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Dots (.) converted to asterisk (*)

When controlling a Windows machine from a Linux installation of Teamviewer 14.5.5819 it is impossible to use the period key on the number keypad. Instead of passing a "." it passes a "*". The period key on the main portion of the keyboard still works.

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  • Arch, and manjaro affected aswell.

    Im being fed up with tv.

  • overalloutpostm
    overalloutpostm Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I've been having this issue since TeamViewer 14.4. I opened a ticket and they told me it would be fixed in the next version I just upgraded to the latest 14.6 version and I see that I was lied to. I'm running an extremely standard Kubuntu with a regular US English keyboard layout.

  • As an IT admin typing ip adresses all day long having to use the dot on the letter side of keyboard rather than on the key pad is horrendous.

    I have started deploying **Third Party Product** on 850 computers....

  • I am paying WAY too much money to be have issues like this that are flat out ignored. I'm getting tired of the Linux client being a third class citizen. The fact that there is a Linux client in the first place is the only reason I pay for this product. But for $600 a year you'd think we could a litte bit better support.

  • Still present in 14.6.2452


    Still present in 14*7*1965 (See what I did there?)

    I even updated the remote host to the same version.

  • overalloutpostm
    overalloutpostm Posts: 3 ✭✭

    You're right! I can confirm that this is now fixed for me as well! Thanks for posting this as I hadn't notice the bug was fixed.

  • Awesome! They actually fixed it!
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