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How to reboot android tablet remotely

rollo Posts: 1

Hi, i cannot find a way to restart android tablet. We have installed a host, which i can remotely connect, but restart possibility for the tablet i cannot find.



  • I would also like to know how to do this?

    If you could reboot an android device you are logged into then automatically connect back up that would awesome!!

  • Konrad88
    Konrad88 Posts: 1
    Is something gonna be done about this? I see the ticket has been open for over a year.
  • Hello,

    The first response of teamviewer is mostly within 2 years. In most cases there is never an answer!

  • It's not the prettiest solution, but this works:

    1. Make sure Teamviewer Host is on INTERNAL storage, not the SD card.  (If it's on the SD card, Teamviewer can't auto-restart).

    2. Install the app "Button Savior." (the non-root version works).  Start up Button Savior and turn on the Accessibility Services.  Now, there will be an overlay on the right side of the screen that will pop open a series of icons for hardware keys, including the POWER button.  You can press/hold that icon as if it were the hardware power button, and reboot.

  • Thank you, I installed it, but I can only turn off the screen.

    It seems that I cannot do a long press on the button to access reboot options ?


    Any idea ?



    Thanks again.

  • for long press, you have to press hard and long on your screen to trigger a long press on the remote device. I found this out through experimentation.

  • It tends to be easier to click on Button Savior's POWER button if you're using a PC (with a mouse and cursor) to connect to the remote Android device.  It can be done with another mobile device, but with the screen scaling that usually ends up happening, it's REALLY PICKY about exactly where you have to touch the screen for it to register.

  • try this with the app Power Menu  Works fine for me

  • neljohann
    neljohann Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Go to settings, search for the term restart, set a restart of automatic time, this is available on some of the older Android operating systems, logon again after the restart happened