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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • tmdag
    tmdag Posts: 1

    I am getting message that that i am or i was using teamviewer for commercial purposes (while i never did).

    While this is happening, i also cannot contact support for teamviewer as i don't have a commercial license. 

  • I have used TeamViewer for many years to support my Mom and other family members. A few months ago, it flagged me as suspected commercial use and I followed all the steps to get my usage OK'd. I sent in the  "Declaration of private use" form on Nov 25, heard nothing, and have had no reply to followups. I am sending these to <[email protected]>.

    Just no reply, so I don't know what to do. 


  • rhn
    rhn Posts: 1

    I heard about this happening, but never thought it was this dumb...

    I use TV for only two things: Access my local media server, and tech support on my mom's PC(remote). Tonight my parents call me that their wifi isnt working, so I fire up TV and connects to my moms desktop(with randomized PW she reads to me on the phone!). The second I open the wifi configuration software that came with the accesspoint(not even a commercial grade AP!) I get struck by the "Commercial use" warning and it boots me before I can do anything.

    Judging by the other people complaining about the response time on the reset, I guess I am now in for a 200+km drive to my parents house, and they will have to live without wifi for several days. I expected better of TeamViewer...

    (PS: I wouldnt mind paying something to be rid of this **bleep**, but starting price for the commercial version is pure **bleep** for just doing tech support for my family a few times a year.)

  • Ive submited the form 4 times and my TV is still blocked on both my phone (android) and surface.  What do i need to do to get this unblocked?

    Thx in advance for your help!


  • Hi

    I can't use the software anymore, I keep getting the message saying it's professional use despite Im doing private use only. And how would you even know ? are you spying on us ?

    Anyway Im at work and try to reach my personnal home computer for internet browsing and such so what's the problem please help


  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 661 Star

    Hi, many companies count the time of using the app by looking your public Internet IP address.

    One good start, i think it could be to renew your and your customer's public IP addresses and see how it will work. The easy way to do this is to reboot the Internet Router.

    In case you have a static IP address, one good way maybe is to communicate with the support team to solve it.

    Regards, Lampros

  • @Closed account: After I have been following this topic of (supposedly unjustified assumption) "commercial use" in this community for a few weeks now, because I am confronted with it myself, I unfortunately have to conclude that the "fault" of the long processing time of users affected by complaints is NOT only to be found with the "Teamviewer" team.
    For example, if a user writes that he ONLY connects to his PC at work to read e-mails and edit documents... and cannot see any "commercial use" in it... etc. then I, as an employee of the manufacturer, do not want to have to answer such a complaint.
    So I think that some people should reflect a little before complaining. Because they are wasting the time of the employees and reasonable complaints cannot be processed...

  • I am attempting to connect to my home computer, not my work computer so I dont understand why I am being flagged for "commercial use"

    What do I need to do to have this unblocked?

    Thanks for your help and I appologize if you think I am wasting your time... just need this unblocked so I can use it for personal use



  • In order to have the Commercial Use message removed, you need to fill out the TeamViewer ID reset form and not try to submit a ticket.  You can do that here:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.9246135.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**-**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**.**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    TeamViewer should make this more accessible.  I had to search far and wide for it.  

  • It took me a couple weeks after I submitted mine in before I got cleared.  I do the same as my family is located all across the west coast.

  • Connection blocked after timeout, I get disconnected after about 30-60 seconds of beening connected to my uncle, giving him remote support on his home computer.

    Why does this happen? Why do I need to wait 10 minutes or more to be able to connect again? rather silly in my eyes.

  • I was blocked two months ago, submitted a "Declaration of private use" form, and my service was restored. Took about a week. By the way, they don't inform you that you've been cleared. It just sorta happens. I was relieved and somewhat pleased. BUT yesterday I found that I was blocked again. No way in **bleep** did I do anything even remotely commercial on it in the last month. So, I've RE-submited my forms.

    Now, I like TeamViewer. There are other options, but TeamViewer is the most functional. That being said, DO NOT EVER rely on TeamViewer. Always have another method of connection available. They won't let me tell you here what those other methods are, but they're easy and free.

  • Firstly I have just followed the process to submit a form to ensure that my account is correctly recognised as Personal, not Commercial, and that has been approved. I have a number of devices at home, including an iPad. All devices are tied to my TV account under a single login (email is the same login for all)

    However when I try to use the iPad to access the other devices via "My Computers" where they are listed, it still seems to think I am using it commercially. I can only assume that the process which sees usage as Commercial vs Personal is tied to the TV ID, not the user login email.

    So firstly if that assumption can be confirmed or clarified I'd be grateful. Secondly, have I overlooked a step somewhere which ensures all the devices I log in from see my usage as personal? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, for me the TV disconnects not after 5 minutes, but after 30 seconds! I use it non-commercially, yet it says commercial use detected. Can you do something about it? It is Ubuntu PC at **Please do not post personal information** account. Thank you

  • Looks like TV started to rely on AI to recognize comm use...

  • I am receiving a notice that I'm using Teamviewer commercially when connecting to my wife's computer from my own. I have filled out the form to certify that I am a personal user only but I have not received any response. I have sent in the form twice with two weeks between submissions and nothing. How long until I get a response? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I've been flagged as commercial use. Not sure why but I filled out the form to ask for this to be cleared. They investigated and cleared the issue. 
    First time after this clear I log back in and am immediately told that suspected commercial and gives me the same blocks as before. Really it didn't seem like anything was done. 

    I then emailed letting them know the story and that I would like this cleared, to which I received an auto-response saying to fill out the form.
    Now whenever I email them I get a case closed email and nothing else. 

    They don't have phone support. I can't email, and the form doesn't work.
    So, anyone know what I'm supposed to do now? 


    [Personal Information removed per Community Guidelines]

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with my TW. I use TW for personal purposes, but TW behaves as if I did not activate business version. I have a standard (personal) account and it doesn't matter if I'm signed in to the app or not. Reinstall does not help. TW cutoff connection after 20-30s.

    My question - why?

  • Hi

    new to all this tech as will come clear!

    I have the free version installed and was able to conect to the remote


    I was working on the tablet when the conection was lost. When I spoke to the person with the tablet it was stii conected to the internet the conection was not lost.

    I can only imagine that with the free version you only get a set amount of time.

    Is this correct

    Any help appreciated.

  • Same problem; we do use it commercially and all of our users are now dead in the water working from home in the snow, accessing workstations at the office failing. Complete failure and unacceptable.

    WD Help Desk
  • I am getting the same issue. I am trying to connect to my home computer to check on the progress of a 3D print I have going.

    Even though it said it thought I was using this in a business environment, it was still supposed to give me five minutes of connection. Instead I was only able to stay connected for about 30 seconds and then it disconnects me. Then it prompts me to buy a business license, but states that "use of TeamViewer with family and friends without any financial compensation is considered as personal use." Really? Then why can I not connect to the computer I have had connected to my account for the last 5 years?

  • I'm pretty sure that the free license isn't meant for commercial use... thus the reason they started doing this in the first place.

  • pgmeer
    pgmeer Posts: 1

    got the dreaded commercial use detected again.  Does anyone know if when filling out the reset form, is the TeamViewer ID it's asking for is the ID for the PC/Mac where the connection is coming from or the ID of the remote connection?

    if it's the remote ID, i'll have quite the list of forms to submit.

    I'm hoping it's just the ID where the connection is coming from.  Then I only have a few IDs to request a reset on (the ones I usually use to remote to family members)


  • I have this problem by some days:image.png

    But I don't use TeamViewer free license for commercial activities.

    Why did it success?



  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 100

    @tdc4266 Assuming you are not facing the problekm that this threa is about, Commercial Use Detected, there is a timeout after three hours on the free version. Unfortunately it's not three hours of inactivity, but three hours of connection, because it will cut you off while you are doing something or while a file is being transferred. You should be able to reconnect immediately.

  • Is it time now to start looking for an alternative to TeamViewer? I am using this between my mac and my pc, most of the time they are on the same network and router, at times i am out and about and want to access my PC at home. So this is not really a commercial use but a personal use. Since few weeks TM has started asking me tpo up grade to a full paid plan! 39£ / month!

    So what can i do to use this as a free version. If not then i'll be move off TM for good, probabaly not the only one.

  • When I try to use teamviewer now, the session closes out after 2 minutes. That is not nearly enough time to get anything done. What happened? How can I get the regular sessions back? 

    Is it just me or has teamviewer gotten so much worse lately? 

  • I use TeamViewer once in a blue moon. Maybe half a dozen times a year. Usually to help my (three-member) family. 

    Now it assumes I'm using it "commercialy", there's no way to contact support unles... I pay the commercial version. 

    There's no way I'll pay this much to connect a couple times a year. So I guess TeamViewer decided "*** all the users" and I should just move to one of the other dozen free alternatives and stop recommending it?

  • I dont have a subscription - I'm a free user, but I want to delete my account as I've given up with this product and I'm now using a different tool which is much better for infrequent user like me.

    Can anyone point me to the process to remove my account and completely delete my details from teamviewer systems?


  • You use Windows ? Windows 10 ?

    1)UninstallTeamviewer ;

    2)Search the harddisk(s) for "teamviewer" and delete all Windows can find;

    3)Now carefull : start "Regedt32.exe" as Administrator. Export the complete registry. Search the Registry for "teamviewer" and delete the entries or values. ... But as I said : be carefull and do this only if you have any idea about what you are doing and you know how to import the "old" registry . Otherwise leave the Registry alone, please, and do only 1 + 2

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