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Typing quote characters

So I am a developer and often I connect to Teamviewer for working with Java/C++, etc assignments.  I have it set up so I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard connected to iPad . The issue is some characters like quotation marks (") are not typed in the right form.

For example , if I do it on my computer locally , the quotes appear as ASCII ( " " " ")

But when I do it with Teamviewer it's showing unicode quotes (“ ”  “  ”).

So the compiler sees it as an error. It's very annoying when you're a developer.



  • So nobody can help me?

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  • Bump. Is this issue being worked on?

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  • Mr_Rax
    Mr_Rax Posts: 0

    If you hold down the character key (example: “double quote”) on the virtual keyboard, different versions of that character will show where you can select the correct version.

    The default character key may be ascii/unicode where your program requires the alternate character.

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