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Can Not get any incoming connections

I can not get any incoming connections to my laptop by teamviewer suddenly. I can connect to other pcs, but when somebody else is trying to connect to me, I do not get any messages to accept the contact and he can not connect to my pc finally.

What is the problem?




  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,325 Moderator

    Hello @mariadagalaki

    Thank you for your message. ?

    Please make sure that you have allowed the incoming connection in the TeamViewer options of your computer. To access the settings, please go to Extras → Options → Advanced → Advanced settings for connections to this computer and make sure you have selected Full access:

    TeamViewer options.png

    I hope this could help. ?

    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



    French Community Moderator
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