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    What was the **third party product** or has this been censored?

  • Midjet76
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    Bonzadpg, I'm gonna give **third party product**

    Think I may have tried it in the past, but still no Android support which would be great for when I am away from home as I tend to rely on tablet or phone rather than laptop PC.  I have also asked to be notified when their Android beta becomes available


    Have installed it now, looks nearly as good as TeamViewer just doesn't list my current PC's as good as TV.  Definitely good enough for my needs though.

    Thanks again

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    TeamViewer has for some time had me on 5 minute limits thinking I use it commercially. Which I don't. I actually use it to support my 90 year old father.

    I cleared the pop up today and now the app says it's upgrading my account to business. I don't wish to and certainly cannot afford to upgrade. Please cancel whatever is happening! And if you are able to sort the commercial non commercial thing that would also be very helpful.

    Apologies, it was a complete accident and I could really use some help. Panicking a bit to be fair!


  • You are NOT alone in trying (unsuccessfully) to deal with Team Viewer and their new 'business model.  I've personally given up and deleting Team Viewer from my personal computers rather than pay an exorbitant price for a professional license -- that I don't want or need.  The solution for me was to switch to one of the other alternatives.  There is a website listing and discussing the top ten alternatives to Team Viewer. I suggest you visit that site.

  • As I have now become thoroughly annoyed with the lack of response from TV on the topic, I am posting here with a low expectation of a resolution (based on the sheer volume of other unanswered posts on the same topic).  I am part of the "playing by the rules" community of users who use the free software for it's intended purpose, to support my family.  For the third time, I am dealing with the "commercial use detected" nonsense and my sessions are cut at 5min. 

     - Only happens when I connect from my MacBook or iMac to a Windows machine

    - Mac to iMac works fine (so far)

    - Windows to Windows works fine (so far)

    I have now opened 3 tickets over the last 4 weeks and have not received a single response on the subject.  Called support today and they told me the ONLY way to get support on the free product is through the web form..... that goes unanswered.  #businessmodelfail. Why offer a product if you cannot use it within the restrictions you yourself set on it?

    I am hoping someone here has found a DIY fix for this as this is excruciatingly aggravating.  I am 20yr veteran of IT and I know what the difference is between personal and commercial use.  With that comes a general disdain for technology that does not work.

    Interesting side note, when I asked the support person how they detect commercial use, she was not able to give me a direct answer but said its at least partly related to the internet connection I am connecting from.  In other words, if I go to a coffee shop, it will detect the coffee shop internet and flag me.  It goes the same for airports, hotels, free wifi hotspots, your ISP's internet connection, LTE personal hotspots, and practically EVERY other place you can connect from!  She said its for "home to home" connections.. .which doesnt work either!

  • I was using 14.x and tried connecting to a friend who was 15.x - it told me that upgrade is needed.  My 14 was installed as "Personal" - but I believe that when the in-place upgrade came down it was "Commercial."  I removed TV (and settings) and reloaded - making  sure to pick Personal and my issue was resolved...

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    I had updated and still got classified as a commercial user. Perhaps if you wait for a while it may happen to you
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    before i even give teamviewer another go, is this still going on?  If sessions are limited to 5 minutes even for personal use, its literally pointless for me. 

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    for me it is even about 30 seconds and customer care does not give a sh*t

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    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Np Android apps but great for possibly what a lot of of use it for on windows PC's ... for now at least...

    The fact that Tv block any unwanted links to 3rd party software suggests they're  worried we'll all defect.  **bleep** right, as good as TV is when it's free, if you continue to ignore us, we'll do just that and regardless of whether it's on TV forums or not we'll strive to meet our most basic needs.  So TV managers either just scrap the free aspect or come up with a more workable compromise.  How much would you make if you asked all of us free users to pay £1 a month? Surely you can monitor useage to a degree whereyou can truly assess business use as opposed to personal use...??? I know it sounds stingy but I'd pay £1 or $1 a month for an arbitrary amount of access. But it would have to be something not too ridiculous...Say 1 hour per day free what's that worth?  Plus that might encourage users to log off more, I sometimes forget to do this ... oops. 

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    You have to be persistent.  I used Facebook to connect with them and eventually got it al sorted out.

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    My suggest was not "censored" when I suggest using "Remote Assistant" from ***Third party product*** Not quite as good as TeamViewer but excellent to work with. @TeamViewer: Wake and and take action -- you are about to lose customers.

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    It's the same as it was and just not worth using for home use anymore.
    I use Discord screen share to help my friends and family thesedays - not ideal but we don't get disconnected and then blocked for a bunch of time supposedly because they decide to just assume everyone is using for business use, regardless of the fact they have my email address and 'registration' to know I am a home user helping out family and friends once in a while!

    Either pay for the software of find something else would be the best advice.

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    @Bonzadog  lol, it has been censored again, the email I got notifying me had the **Third Party Product** references but your last message on here had been censored.

    @Bonzadog wrote:

    My suggest was not "censored" when I suggest using "Remote Assistant" from ***Third party product*** Not quite as good as TeamViewer but excellent to work with. @TeamViewer: Wake and and take action -- you are about to lose customers.


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    You are right! My message was censored. At least I hope that the Teamviewer team are looking at our messages AND will hopefully change their policy. **Third Party Product** - remove the * I wonder if this will get censored?

  • Unfortunatey, TeamV is not what it used to be.
    In fineprint they promise FRE USE for personal purpouse (and they do not mension any time limits).
    So is not the outcome. They are blocking even personal users.
    I have been blocked 2 times, although i used it strickly for personal use.

    It is hard to find a mail, where to complain, when it happens (maybe it is done by purpose).
    It take months for them to remove the block. Im not shure that the second block is removed yet (sent complain mail nov.-19).

    Once you are blocked - they states that you have 5 minutes time limits, which is not true. I do not know what watch they are using, but the connection went down within 30-90 seconds.

    I have found a good enought substitute for TeamViewer,  Chomes addons - remote desktop.

    For now i cant recommend TeameViewer for personal users only.

    They have also very bad customer support (non existing).


  • Hi I am having the same problem somehow  I can't go back to free


  • they're definitely losing customers, but they don't really seem to care. I tried to push a solution here for a short time, but Teamviewer (as a stock corporation) is clearly not willing to do so... and now offers me a 10% discount - after they don't suspect a commercial use anymore but definitely found a commercial use. I haven't worked for about 5 years and only use computers for my private purposes - no doubt possible. Meanwhile I use Windows own remote capabilities or other products. From time to time I try Teamviewer... so far unsuccessfully, except an "Insider"-Update last week.

  • On December 11, 2019, my mother's computer was accessed by scammers in India, who gained access to her computer.

    She called me, and I connected with TeamViewer, which I use to help friends and family. The scammers were still actively exploring her computer, so I shut it down immediately. I later repaired the damage that they had done.

    However, afterward when I reconnected to her computer, or others, with TeamViewer, it appears that my ID, and possibly hers, have been flagged for commercial use.

    This was not my fault. The mistake was hers; I only tried to help.

     I have made a submission to the TeamViewer website, but my ID remains locked. 

    My pattern of usage is far to scarce for this be a "commercial" problem.

    How can I correct this?

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    The only way to correct this is to print out the TV Form in which you declare that you are a non-commercial user. You will need to do this for every ID you access. Then you wait and wait and wait until TV changes your status. There are alternative "Remote Assistant" available which are not quite as good as TV but are acceptable. TV is losing a LOT of sympathy for this action.
  • I've asked multiple times for non-commercial use.

    It seems like Teamviewer has no people at work under the teamviewer trademark as nothing ever happens.

    After connection establihed program promises 5 minutes online time after killing the connection, but actually timer is set for 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes. This is something very fun!

    I am not a big fan of Teamviewer anyway, but you would think the teamviewer could even program its programs properly, I mean - this is quite pathetic to even force customers to write these problems here. Very pathetic service in overall.

    Also it seems that being an potential customer doesn't mark anything. Even though we have many licences under corporation, but not very long anymore.

    Also, what is wrong with the post feature? "There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes." are these the new features you were talking about?

  • So I got a commercial use detected a while ago. I submitted a ticket and they said they had reset my ID to free user. Since then it still says Commercial use detected and shuts down my teamviewer. I have submitted 2 more tickets with zero response after that.  

  • Okay, thank you for this reply. I will submit for each ID.


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    @waynrayn wrote:

    Okay, thank you for this reply. I will submit for each ID.


    Let us know as and when you get a reply, if, you get one that is.

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    I get this message every single time I use the service. I use TeamViewer on 4 devices at home, nothing to do with work, I'm not even in a job right now! What's even more frustrating is not being able to talk to someone directly about this, no service desk, no chat help, only a LOT of posts about the same issue and no answers.

    TeamViewer accusation.JPG

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    It has been four weeks singe I asked for a review of my usage, to reset to free status. Other users have had extended delays. Do you really exist?

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    Hi all,

    I would like to know if my company computer is installed with Teamviewer Host 15 and  I remote in to the the company pc using Teamviewer 15 personal ( free ) edition from home computer. Will that infringe any license?


  • JeanK
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    Hello @SAA,

    Thank you for your message.

    Indeed, connecting from a free version into a computer with a professional license will infrige the conditions of private use. ?

    You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: How exactly is "personal use" defined?

    I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. ✌



    Community Manager

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    HI @Closed account ,

    thank you for your post. Welcome to the community!

    Since the company is going to provide you support, they should have a license to connect to you. If this is the case, no commercial use flag :)

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)

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    Hi Alena,

    I sent a ticket in explaining I am not using TeamViewer commercially and requested to have my free personal use restored. The response indicated, "Based on the volume of inquiries that we receive, we ask you to please be patient in awaiting a response."

    Do you know, roughly, how long I need to be patient? Is hours, days, or weeks? i can handle hours, and probably even days, but I'm definitely hoping it won't be weeks.