Billing / Invoices

I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but where can I find billing / invoice history? I have a TeamViewer-related charge on my credit card that I need to identify, and I can find no information about it anywhere.

I have a TeamViewer Corporate account.

Thank you.


  • Jonathan
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    Hi therodet,

    Thanks for your post!

    Since you are having a license, please contact your local TeamViewer support center to review and verify any TeamViewer related charges on your credit card.

    All the best,


  • lknute
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    Ditto these responses.  I get an email from TeamViewer saying I need to update my payment method, and it directs me to a website that asks for an invoice number.  I don't have any outstanding invoice to pay!  If I put in an old paid invoice number, it lets me put in new payment information, but then apparently only gives the option to "PAY"!

    This is a very cumbersome and confusing system!  Is there some reason that a basic billing history and payment methods screen cannot be implemented???

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi lknute,

    Thank you for posting.

    With regards to your individual license and invoice, please feel free to contact our support team directly so that one of our specialist can follow up with you.

    Best regards,

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  • hawcs
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    I thought I was going mad.

    I need to update an auto renewal credit card.  Something basic right.

    From reading this it looks like can't?  

  • BB2
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    We have had it with TeamViewer not just for billing but also support and licences. Even their backend, you try to login and says that your browser is not a trusted device, then you get a link with like a 15 min read just to conclude that an email is going to be sent to you so you approve **bleep** the browser and never recieve the email. Meanwhile you have people on the phone waiting. And we're not talking about a 20 dollar a month kind of software. As if !!!! We're done.
  • GuyFromQueens
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    I'm at wits end. They seem to refuse us invoices in print or email form. They have to be requested, with a 48-hour delay. We fought them on this, told us they didn't have to comply with US federal receipt law because they were German.

    We may cancel our service, as this is very odd and unprofessional for a company of this scale. It's also very suspect that CS agents have a "we aren't American" response when we quote US law, about a credit card statement indicating that we are being billed by a Teamviewer office in Florida.

  • JoshP
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    Hello @GuyFromQueens,

    Thank you for your post, and your feedback.

    We can definitely understand your frustration. If you wouldn't mind Private Messaging me your contact information, we can have a senior representative reach out to you for additional clarification.

    Thanks in advance!

    Josh P.

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  • Hello, my question is that after I have paid my invoice on July 10, 2019, but I still receive the payment email, and my license has been locked. 

    I have my payment evidence in Chinese. Could you tell my how to solve my problem. I could not check my payment history either!!!

    Do you need my invoice number to check? I am frustrated and annoyed.

  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @kellymoon 

    Thank you for your post.

    We are sorry to hear that your TeamViewer is not working at this moment.

    Can you kindly check your TeamViewer settings, restart TeamViewer client and logout then login again to test TeamViewer please.

    If you still experience the same issue, kindly contact TeamViewer Support Team for further assistance please.



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  • Suzi
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    I was just charged $588 on my Amex and have no idea why.  There is no way to check this ONLINE without making a phone call that will invetibly take 20 minutes??? Wow

  • stefc
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    Company policy. Has become painfully obvious over the last months. Lived by several paying users. Dodged time and time again by Teamviewer.

    They are, however, investing marketing money and effort to appear in news channels on how their subscriptions are rising due to home working requests caused by Corona Virus fears. Shows where the company priorities are focussed.



  • pr0xyguy
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    How is it possible that we are still unable to log in and view invoices? Is this a joke? I've been using TV for over 5 years and as much as I love their product I loath dealing with the company.

    I just got off the phone, after waiting 20 minutes and 2 transfers, and asked about getting my invoices online. Their answer? This is not avail to US customers.

    Then I asked about upgrading a few Teamviwer 8 enterprise licenses (which we were told at time of purchase for $1300 apiece they would be lifetime, but are now being depreciated) and they put me on hold / transfer again. I hung up, no thanks.

    All they are doing with their incompetence is setting the stage for their demise - someone is going to step up with a comparable product backed up with COMPETENT support, thus killing their business.

  • Heinold
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    I too have the same issue. I received an email saying the invoice was coming in another email as a pdf never came! Fro what this is costing to ask to be able to see what we pay is really not a huge deal I would think????

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @Heinold,

    Thank you for your post and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    I confirm that your account has been already activated with your license. If you have any other questions regarding your license, please submit a support ticket so our customer support team will assist you individually.

    Kind regards,


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  • tresf
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    edited February 2021

    I too am struggling with the basic process of logging in and viewing invoices. The account login page isn't working and the invoice lookup isn't either. I've opened a ticket with support, but if these services are unavailable or experiencing technical difficulties, it would be nice to communicate that to the user.

    I've lost over an hour of time just trying to get to billing options. I'd expect this process to be quite seamless.

    (No complaints with TeamViewer service itself, it's awesome).

  • JAC01
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    It doesn't make sense not to have the feature to view invoices we have paid and to update our payment method. Hello? it's related improve collections! . It's a must feature everyone providing a web services offers. Calling and opening a ticket to get our paid invoices information and to update payment method, is not only absurd but a tedious process for the customers and a shame for a high tech company. You know it's not even difficult developing wise. Please take care of your customers by providing such basic features.

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @JAC01,

    Thank you for your post.

    We provide the Customer Portal that allows you to view and manage your customer data, invoices, and subscription.

    Please check a country as it's not available depending on countries.

    Hope this information will be helpful.

    Kind regards,


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  • lantana-it
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    The customer portal is not working for me. I sent the invoice number that the webpage wanted and it said that it sent me a link to the email address. Nothing showed up. Also, I've tried the chat and it states "!!Loading rooms failed". There must be a better way to get invoices. This seems absurd and non conforming to what all other companies do. For as much as we pay for this service - it seems getting invoices is out of the question.

  • rrosenwald
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    I have my license number but can't find my invoice number. How do I get my invoice number?

  • mkenn5562
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    I have paid for the license and waiting over a day to get invoice number so I can be activated. why I can't get the invoice number

    the payment went through

    please respond

    thanks Mike Kennedy

  • Akiho
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    Hi @mkenn5562,

    Thank you for your comment, and we are sorry to hear that the onboarding process with TeamViewer caused you inconvenience. 

    If you are still not receiving either invoice or the activation link, please contact our  Customer Support team directly for further assistance, as this topic is included personal information.

    📌Please also note that all TeamViewer customers receive a confirmation email after purchase. This email is sent to the purchaser's email and will also have the invoice attached, in PDF form. Kindly check all the email inboxes including the spam folder.

    Please come back to the Community if you have any questions or concerns using TeamViewer.

    We would be happy to see you again in our Community.



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