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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • My account is for personal use only. Please remove the flag on my account. I use it for my personal PC, my aunt's PC, and my Mac. 

  • Hallo Teamviewer.

    Heute wende ich mich mit einer Frage bezüglich eurer Lizensierungsmodelle an euch.

    In der Vergangenheit habe ich häufiger Produkte aus eurem Haus genutzt, um von unterwegs auf meinen PRIVATEN Pc zu PRIVATEN Zwecken zu Hause zuzugreifen. Seit neuestem nun wird mir komerzielle Nutzung unterstellt. Nach Meldung über das angegebene Reset Formular wird mir quasi kommentarlos (lediglich der Hinweis, das kommerzielle Nutzung vermutet wird) ein Dokument zum Ausfüllen zugeschickt, das einer Erklärung an Eides statt sehr nahe kommt.

    Keine Begründung, keine weitere Erläuterung, nichts. Da ich nun aber auf eben diese Verbindung angewiesen bin, da ich aus Gründen der Sicherheit nicht meinen gesamten Datenbestand mit mir rumtragen möchte, stehe ich nun kurz davor, eine Business Lizenz als Privatperson abzuschließen, denn ein Formular fülle ich gewiss nicht aus ohne weitere Begründung, weshalb und warum das Notwendig sei, bzw. welches Nutzerverhalten meinerseits zu eben der Bewertung der kommerziellen Nutzung geführt hat. Weiterhin ist nicht ersichtlich, wie und in welchem Umfang personenbezogene Daten verabeitet werden.

    Danke, Teamviewer. Echt großes Tennis, das ihr mit so windigen Methoden wie Zwangstrennunng versucht, Abgaben rauszupressen.Mich habt ihr nun weichgekocht, ich beuge mich eurem Diktat und werde nun ein Abo abschließen, damit ich weiterhin meine privaten Mails lesen kann.

    Bitte nicht falsch verstehen. Einer Vergütung stehe ich grundsätzlich positiv gegenüber, schließlich soll die Leistung dahinter auch entlohnt werden. Gäbe es eine Vollversion für Privatnutzer zu kaufen, würde ich direkt zuschlagen. Lediglich diese Illusion, als Privatperson könne man Teamviewer kostenfrei nutzen, aber wir schauen dir genau zu und trauen dir halt mal pauschal nicht, stinkt mir gewaltig.  

  • I was dropped/block stating am a commercial user. I am a personal user to help my own/family/friends with some computer issues. I am making no money helping and running no businesses. I am retired military and knowledgeable on computer issues. I help in good faith and was blocked trying to help a retired soldier friend from home in FL to his home in TX. I could not finish helping because you blocked my connection. Please explain why you advertize free license for personal use but not keep it up.

  • aXXit
    aXXit Posts: 9

    **Third Party Product** (rückwärts schreiben) ist eh weit besser. 

    Mittlerweile bin ich froh, dass mich TV ausgesperrt hat :) 

  • Good morning all, this is my first post.  I use to use my latop and PC for a business account through one of my clients they gave an email log in and password and use to remote into various machines.

    I just changed over and my account is PERSONAL which it now is and I am only wanting to go between my laptop and PC and every time I log in it says "commercial use detected" and kicks me off in 1 min.

    As a FREE account how do I get this to work?

    Thank you


  • So apparently you can't contact Teamviewer directly anymore about your account being flagged.


    I run a home lab at my apartment so i can do testing and just general messing around and configuring random stuff as a hobby (apparently thats not common with TV?). So i was flagged before and i let them know "hey i use teamviewer free on my work computers to connect to my home lab VM's to mess around with my home lab stuff" and they removed the flag because none of what i do is commercial.


    Well flash forward and im flagged again on all of my devices and i cant do anything with my home lab while i've got down time at work let alone my personal computer connecting to my work laptop thats connected to my home lab as a piggy back to get access into the home lab.


    So i guess i'm hoping someone from the TV team can actually shed some light on who or how i can contact you guys and explain what i do with my TV is in no way commercial. I haven't used TV with friends or other devices i don't own in a few years so this is pretty bogus to me.

  • 10blk
    10blk Posts: 1

    I've been getting the same messages.  I am just remotely hitting my home machine from work.  

  • At first they flagged my old work laptop i dont use often so it wasnt a big deal i could still do my personal lab **bleep**. But now EVERY device is flagged and i cant do a thing.


    I'm literally trying to remote into my lab VM so i can configure a VPN on my lab gateway so i don't have to keep relying on TV for this stuff anymore.

  • Wow look at this, so not only are the TV forum mods actively reading all of these community complaints, they moved it to the general section and don't even leave feedback or a way to contact Teamviewer about getting this fixed.


    Well i'm glad this will be a big impact for my actual work when they bring up maybe switching **Third Party Product** to Teamviewer. I'll be switching over to a different free service now.



    Time to take my personal and potential business else where.

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 468 Senior Moderator

    Hello @SomeAsianKid 

    Thank you for your post.

    As the original post to this thread (and the marked solutions) states:

    2019-11-07 13_09_21-Solved_ TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially! - TeamViewer Comm.png

    Please fill out the linked form for any ID that is flagged. 

    Once submitted our support team will assess your request and let you know more. More info is found in the support article linked in the original post as well. Here is a direct link: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • Hello,

    I have an oculus rift plugged into a PC that sits in the living room. There is no external monitor attached to it anymore. Teamviewer is the only way in which I can see whats going on, install updates / new games etc when oculus desktop view stops working. Today I opened it up and was accused of commercial use. Last time this happened I got the warning a few times and then my account was banned! 

    Please see a screenshot here:[external link removed]


    Please can you advise what to do?

  • i am recieving a false message for commercial use.  i do not use the free version for commercial use and need my access restored.  let me know what you need to reset my device.


  • Well I have filled out the form and submitted it via email, and approx. 1 week later I got an email saying that non commercial use cannot be detected, so

    I AM DUMPING TV!!!! after being a private user for years.

    I don't understand why TV is having so much trouble with this issue!

    Doesn't anyone see that this is a mass problem and something was done to create this?  Gee, MAYBE something that was done about a month ago, caused this, ya think?


  • Why all the friggin forms that go unanswered or are rejected?

    I already filled out the form and got an email saying personal use could not be determined, so BYE BYE TV!!!

    I have had it with all the carp that TV is making everyone go through with NO resolution!

    This is REDICULOUS and I don't have time to play the games..... so I am going elsewhere!

    Just think of one of the biggest email services and a browser.

  • What form?

    -Josh Acecool
  • that form is terrible. they take forever to respond and they do nothing to fix the false alarms. most folks complain about getting reflagged 

    why cant tv fix this horrorshow. clearly they amped up the detection algos and its causing widespread issues. i have already switched to a free competing product until this is sorted. sad. 

  • I was a TeamViewer user to connect from my Laptop to my Desktop Computer to check email when I am away from home.  It worked fine for about 1 year then I began getting messages on login the I was using TeamView commerically which was not true.  It would kick me off after about 5 seconds.  I completed the Private User Form and received an email from TeamView saying I was approved as a Private User and would be allowed to use the application free.  However, I stillget teh same message about commercial use and am kickoff after abouto 5 seconds.  I completed a second Private User Form listing both my Laptop and Desktop ID's but never received a response from TeamViewer Support.  I get weekly emails trying to sell me a license but can't justify it for my single private use.  Any suggestions on what I might do the get TV Support to respond?

  • I am deeply disappointed and find that the statement of being free for private use is a hoax.
    I have two computers sitting next to each other, one running windows 10, the other Windows XP due to older versions of programs that I can't afford to upgrade. To try to save space on my desk by only using one keyboard and one mouse, I prefer to run teamviewer between these two computers. For some reason the staff at teamviewer consider this being commercial use????

  • I have installed the commercial version on my side. Do I have to install it on the remote side?

  • Ah, I haven't been flagged in quite a while since I was last flagged - also for the same reason ( helping my mom who is has an eye disease, my old neighbor, then neighbor, and other friends / students - whom I have never charged, nor will ever charge ).


    I submitted my case - lets see what they say. I also mentioned the fact that unattended access HAS to be set for my mom, and other people who know next to nothing about computers. I mean, my old neighbor complains about the internet running slow at times, when he has 200+ old tabs open and I have to tell him how to close them, every time. I even installed an app on his browsers, where he only needs to click to store / save the opened tabs, and search them without slowing anything down.

    Maybe I should be getting paid, but for $50 a month on TV, I'd rather pay to update each and every single client to Windows X Professional for a few dollars less, from home and be able to connect to them forever. The monthly fee stuff is ridiculous and they need to rethink it. I would pay for additional features, if it was one time per major version.. not because of commercial use, because that's not what I'm doing - it is for personal use, but to help.


    I mean, I have already paid for a very useful explorer replacement ( can be a replacement, or not - I chose not on the installer to avoid reboots during updates ) called Directory Opus. I can set icons on files - so client-side files get one color, server-side another, shared half of client and half of server icon, etc... it is incredibly helpful in searching for files, having tabs, etc... It is a 1 time fee per major version and they update minor versions frequently with new features, etc... 

    If Teamviewer had some additional features and a 1 time payment option for personal use - forever, or for major versions ( which come out every other year, or so - if it is warranted, and not just to get people to spend again ), and got rid of this problem, then I'd buy in. But for $50 a month, it is cheaper to update every client to the Pro version of Windows they are running for the additional features and unattended remote access server, etc.. which also runs a lot better than TV.

    For a company, like the indian scammers run which scams people out of thousands each using TeamViewer and 'refund' scams, by editing the users browser data using dev console and live-html updates to 'fake' incoming money transfers for computer illerates, then have them 'wire' money to a legitimate bank account without any money ever going in... $50 a month is cheap... Why isn't TeamViewer targeting these scammers, or does TV condone this type of behavior? 

    Before I'd buy in to TV, I'd want them to kick off the scammers. Although, a lot of them that are run recycling companies and can easily put in a new piece of hardware and get a new id and be up an running in minutes or an hour... so... On Windows 10, even less time... So reporting does little...

    TV needs to fix the id system so that reporting these scammers will actually ban them from being able to use TV, at least for a day. That'd be nice. 10 minutes isn't a deterrent as they can make 10s of thousands an hour with multiple scammers working.


    edit: It also seems like the only people doing anything against the scammers are people on Youtube that 'buy in' to the scammers offer, then delete the files on the scammers computer. This only works if they don't have a backup. Some don't, but most do. But TV doesn't seem to be doing anything against these people other than accepting money from them. I really hope that it isn't to look the other way..

    Another reason why I'd buy in, is it would give them more funds to hopefully hire a support staff that can actually respond to these issues.. People that pay the one time fee get quicker support, or something like that - to a point. ie: if a paid person adds a ticket, and a non-paid also adds a ticket, the paid would take precedence, but not to the point where the non-paid would never get answered. A week seems like too long, to me. It should be 48 hours, maximum. For paid members, 12 to 24 hours.


    Edit: Also, I was saying - because I do not use TV for commercial purposes - and because I only help a few people constantly - it would be cheaper to upgrade their OS's instead of spending the $50 per month for TV indefinitely - especially because I am not doing this commercially. If I was, then it may be justifiable although if I had a small number of people - it'd still be cheaper to upgrade the clients for Windows. TV really should reconsider their pricing...

    -Josh Acecool
  • I would recommend purchasing a KVM... Keyboard / Video / Mouse... It is a switch for 2, or more, computers located within close proximity to one another, and there are more expensive models that work over wifi....

    The benefit of this is you won't be wasting networking data, just to control one computer over another..

    You would plug your monitor, or monitors if you purchase one with multi-monitor support - or you could purchase 2 separate kvms and just have to hit 2 buttons instead of 1, keyboard and mouse into the kvm, then hit a button to switch between the two.


    What do you use your computers for? If one of them is a 'work' computer, then TV considers it work-related, and therefore commercial use. - their example is, for commercial use: If you work at an employers office, and you install TV on your work computer there, then use your personal computer to check your work e-mail, it is considered 'commercial use'....


    For your situation, TeamViewer isn't an ideal solution as it is very slow to respond. It isn't built into the OS, and thereby it doesn't emulate on the client side, things.. Instead, it is like streaming a video, with triggerable events being sent adding a lot of 'delay'...

    A KVM would be like you're on the computer, itself, as you essentially are....

    -Josh Acecool
  • This is a sign that you have been flagged for commercial use. One of the teamviewer clients may be installed as free - but it may be that you need to pay for the business version on both... I'm not sure though as this isn't clear....

    What is clear, is that I have been flagged for commercial use for helping my mom, who has an eye disease which makes it next to impossible for her to read sometimes - and I installed TV on her computer for unattended access as she wouldn't be able to read the password or id ( we've tried that in the past, and it didn't work and I ended up having to go to her to help read something )... According to some posts, this installation of 'unattended access' is not 'free' and helps TV claim you are using it as commercial-use, instead of personal-use, which doesn't seem right. I want to know what TVs response to this is, as if they do this, then they are essentially discriminating against disabled or technically inept people.


    If you have the commercial license, you are better off contacting support... As a paid user of $50 / month, or more, you can create support tickets for problems, bug reports, and more. Non-paid users can't. We get a form we have to submit and wait a week, or sometimes longer, to get a response.

    -Josh Acecool
  • The only thing I use it for is for my music collection, I got a system running an old operating system theough emulators which I don't have the resources for upgrading. I also use it to make covers for my downloaded music, and that is it. I have even offered to hand over the password for them to log on and check. A few years ago I got an e-mail from teamviewer approving me for non commercial use and that worked great until a teamviewer upgrade was necessary. At the moment I'm using RDP instead, which is a possibility, but not preferrable... I have tried a KVM, but that also didn't give me a good solution, as I sometimes need to copy cd cover images from one to another.



  • teamview keeps saying im commercial wen im connecting to my own computer thru my phoine im certainly not a company nor am i profiting in any way connecting to my self or others ......... how do i go about fixing this issue 

  • Hi,

    I have been using Teamviewer to help my parents with thier computers and phones (to resolve any issue they might be having). But recently my Teamviewer have started to time me out after 5 minutes, stating that I am using it for commercial purposes.

    I read through some of the other similar posts and updated teamviewer on all my devices, as adviced on those posts. But I am still having the issue. Please help!

    Thank you

  • SInce Last week and have been on TV 14 for a while. I got the notification that it has detected I am in a commercial Environment and will disconnect in 5 minutes.

    Examples of personal use:

    • Helping or supporting friends and relatives
    • Connecting to your personal computer at home

    Please see our Knowledge Base for an explanation of how we define personal use.

    Since my use falls within the statements above from your website, I don't see how you determine my use is commercial, since I either help friends or relateives and only connect to local machines in my house that are not used for any business activities.

    I submitted a ticket and so far, have heard nothing back.

    I can be contaacted at. jpedgar at

  • Same issue here. I'm not sure what metrics they are using to determine that it's being used commercially but this is the second time this has happened to me and it's very frustrating. I'm a long time Teamsviewer user and I'd gladly pay for a personal license if you sold one. As frustrating as it is to try and figure out what freeware game is messing up my Mom's computer, having this limitation only makes it worse. I'm not sure what steps to take to resolve this but if it doesn't get fixed soon I'll just go to a different product that has a license that so I don't have to worry about this.

  • I too have this issue. Running a desktop and up to 4 laptops max on the same network but never being all controlled at once. I don't see the issue here but all my computers on TeamViewer are tripping saying I am in a commercial environment when clearly I am at my own house. As stated earlier by another user I would pay for a personal license to fix this issue but 1k a year just to control my computers at home is crazy... can I get some help over here TeamViewer support?

  • Same problem here. Must be time to dump Teamviewer and get another remote access software.

  • You've already gotten one response from support. That's more than most of the people here. Consider yourself lucky.

    My advice? Give up. 

    There are plenty of other alternatives to TeamViewer. Most are just as good. A few are actually better. That may not have been true five years ago, but the competition has really improved while TV has been basically standing still.

    There are no good reasons to stick with TeamViewer at this point if you are having issues.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
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