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    I am getting the same error using the Google Extention. If I close the google tab for Teamviewer and type it in and start all over, I get connected again for about 5 minutes. When you are trying to help an 86 year old use a computer, that is not enough time. I need this for my elderly parents who still use a computer but very badly. 


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    Futile?  What makes you say that?  I mean this thread is only 3000 posts long... ;-)

    But seriously, I think it's about the priciple of it all, that a company starts out sounding like a good member of the community only to take its candy away and leave us in a dark hole with no reasonable way out...

    I too do wish there was a good way to up the pressure on Teamviewer to improve their story, and interest in their free users..... I personally do not have the right social meda following to do so...

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    @Grant837 : because nothing happens besides promptly censuring any competitor mention. If they were to put such an effort in fixing once and for all this issue, we wouldn't be discussing TV alternatives, correct?

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    Just curious, was there something about your private meetings that might have led TV to think your use was commerical? 

    Some people are getting blocked because the use Windows server software, even if not in a commercial environment. Some are getting blocked because their email address is a company address but that doesn't mean their home use of TV is commercial. I think I even read that even use by a charity is considered commercial.

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    @bazbsg : and some are blocked because they're connecting over the Internet (so remote help), or if they open two or more simultaneous connexions, or if they use it for file transfer... pretty much random IMHO 

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    TeamViewer is showing me i'm on commercial use but i'm only private - what should i do ?

    I've been usin TV for years and nothing .. I don't have a clue what have changed....

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    Sent mail from the form about this issue and nothing. Even I didn't receive a quote from the from when I have checked this option.

  • JackHK
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    Understood. Find an alternative, it will take long to fix it. 

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    What I observed is TV will block your account once you use it for 3-4 hours per day within a week, they will say you are commercially using and will block your account.

    So, if you don't want them to block your account, you better use <1 hour per day and less than 3 times per week. 

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    @JackHK : is the limit so low?!? I've been using it much longer lately... 

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    Same here. Using TV about once a month just to help my old man, or connect to my android. However, a few weeks ago the free version has rendered useless for me as I get this annoying pop-up that commercial use was detected. This is 100% wrong. I don't own a business and connet to only a few machines.

    Please let someone find out whats going on. The current algorythm for detection of commercial use will cost your company a lot of potential customers I think. 

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    It's just a big money-grab by greedy Teamviewer.

    We use it commercially and pay $4k/year for our licensing.  We have some clients who would like to use it privately, but even with the precedent that we pay a lot of money to TV, they fail to grant access.

    There is no complex "algorithm" behind it...they planned this from the beginning:  very loose restrictions, allow everyone to use for free.  Once millions of people are using it and rely on it, then popup "commercial use" on everyone's screen.  Some of those people will bite and buy licenses, others will fill out the form, others will give up and use something else.

    In general, I would be ok with this practice as it's quite smart (and done by lots of other tech co's as well), but TV puts none of that extra revenue into their product or support for paying customers.  TV14 is basically the same junkware as TV4 - with many of the same bugs - and support can take days to get a response, usually by someone who knows nothing technically.

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    Fed up with this, a company I do work for pays thousands for this and is used on my works laptop, I have it on my home one to control my home network and yet again this warning is back after helping a mate online, I have filled in the form a month ago and it went away after a few days (no reply) then came back a few days after. I fill in the online form and it is ignored, wth?

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    Just noticed something interesting: I've just closed a TV connection and saw an ad for a promotion as they do from time to time. This time it said 20%. I clicked the Buy now and ended on a page where I say a new offer, something that I've never seen before: a TV Remote 3 end points for les than 10 euros / month (without vat) which gets to 145 euros with vat / year.

    I'm wondering if this isn't what they would like to push us to eventually purchase.

  • I use TeamViewer my iPad to control my personal Windows 10 PC remotely, but in the end of April my account was blocked due to "commercial usage" (i don't really use TeamViewer for any commercial purposes) and now i just can't use remote control!

    I applied the "commercial usage suspected" form but i didn't get a reply yet (after a month of waiting)! What should i do to resolve the problem as quick as possible? I'm so tired of this stupid 5 minutes limit! It looks like TeamViewer is absolutely not interested in supporting free users.

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    I keep getting, "Your Teamviewer session has timed out and will be closed" after a short period of time. I have been using TeamViewer for a good number of years and have always recommended it. However, I recently had to format and reinstall windows, therefore TeamViewer with it. Now I seem to be unable to use TeamViewer practically. I use it to connect to my pc via my mobile, typically when I'm feeling lazy, playing a game away from the computer or just don't want to be by my computer to have to do a simple task. I usually use it for extended periods (anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours). Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be possible if I am disconnecting every minute or so. Is there a way to prevent this? Does TeamViewer think I am using it professionally?
    This wouldn't be an issue if it were every 30 minutes or so, but I can't stay on for more than a couple.

    I am using TeamViewer 12 as my phone does not support higher versions, however, this is irrelevant as I have used these exact versions previously and have had no problems before.

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    same **bleep**. 8 year old account, never used for commercial purpose.

    same usage scheme,  most time took control  via android phone home pc-s.

    since the end of previous year started to help my disabled relative with als diagnosed  through tw, the only connection to the outer world she has is her laptop, she can control it with eye tracking hardware, some things on pc are very hard to do using your eyes only, so she asks help from time to time.

    so i got flagged too like 2 month ago.

    time to search alternatives and say goodbye to team**bleep**.

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    been a month since I submitted the privtae use confirmation form but i am still not able to connect to my home pc

  • JackHK
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    That's normal! It's been 6 months since I submitted the form, my account still blocked!!!

    Good luck!

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    i get an advert saying my connection partner or me is using this as comercial use that i am NOT

  • Elongeg
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    This is been going on for how long its june 9 here time to get a class action suit if its free and we use it as directed and they refuse to fix there problem we need to sue them .

  • Elongeg
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    yep i have the same problem i conect to two freinds in England and in Czech Republic  and desktop computers on land  it may be time for a class action suit  they do not or will not fix this issue i call around to find a lawyer that can look in to this 

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    @Elongeg : I think this has been discussed before, the issue here is what's the prejudice if the license is free for personal use?!?

  • Elongeg
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    i saw at 99$ a mo not worth it for me to use it no comercal for that 


  • Chris78
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    Everyone who's talking about suing:  what a stupid idea.  Move on.

  • Elongeg
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    false avertising 

  • pv7721
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    @Elongeg : so be it, false advertising, how exactly were you prejudiced if your personal usage was supposedly free? What did you lose?

  • Freeco
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    Annoying problem!
    I wanted to upgrade my Win10 HTPC's yesterday and TeamViewer just kicks me out all the time.
    I assume I'm flagged as 'commercial' because I have Windows 10 Pro, not Home. Yeah, I'm a power user. But that doesn't make me a business...

    Filled in the contact form to unblock me.

  • pv7721
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    @Freeco : Nope I don't think this is an issues: all my computers, as well as my mom's and dad's and my brother's have pro versions because I like them more (especially for the built-in RDP that's disabled in the Home edition :D)

  • Ant1
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    My advice is to look for another tool. I made the mistake of paying for a license and TeamViewer hid the conditions in the fine print causing me to unwittingly renew when I was no longer using the product. I didn't receive a single email and they took money from my account without me knowing it would be taken. When I complained to support I was basically told to go and take a flying leap. Avoid the heartache of dealing with them.