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File corruption was not solved by TV 14.5.5819

An earlier post marks this issue as solved but it did not solve it in my case.

I can confirm this issue when transferring zipped or unzipped FileMaker files to Windows servers, it corrupts the files, they cannot be opened and can not be uploaded to FMServer.

This is uploading using TV14.5.1691 from Mac OS 10.13.6  to Windows servers 2008, 2012 or 2016 (most are very fast virtual servers in data centers)

Installing the latest version TVHost 14.5.5819 H did NOT solve this bug, but I can confirm it when I transfer the same files directly via MS-RDS, they unzip correctly and can be opened.

This is quite a tricky bug when doing remote database maintenance. Let me know if you need any more data from my side.

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