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Post disappearing

I've tried to post a topic several times. It looks like it's working but when I come back to the "General Questions" page it has gone. I was able to post something earlier today. 

It's a long post. Are there any limits on number of characters, or something weird like that?




  • And yet this one didnt disappear. Anyone know what's happening?

  • Having posted this sucessfully, tried the other one again. Still disappearing.

  • JoshPJoshP Posts: 398 Senior Moderator

    Hhello @gavspen 

    Thank you for your recent contributions.

    I took a look, and it appears our SPAM filters may have been a little too proactive regarding some of your recent posts.

    I went ahead and approved one of them, as I saw multiple posts flagged (they all appeared to be the same).

    Feel free to reach out again, should you encounter any issues with posting here in the Community.

    Thanks again!

    Senior Community Moderator
  • Ok Josh, I see it, thanks.

    Should it perhaps be on the "Previous Versions" page as well? Since it conserns v12?

  • JoshPJoshP Posts: 398 Senior Moderator

    Hello @gavspen 

    We recommend only posting a specific thread once, to ensure no confusion on responses or anything else. It also helps keep topics on track when replies begin coming in.

    The General board should be ok for the topic.

    Senior Community Moderator
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