limited by choice or situation to older (and in alot of cases, more reliable) OS and versions, one is limited, no PREVENTED, from using TeamViewer v7?

    OH! I get it,... TeamViewer does not care about the humble... only the infantile that stole the credit card from mommy that they are still living with to give TeamViewer money,.. huh?


    Then if this be verified, I will just go to another solution, and leave the greedy to gnaw the gullible.


  • Been there, done that (before I even got blocked!) - still waiting for a reply.

  • AzKat
    AzKat Posts: 1

    Commercial use detected again, last time this happened I had custommer support help me with this as I don't know what network triggers this as I'm more than 100% sure that I'm not using this for commercial use.

    The "feedback" button on the application stopped working (stuck on the "try again later" page after submitting ... for the past 3-5 days) so that's also a plus.

    I've read the "personal" part of the license and it applies entirely to my usage scenario, yet teamviewer still "detected" commercial use.

    So, now with literally no way to contact their support team do I have to just make new accounts?

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