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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • JackHK
    JackHK Posts: 86

    Agreed totally!


  • Grant837
    Grant837 Posts: 18

    Yeah, me too.  I also happily used TV for years, and nothing at my end change but they have pestered me away with the commercial use issue... mainly the fact they approved it, then cancelled it 3 times, with no way to have a reasonable dialog with them to understand on both side what was correct.  Thus, I am leaving because of horrible customer care (yes, I use it for free, but if they are not going to support free use then why offer it at all?)

  • krugern
    krugern Posts: 12
    I am also leaving TeamViewer now. When their support team does not know the difference between FOR work, and FROM work, and won't remove the "commercial use detected" false positive I'm outta here. I am also using a VPN on my phone and home network.

    They also claimed that we are not allowed to use our phone on the free version of TV, it's only for paid accounts. I find it hard to believe that it's possible to log in to the android app if my account are not eligible to use it.

    She also couldn't link me any terms proving her mobile rule.

    Also the pop-up says limited to 5 mons, yet cuts me off in 20 seconds.

    A "prosumer" subscription option would probably bring me back. But for now, it's a big fat good bye.
  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭
    I've noticed that on the Android version, each time it starts, it "activates" itself, but my understanding was that it was free.
  • Rick7
    Rick7 Posts: 1

    I am a regular T.V(Team Viewer) user , but only for home purposes.
    I have 3-4 laptops at home( on diff. floors) and I communicate with them regularly rather than climbing up or down the stairs ( ha ha ....I am lazy...and helping the kids out with their machines from one place is pretty okay)
    each time I start T.V, it 'thinks' I am using it commercially and warns me.
    No damage done, after the warning I can just go ahead and do my stuff.
    I also have my work PC ON (24 X 7) , and at times I use it to get reminders and stuff like that (No actual work, but just reminders, or interesting internet links that I browsed when @ work...heh heh)

    Issue is, I am NOT using it for commercial benefits at all !
    But T.V does not understand that and 'assumes' I am. so each time, I get presented a pop-up where the A.I thinks it's right.
    as stated, no damage done , I can go through and do all my stuff.
    Weird stuf now : But I am in Love with T.V (aaaaaarggh ... ;)) , I also remember having a chat with it's owner a long time ago when half of the planet did not know what T.V was.
    I used T.V at that time to converse with my parents and take care of their PC remotely . (Yes like am an obideient son ......ha ha)

    I had explained my 'Issue' to the owner then , I think it was 2003-2006 ..I could be wrong here, and the owner had explained, if its your parents you want to help, go ahead.

    anyway cut a long story short...T.V assumes I use T.V for commercial purposes, while I know I dont.
    I dont mind at all paying T.V for all the fun I have had all these years....but how do I repay them without going into complex licensing Issues, because I am NOT a commercial user of T.V.

    Weird stuf now :Neither am I a millionaire...just a Family man with a salary But I understand that T.V is not the Red Cross & neither the U.N (running completely on charity)

    I want to let T.V know I am an ardent Fan , want to pay for the Gratitude I owe them but do not want to get into complex licensing Issues because I use it only for Family purposes( while the AI thinks I am not)

    but that chat with the owner some 15 yrs. back ...when T.V was not what the T.V is today , who allowed a son to help his parents , has brought me here after all these years to vent it like it is(& the ever-pesky A.I !).
    I want to pay , but a token ammount to T.V .

    Main Question: so how do we go from here ?

    Would Love to hear from the real T.V guys here .( as I suppose contacting the 'owner' today is a Bridge too Far for me)

    * at the end of the day, Maybe I shouldn't be here at all !....or shall I keep my mouth shut and just carry on the way it is .

  • 7leagueboot
    7leagueboot Posts: 22

    @Closed account wrote:

    I'm surprised to hear anyone say they'd return if a reasonably priced package was offered for personal use after being treated like the dust beneath their feet.

    I'm happy with my new arrangement which is faster and easier to use.

    I agree 100%. If you have a happy base of free users, they will automatically recommend your product whenever the requirement for such a product comes up in conversation. Some will become free users whilst others may require commercial use. To attack your loyal free user base is to score an own goal!

    And, as I mentioned previously, instead of having an army of influencers spreading good news about your product, you now have masses of people dissing it. In the short term, the company won't feel much pain but given 6 months the chickens will come home to roost. The company should have used this opportunity to exercise damage control via repair of the damage done and a public apology. Instead, they chose to double down on the damage they were wreaking. The price for that will be dear.

  • 7leagueboot
    7leagueboot Posts: 22

    Here's something else to consider:
    A basic Google search will reveal that TV is the most popular app in its category which means it has more users than all its competitors. That also means that it has an enormous base of free users who are experiencing the same thing. Only a tiny fraction of them will take the time to register to use this forum and post anything.

    The majority will try the support route. Once they have received TV's typical FU response, they will end up extremely frustrated and move on to an alternative (the exact opposite of TV's desired upgrade to a paid license). Their anger will remain and all the happy memories of using TV when it worked as advertised will be converted into hatred with a longing for revenge.

    I wonder what the blogs and social media networks will look like in relation to TeamViewer over the coming months?

  • Yes, this is it. I have only ever used TeamViewer in the past to access my friends' computers, as it is a simple and secure way to see and be able to interact with their screens. I'm going to have to find something better, which is a shame. It's only recently that I started using it regularly to access my own computer, as I found it the simplest way to access my Linux desktop remotely.

    Now I'll be moving to something like X2Go and back to using RDP for my Windows systems. The convenience of using one piece of software doesn't matter when they block you for using it completely within their free license's terms. The customer support is also appalling. It has been days, and no progress, or even an email confirmation that my message was sent.

    Furthermore, the lack of dialog from a large company to its users is shocking. Many companies understand that free users help them and hence deserve support. There is no way TeamViewer would be the most popular app without the free users backing it.

    I'm very pleased to find this topic too. Finding so many pages of people angry at this awful system makes me feel much better.

    Rant over. Bye TV.

    (Sorry if this was supposed to be a new topic instead of a reply. I was too angry to try and understand the forum...)

  • SVervik
    SVervik Posts: 1
    It's annual price, but is called monthly free REMEMBER! ;) Like many, I have been the promoter of this program, now it is time to start recommending something else.
  • I have had a free license for teamviewer for years. I use it mostly to monitor my own computers, located at different places in my own home and sometimes when I am not at home for a longer duration. Only now and then I use it to help a member of my family or a friend strictly non commercial, I never get any money or otherwise for it. 

    Why do I suddenly get time-outs and orders to buy a licence?

  • whybother
    whybother Posts: 2

    Business use warning and Im using it on 2 laptops connected on my home network and disconnected from the internet  as a test.

    then I spend 5 minutes trying to make an account to vent  here with all the dumb captcha stuff 

    I see 57 pages of the exact same complaint 

    Free = frustration and time wasted.

  • splow
    splow Posts: 6

    I wonder if someone can connect a thread on some non-TV forum (such as reddit) to this thread that lists alternatives and experiences others have with alternatives? It has been surprisingly difficult to find a reasonably priced alternative that does the main selling point of TV - i.e. no port forwarding stuff and what not needed. I have found one, but we are not allowed to name competitors in TV's forums. 

  • terrorfall
    terrorfall Posts: 3

    Hi all,

    I fired up TeamViewer this morning to apply some upgrades to my Ubuntu Plex server, and I received a notification stating that TeamViewer had identified me as a business user and that my connection would be terminated after 5 minutes. Further to this, after disconnecting and trying to reconnect, I was blocked from reconnecting for 10 minutes.

    I am absolutely a personal user of this service, how do I go about ensuring this doesn't happen in the future?


  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8

    So, i just got the following mail from them after trying to contact them (remember, i already got a mail reply to my form request for resetting to free, telling me:

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”.

    This is the mail i just received..

    Dear User ,
    Thank you for your email.

    In this case TeamViewer has detected commercial use, to continue using TeamViewer you would have to acquire a TeamViewer License.
    Which license would you be interested in obtaining? The Business, Premium or Corporate? As currently I can offer you a license for a discounted price.

    I have a separate Business/corporate account that i use for work related connections, and i never mix and match them. But for my private usage, i got a free account. Guess it's time to cancle my subscription work account and find something else that we can use for remoting our clients.

  • krugern
    krugern Posts: 12

    Welcome to the club. They are massively pushing free users to paid membership with **bleep** fake commercial use claims.

  • terrorfall
    terrorfall Posts: 3

    Just came across this massive thread after posting mine. I've just switched to **Third Party Product** (how dare TV censor competitor titles when their software is fundamentally flawed) and uninstalled TV

  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8

    @krugern wrote:

    Welcome to the club. They are massively pushing free users to paid membership with **bleep** fake commercial use claims.

    And instead, i'll be removing my paid subscription.. 

    Guess that didn't go as they planned ^^

    Temporary solution for me until i find something usefull: I setup a server with OpenVPN at home, that i connect to, and use RDP/NoMachine to remove all machines i have access to (even added my parrents machine to my vpn to be able to control them).

  • krugern
    krugern Posts: 12

    I'm testing [removed per Community Guidelines] Do the math and get the name :D

  • terrorfall
    terrorfall Posts: 3
    Just came across this massive thread after posting mine. I've just switched to **Third Party Product** (how dare TV censor competitor titles when their software is fundamentally flawed) and uninstalled TV

    My replies are being edited manually to ensure that third-party app names are removed, even when concealed. TeamViewer, maybe you should be more focused on fixing this issue, instead of this futile damage limitation that you're trying to do on your forums. 


  • Xandor
    Xandor Posts: 8

    My replies are being edited manually to ensure that third-party app names are removed, even when concealed. TeamViewer, maybe you should be more focused on fixing this issue, instead of this futile damage limitation that you're trying to do on your forums. 


    Actually, everyone that is following the thread can see the correct name until they edit it (and even see who edits it at their end to remove it).

    Most of the time it's "JoshP (Senior Moderator)" That edits the posts and removes stuff from them. ^^ 

  • 7leagueboot
    7leagueboot Posts: 22

    @terrorfall wrote:
    Just came across this massive thread after posting mine. I've just switched to **Third Party Product** (how dare TV censor competitor titles when their software is fundamentally flawed) and uninstalled TV

    My replies are being edited manually to ensure that third-party app names are removed, even when concealed. TeamViewer, maybe you should be more focused on fixing this issue, instead of this futile damage limitation that you're trying to do on your forums. 


    With all due respect terrorfall, damage limitation is when a company comes up with a solution to keep its customers happy, thereby limiting the amount of damage done by the error in the company's policy. What is happening here has nothing to do with damage limitation.

    There are literally 100's of angry free users posting about this ridiculous commercial use accusation. Natascha, the moderator, is manually editing all posts that contain names of competing products. That's normal when one considers this is TeamViewer's forum. However, it also tells a story in that Natascha's actions show the company is well aware of the posts being made about this matter and the company has taken the decision to stick to their new policy regardless of the damage it does (and it is doing plenty!).

    If the goal was to unload all free users, it could have been achieved by providing 30 to 90 days notice that the personal use option will no longer be available. Then all free users would understand that they either buy a license or uninstall and move to a competitor's product.

    The problem with the action being taken is that by falsely accusing personal users as not respecting the terms of the personal use license, it turns a happy user into an angry ex-user because basically the company is labeling all its personal users as 'liars'.

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 103 ✭✭


    You are guilty until proven innocent and then still guilty even after proven innocent.

  • Billaboard
    Billaboard Posts: 2

    I am an elderly private user trying to support just one 86 year old and his family using Teamviewer. They have 4 computers, so I can understand why it looks as though I am using the program commercially. When I submit the non-commercial use form I just get sent to an error page saying to contact support staff. I cannot find how to do this.

    I did see another message from 2018 with the same problem, but that didn't help.

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 103 ✭✭

    Just now I was asked to do a survey on this TV forum. Among other thins they asked if based on my visit to the forum if I would recommend TV to someone and I answered zero chance. I did say I got what I came to get and then explained ... "I came to enjoy the turmoil caused by TV falsely accusing personal users of business use. Very entertaining."

  • rejin19
    rejin19 Posts: 1

    Dear Concerned,

    My ID has been blocked and says I m using it as commercial usage.

    Please note that this statement is incorrect as I m using this free version to help my relatives in my free time after that too after my working hours.Also at the same time I m doing this as a free service to them.

    So kindly request you to lift this ban as quick as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    Rejin Ranjit 

    [email address removed]

  • candtalan
    candtalan Posts: 2

    I have the same problem, similar circumstances I am in my 70s myself anyway... I routinely use a vpn I wonder of that makes a difference, the several people I help are perpetual novices and it is no way commercial. Say - where did you find a non commercial application form please?  I had a problem just now for the first time, and had to find an alternative **Third Party Product** but I would prefer to use Teamviewer it has been reliable and I appreciate it. any comments would be most appreciated - tia



  • Billaboard
    Billaboard Posts: 2

    I must have been sent this address for the form "**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**-**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**"

    But I filled it in and it just went to an error page which seemed useless.

    I'm like others here - I was using TV free to support just one elderly family, and I'm in my upper 70's myself.  I also occasionally help commercial companies with personal IT support, but have never used TV for that. I am now much less likely to recommend it to them.

    Incidentally, I also hate this Lithium forum software. Adobe use, or used, that and it drew a lot of negative criticism there.

  • Mairu
    Mairu Posts: 11

    I get it sometimes too. I use it for all of my family, all of whom are in their 70s, a few friends, and use it on my own PCs and mobile phone(s), because I'm a closet nerd and their "tech guy"... NOT  because I'm a commercial entity!

    I've used TeamViewer since something like version 6, but looking elsewhere now. In fact, I've  just  downloaded **Third Party Product** in the last few minutes!

  • Me too.  This is the second time TeamViewer has thought I'm using it commercially.  This time I''m on my daugthers tablet on a mobile  phone connection trying to connect to  my own laptop in my own home!!

    Or is it that TeamViewer now just wants to get rid of it's early supporters....

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 2

    After 4 years i got it to. Only conect to my home PC.....

    If you find any good replacment plz let me know.