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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    does not work i did thay about 2 months ago no response then after 1 months again still no response looking a bit at this treat you see that almost evry one who fills it out dosnt get to hear anything and are stuck for months with the problem untill they just use alternatives

  • suptomsuptom Posts: 1

    I use Team Viewer for education. Why do I have a message?
    Your license has a maximum session duration.

    In a non-commercial version, it should not appear.

  • Hi,

    I have filled in the webform requesting resetting to home use three times now and made one call to support. Apparently these are meant to be sorted in a week. The first request was over a month ago and I haven't heard anything back. The agent said there was no record of anything being sent.

    Can somebody confirm whether TV sends an email acknowledging receipt of a request to reset an account to home use?




  • erezyafeeerezyafee Posts: 1

    Everyone who really non-commercial, use the link above.

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    You have to fill out a form and send it to teamviewer but for some reason they do not seem to care about personal users anymore by just not responding to them for months

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    I strongly advise you not to move to the paid version. These guys are not to be trusted with your money. I moved to a paid subscription 12 months ago when they did this to me even though I was a provate used. They snuck in a condition buried at the bottom of the invoice that it would be automatically renewedk unless I gave 28 days notice. I had stopped using the product but suddenly found an increased subscription fee taken out of my bank account a year later even though I had not given specific permission for this to occur. When I approached them about this, they basically told me to get lost. Even when I tried to get them to not renew for next year it was a big problem.

    TeamViewer is like Hotel California - once you sign up you can never leave.

    If you are just using it for meetings there are other free products. I moved to one a while ago and also had fewer connection problems with it. 


  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    It is intended to get you to move to the paid version. Don't do it. I did and then got tricked into renewing because of their onerous and concealled renewal practices. They took my money even though I was no longer using the product and refused to refund. 

  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Ant1 : it's not even that, but the price is adapted for a company, but not for a private user. I've said it before and I say it again: I have no problem paying to use TV even if it's for my personal use, as I've done for several other software which gave me a perpetual license for a fair price. I've become the advocate for these and I support them and recommend them every chance I've got.

  • da9el84da9el84 Posts: 6

    I can get behind that. But the price they are asking for a license, just for private use, is ridiculous. Ask 10USD for a license for private use and set some limits (Max 20 different connection IDs per month or something like that).
    I would pay that, and I am pretty sure a lot of other people would too...

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    Yep. It is very expensive for a private user. I was using it for a couple of times a week and it cost me nearly as much as my Microsoft Office subscription.

    My view is that they are free to charge what they like and users are free to reject it. What upset me is the way that people are coreced into using it in the first place as they are given no warning that the private use version will no longer work and may not have time to find an alternative so just pay.

    Then once you are in they don't tell you that they will keep taking money out of your account in the e-mail that you send - that is hidden at the bottom of the invoice which many people won't open and if they do they may not see. This strategy is obviously designed to extract money from unsuspecting customers for no service. and is deeply unethical. I hope you won't continue to support a company that behaves in this way.

    As for me, I accept my money is gone and that there is little that I can do about getting it back. However, I am retired and have lots of time on my hands so I can take the time to warn others of their behaviour.  

  • da9el84da9el84 Posts: 6

    Where I come from, you could contact your bank and say you didn't authorize another payment and have them dispute the claim. I would do that if I were you and if it's possible where you are from :)

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    But if they charged USD10 for 20 connections per month and they wouldn't have been able to **bleep** me for about a hundred times that figure as I would have been within the limit

  • da9el84da9el84 Posts: 6

    Yeah I know. But if they did that, the would have a happy customer, who would recommend their software to others as price/functionality is superior to all other alternatives.


    Come on teamviewer, give the people what they want :D

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    Yeah. I am considering doing that but it is difficult because the bank account is in Australia and I am living in China (of course they charged me the Australian rate because it is twice as high as in China). It also seems clear that TeamViewer set this up as a deliberate strategy to extract money that they are not morally entitled to and have covered their bases legally in the fine print. 

    Actually, I think I will need to cancel my credit card and get a new one to stop them taking more money next year. I have already asked them to not renew five times and they still have not provided a clear e-mail saying they will not take money again next year. 

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    Absolutely right. However, my experience implies the only thing that TeamViewer cares about is extracting money from people and they have no qualms about behaving unethically.


  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Ant1 : one must not forget that after all TV is nothing but a company, not a benefactor, and they answer only to their shareholder who want money in return for their investment. And of course you would ask any company that would you want to behave unethically, 100% of them would reply, via their PR, "No, of course not!" And in reality, as your example showed, it was borderline ethic (to use an euphemism).

    What I don't understand about your use case: you said you use TV for a meeting, but normally there are quite a few products out there that are not direct TV competitor which do just that: audio and video meeting, even with screen sharing. Why didn't you use one of that, most of them are free of charge, no nagging whatsoever.

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    The reason that I don't use another product was because I was originally using the free version of TeamViewer and then 10 minutes before a critical meeting when I tried to start TeamViewer it cut me off without notice saying I had to upgrade to the paid version to continue.

    The meeting was really important and I didn't know of any other software so I just paid so I could attend the meeting. I am regretting that decision now.

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    with a credit card you shut be protected against those things. with a credit card you can force it to cancel to take money

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Please fill in the form and wait! Good luck!

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Totally agreed!

  • QT-ProQT-Pro Posts: 6

    @da9el84 wrote:

    as price/functionality is superior to all other alternatives.

    You obviously have not looked at all the alternatives. The one that most people who were victims of TeamViewer's false commercial use accusations have gone to has all the functions of TV, is still free for personal use, and is actually easier to use.

    I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but I'm pleased to say that is has not dropped a connection so far and performance is good even in full screen mode.

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    i am curius in how many people have this problen and who gets help and who does not i made a poll for this


  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    Hello I have noticed a ton of people have a problem with the "commercial use suspection error" and are not receiving any help what so ever (including myself) even after filling out the form where you explain the problem but you do not receive any reaction if they agree or not.

    This poll includes the following questions

    Yes Commercial Use Suspected! And no help was given
    No "Commercial Use Suspected!" error
    Yes Commercial Use Suspected! And help was given

    Maybe we can get Teamviewers attention this way and I hope they will see they are destroying the personal user base
    Don't get me wrong I love teamviewer I use it a lot for personal use but now I am stuck getting kicked out after 1min and have to way 15min so totally unusable

  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Kylian01 : I went to see your poll, but I'm afraid I didn't quite catch it, what is it that you want to know with it?

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32
    I made a new podt in the generel section here that will explain it
  • da9el84da9el84 Posts: 6

    If you are talking about **Third Party Product**, then I dont agree. Haven't had great results, unstable, sluggish and fullscreen doesn't work in a virtual machine apparently.

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32
    Still better then geting kicked out after 1min and need ti wait 15 to conect for 1min again
  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    well if you ask our big friend (brother?) you may find how to maybe alleviate your issue, I think it might be even shown in a YouTube video

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    there is a big problem with those called solution.

    By chaning your MAC aderes you also change the teamviewer ID in my case i can not do this becouse it would mean i have to re add all my personal computters friens PC servers ETC

    i have some personal servers with a cople of VMs i use to mess around with and there is no way i can change all those mac aderesses

  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    I just said it had the merit to exist, I haven't used it myself (as I've said it before, for a while I tried the workaround of using version 9, but it started receiving warnings there as well, then it has got obsoleted).

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