Need Previous Version Options for Remote Update

I have some older client PCs running on TeamViewer v7.
We have a perpetual license for TeamViewer v12.

I would like to use the Remote Update feature when I visit some of these older client machines, and I do see that TeamViewer's Remote Update feature offers the options of the newest update for the installed version, or to upgrade the installation to the newest version of TeamViewer available, currently v13.

Our license is only good for v12.
Unless I'm missing something, with the release of v13, I'm now unable to remotely update the client software from v7 to v12, only v7 or v13, without either some other form of remote access, physically putting hands on the machine, or some complicated user interaction to walk through the process.  This would also require divulging passwords to a user in order to access the user options to allow Shutdown of TeamViewer in order to install the newer version.

It would be tremendously helpful if, in the Remote Update feature, we could get options to update to the latest version of all major versions.  For example, in this case going from v7, calling the Remote Update feature would ideally offer the latest versions of v7, v8, v9, v10, v11, v12, and finally the most current v13.

I understand that TeamViewer is moving to a subscription service only at this point, but many of us being IT professionals with perpetual licenses are left behind in this, and without the ability to choose which version to install using Remote Update, we are faced with a rather significally difficult situation where it could be simplified.

For internal organizations, I imagine one might use .msi packages to roll out these updates, but some of our clients are not inside our organization.  Maybe there's a way to script this to avoid the need for user interaction while executing a version upgrade.  I've reviewed trying to apply this by policy, but I'm unable to apply a policy to a v7 client, for example; it's simply not an option offered in the TeamViewer Management Console online; grayed out.

I would be interested to know if anyone has any input on that as a potential work around if TeamViewer has a legitimate reason/difficulty for not making all current previous versions available as Remote Update options.


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    Good luck, Jeremy.
    For as many issues as I've tried to bring to the attention of TV support, I've had zero resolved, and no real meaningful response.

    I've had some contact from the support reps monitoring the forums with some well meaning feedback, saying that they do take every contribution seriously, but the bottom line is that there has been no action on any of the issues I've reported.  Can't speak for anyone else.  Some committment one way or another would be nice, so that the very least, I'm not wasting my time trying to better a product that I *used* to absolutely love and and recommend without hesitation.  I still use it, but when the time comes to upgrade, I'll be taking a closer look at other options.  This pains me, because I'm a long time TV user.  I still enjoy the platform for what it offers while I'm able to use it, but this upgrade business is a potential show stopper.  Our little sub $3k investment apparently isn't enough to warrant attention, or acknowledgement, for that matter, from the devs.

  • We feel the same way

    We've been thru 4-5 upgrades and have spent 8-9k.

    We STOPPED upgrading when our Users got a flash popup for Technical support for IT issues.  The audacity was unfathomable.

    This is the problem with a great product that is being over leveraged with unsustainable growth and wants from management.

    Try, just a little about focusing on whats best for your users.