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  • I totally agree with you seems like almost everytime I update to a new version I get flagged commercial use expected If you find an alternative please post it here getting tired of it 

  • Hey I do the same things help elderly family and friends and they have reset mine in the past and it seems almost everytime they update the program I have to go through this to have the reset it

  • I hate doing updates seems like almost everytime I update I have to go through this if I could find something else I would quit using teamviewer

  • I submitted my request for reconsideration when my TeamViewer was flagged for commercial use. It has been nearly 2 weeks and no reply. Is that normal? I didn't receive a copy of my submission by email. Should I re-submit?

    I only use TeamViewer to login to my personal, home desktop PC while traveling or at work. I have no business or anything. Zero commercial activity.


  • Thank you for this link.  I hope my voice will add to this protest.  I have brought many clients to this company.  I hate to see when a good company goes down the tubes by alienating the promoters of their product.

  • Good luck with that.

    MANY of us have fillled out that form (some of us REPEATEDLY) with no results. Teamviewer is a joke

  • how to ask them change it for us ?
    I really need to help my uncle with the computer stuff

  • I had the same thing happen with my old account and never received a response and it's been a few years. Submitted multiple requests even. So I created a new account and have been using it fine, now I'm getting this again. I use it solely for personal use. Hopefully one of us will hear back some day, but my hopes aren't very high. May have to look for a different solution sadly.
  • I sent in my non-commercial use request form and received an email saying the request was granted and all my PCs would be reset so they would not display the message again. I have waited over a week and I am still getting the commercial use message on my PCs. I sent the name of my group, my email address, and a list of the PCs TeamViewer IDs when I sent in my signed request form. My group name is 'KQRR4449'

    What else do I need to do to get rid of this message? I really do want to use TeamViewer again if possible.


    Kenneth West

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    Fingers crossed. If only the people who bleep and remove pricing and links to 3rd party products were as dedicated to fixing this issue.

    True dat.

    It's interesting how the company is diligent to not allow their User community to talk about alternatives. Are they afraid to compete? 

    Seems to me they have opened pandora's box. [removed per Community Guidelines]



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    Oh my. After reading this:

    I think the ethics of this company are junk and worthless.

    The company has a severe problem with honesty and customer empathy. 



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    I got the same Garbage about using teamviewer commercially and I never have I just play a  game with it on 2 of my computers not in the same room. The Joke's Over. It is just an excuse for them to get rid of free users even if they are legit. I started using **Third Party Product** and I must admit works just as good without being cut off all the time and This has been a FREE session popping up I do not miss. Thanks TEAMVIEWER but I am moving on just like you wanted anyway :)


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    I just tried to use TeamViewer to help a friend with a simple task. When I tried to log on to his computer, TeamViewer told me it had detected use in a commercial environment (which was not the case), and that my session would be restricted to five minutes. I only needed to get on for a minute or two, to clear cache and cookies from Chrome, so I logged on, and within about 20 seconds, TeamViewer logged me out. I tried to reconnect, but it told me I was locked out for 15 minutes.

    I've never had this happen before. I was using one of the Version 14 iterations (I don't know which one, as I immediately checked for updates, and updated to version 14.5.1691), and I haven't tried it since.

    Is this a known bug?

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    Hi! What I have to do if I use non-commercial version to priv activity, but I need Teamviewer so often, that administrator thinks, that it is commercial activity. So what could I do now? :(

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    @duderonomy So it seems. It used to be they censored mentions of specific alternatives. Now I seen twice that they censor just the mention that alternatives exist.

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    @jamiem The main advantage of Teamviewer over several other alternatives is the ability to find and connect to PCs at remote locations, even behind firewalls. That's because all the PCs running TV are logged into their server somewhere and the server can make the connection between remote PCs. I'm not sure if all the traffic goes through the server or if they have a way to make the connection then hand off to P2P.

    If your PCs are all within the same LAN I would never use TV for that. In that case you don't need the feature that can find the other PCs because they are already on your LAN. Well, not to say never, I do have all my personal PCs on my LAN registered to my TV account. This way I can access them when I travel (on vacation, not for work; I'm retired) or if something goes wrong with the other method(s).

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    I hear you... the entire reason I use TV in the first place is to help out friends and family. I used to use mstsc (windows remote desktop) pretty much exclusively. However, over the last few decades it's been far easier to just use TV. That said, if they really want to push us power users into using ultra!vnc/anyd!esk/log!mein/zoom/splash!top/parallels/supremo/chrome remote/connectwise/tinyvnc/bom!gar/lite manager/nomachine (you're welcome TV moderators, enjoy the annoyance that you cause us!), they're welcome to. It's no skin off of my but t (is that going to be moderated?) to use a competitor. I think the thing that really annoys me, is that they're pushing the people who will actually bring them business into this circus. It feels like they don't realize that the people who suggest these solutions actually use them for private usage. Do I tell my company to not use slack and zoom because they suc k? Nope! Do I tell the companies I've previously told to use TV to abandon ship? Yup! This policy is pretty harmful for no real reason :(

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    @bazbsg : yes, and that's probably because each device connects to their servers, so as it's an initial connection from inside to outside it's allowed, and subsequent outside from inside as well.

    But that of course has a cost in terms of bandwith and resources.

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    Is a student of a public university using TeamViewer to connect to his lab computer considered commercial?

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    Your usage satisfies the company's stated claim that free use is allowed. However some internal shift is occuring within TeamViewer corporation which indicates free usage may be more restricted. 

    I used google to find alternatives to teamviewer with non-commercial free usage RTU.



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    It is impressive how a company can spend more resources alienating paying customers and loyal free users, manually processing huge numbers of "can you unlock my computer" requests, refunding real money from recent buyers who are being affected by these poorly implemented "cheater" algorithms; instead of focusing on writing better software. 

    I'd like to know more about the leadership of this company. Are the names of the leadership posted in public?

    Honestly I would be ashamed to show my name if I was Director or VP. 


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    @Tomer2 wrote:


    i'm using TeamViewer more then  5 years

    never had a problem

    in the last couple  month the session end's after 1 min

    I'm a privet person and I'm using TeamViewer for waching my kids when thry are using the internet.

    there is any way to make alonger session?



    I am also being cut off after 1 min. 

    I will be removing TeamViewer from my life.

    Teamviewer disrespect their customers in 2019, like no company has done before. This is special event. 


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    @duderonomy Yes, you can go to their website and see who the top management people are.

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    @duderonomy this is certainly not the first company to do this. **Third Party Product** used to be the program for free users. Then they decided to get rid of free users, so everyone switched to Teamviewer. At least **Third Party Product** was honest about it when the kicked out free users. They announced to the world and gave a date when their program would no longer work without a paid license. Teamviewer is taking a different approach to getting rid of their free users.

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    I was told connecting to/from a church, work, and university network was 'commercial'. So if you do it will likely get flagged. And people are saying yeah but the TOS says something different, and in theory I should be able to connect from work to help my mom at her home, but that seems to be only in principle.

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    Thank you. 

    I wonder which knuckle-head thought this was a good idea.

    I jsut scrubbed my mac and windows of anything related to teamviewer today.

    Seems like a brand destroying move with individuals. 

    I'd hope the enterprise customer is not being adversely affected by the schaat code that was introduced recently. 

    I was shocked what I read on truust pilot about the company's practices. 


  • @duderonomy wrote:

    I was shocked what I read on truust pilot about the company's practices. 

    Wow! More than 80% of the reviews are negative with only 1 star. Way to go TeamViewer!!!
    You must be trying to compete with Monsanto for the most hated company on the planet. :)