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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • @Sputnik007      if you look around here in the "community", you will see many complaints about this alleged commercial use. I have to admit that there are individual users who apparently do not even understand the difference between private and commercial use... ...but most of the complaints seem to me to be justified. Unfortunately, this issue overshadows all others.... I had hoped for a solution when I signed up here...and then hoped for topics that are so generally discussed in "communities". I have given that up now and use other programs ... after more than 10 years I was able / allowed to control my computers very well with TV. And I can advise this to everybody who has to deal with this problem of the Teamviewer...


  • Midjet76
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    Very sad, but very true

    @kwilleke wrote:

    @Sputnik007      if you look around here in the "community", you will see many complaints about this alleged commercial use. I have to admit that there are individual users who apparently do not even understand the difference between private and commercial use... ...but most of the complaints seem to me to be justified. Unfortunately, this issue overshadows all others.... I had hoped for a solution when I signed up here...and then hoped for topics that are so generally discussed in "communities". I have given that up now and use other programs ... after more than 10 years I was able / allowed to control my computers very well with TV. And I can advise this to everybody who has to deal with this problem of the Teamviewer...



  • Hallo,
    ich habe mit heute bereits  2 x  über das entsprechende Formular an Teamviewer geschrieben und leider keine Antwort erhalten. Meine Nutzung wird nicht als privat definiert. Demzufolge bricht die Verbindung nach 5 Minuten ab. Das ist jedoch so nicht richtig. Was kann ich denn sonst noch tung
    Mit folgenden Nutzern verbinde ich mich:
    Tablett PC meiner Mutter
    PC meiner Mutter
    PC meines Bruders
    Notebook meines Bruders
    Handy meines Bruders
    Tablett PC meines Bruders

    Ich habe einmal den Fehler gemacht, meine Mutter mit meinem privaten Handy über das WLAN meines Arbeitgebers geholfen. Das hatte ich auch nur gemacht, weil mein Vater gestorben war.. Meine Mutter ist allein und ist 650 km weit entfernt und benötigt wie meine Bruder ständig technische Hilfe.

    Was kann ich sonst noch tun, als erneut Wochen auf eine Antwort vom Teamviewer Team zu warten?

    Vielen Dank

  • Help me please .. I can not use the program. I mistakenly think that the commercial version but it’s not! I connect via tablet to my desktop home computer and that’s it. please help remove the restriction on the use of the program.
  • Msouss
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    Has there been a fix for this? 

  • triplec
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    RE:   Teamviewer can’t just randomly refuse free personal use service to some families while giving free personal use to other families of the same exact structure. 

    I have used teamviewer for years to help my 86 year old father at his home 2 hours away.  Mind you I have been doing this for years.   The same IP address's from my house and his.  No other use.   We may use it a lot in one month and then go 6 months without using it at all. 

    While my 80 year old mother was hospitalized a couple months ago I used teamviewer to access some of her medical records at my home from the hospital using the hospital wireless.   Now when I go to help my father it disconnects me and tells me I have to buy a commercial license.   

    "Teamviewer should be aware that the law allows them to refuse to serve someone even if they’re in a protected group, but the refusal can’t be arbitrary and you can’t apply it to just one group of people."  To avoid being arbitrary, there must be a reason for refusing service and you must be consistent. "    Teamviewer can’t just randomly refuse "personal use" service to some families for no reason.  Teamviewer should know they must apply their personal use policy to all families including father - daughter families or no families at all. Teamviewer also can’t have a policy that sounds like it applies to everyone but really just includes one particular group of "special" "families" and discriminates against other families.  

    This is the legal trouble Teamviewer will have to deal with if they don't fix this problem fast.  The continuous disconnecting me from my elderly father and attempting to classify my father and I as commercial use when we clearly are not is going to cause issues.    They need to decide whether personal use is for all families or no families.  Not just some families.  

    This discriminatory treatment of customers from teamviewer  needs to be fixed fast otherwise all of us families they are discriminating against are going to bring a class action lawsuit against this company.  


    Free For Personal Use - TeamViewer (1).pngFree For Personal Use - TeamViewer.png


  • poulsrevenge
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    edited June 2021

    Hello Teamviewer Support Team,

    I start see message about commercial use detected, but it is my personal two computers, I live in a few places phisically in one city and owned a few devices. ID of my personal computers: **Do Not Post TeamViewer IDs**, could you please help me?



  • jorditg
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    I agree completely with you. As a free user, lately it is impossible to work. It disconnects in less than a minute. I appreciate the decision of the company of allowing free access for personal use, that is the reason why I began using this software. I would appreciate also the company to update the license terms if it is not free for personal use anymore.

  • For the second time my private account is flagged as commercial use.

    The first time was in November 2019, after investigation, you qualified my account as personal. And this personal use is stil the case, the only thing changed is my location, which caused a different "from" ip adres, but my account and "to" ID is still the same.

    After this second flag, connections are disconnected after one minute.

    My already send resets are still not proccessed.

    The customer support is a joke.Phone and ticket support isn't available and ander after emailing to [email protected] I got a reply you also discontinued email support.

  • dwolfpak
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    Hello, I am using Team Viewer Free to help my elderly mother when she has quetions or problems with her computer, or needs help learning / remembering how to use different software.  This is all I use it for.  When we log off, we always get a message "This session was Free, but Free is only available for personal use.  Buy user license here"  or something like that.  Is there a "FREE" user license or something I need to do?  Is there a limit to how many "FREE" sessions we can do before being blocked?


    Thanks, Dan

  • Please help, everytime I login team, I was kick out with a message "timeouts" how can I fix this problem ?


  • Snukken
    Snukken Posts: 1

    Hi there God folks

    this is the 3rd time that teamviwver cuts of my teamviwer for commersial use 

    the only thing i use it for is to connect from work to my home computer to listen to spotify and Acast for pods. due to my workplace dosent allow to download new programs.

    i have to wait not 7days again for the 3rd time to get some **bleep** help 

    isent there some other way to get this done. was in middle of a pod haha

  • I have been having this problem as well.  It has been going on for a couple of months, I do see any resolution to the issue being posted.  I am looking for another program to access my mom's computer in another state.

  • neptune
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    I am having the Commercial Use Detected problem.  I had the same problem many months ago and it was resolved and my TV was set back to free, now it has happened again.  I submitted a ticket, but it was more than 7 days ago and still no one has contacted me nor has my TV been reset to free.  Why is there no way to speak to anyone about this and it's so difficult to resolve??

  • zelich89
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  • zelich89
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    Never made money from Team. How to restart the id?

    Letter- wrote. Do not answer

  • neptune
    neptune Posts: 6

    Completely agree!  I have been waiting for more than 7 days with NO response.  

  • bazbsg
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    No company could be this incompetent. The simple fact is they want us free users to be **bleep**ed off and find something else while they still pretend they are free for non-commercial use.

    Just look at the facts. this problem has been going on for years and there are close to 100 pages of contributions. And that doesn't count the posts that have been deleted like this one probably will be.

  • Bonzadog
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    Which ever "Manager" who thought up this very sub-optimal scheme should perhaps be given another much less damaging to Team Viewer.
  • Hi,

    I started a chat with TeamViewer Support regarding this error.

    If you are not aware, TeamViewer *monitors* the network that you are conducting your Remote Control sessions on.

    In my case, I was using TeamViewer on my employer's network to connect to my personal laptop for troubleshooting.

    Even though the usage was personal, the network it was conducted on was commercial - and that, apparently, is what TeamViewer is focusing on.  This is according to TeamViewer support agent, Angie.

    So, if you are receiving the "commercial use detected" error and you're initiating the session over a business network, you'll either have to apply for an exemption or conduct your session on a public network.

    A personal VPN may work to circumvent this detection, but I have not verified this.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bonzadog
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    There are a lot of users that have been unjustifiably cut off. The question is how does TV know what commercial is or not? Very obviously TV does not know.
  • Alebro
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    How do I apply to an exemption? I use TeamViewer to connect from my employer's network to my home network for browsing, music etc which is filtered out on the corporate network.




  • lyles43
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    Here is Section B.3.4 of the EULA:

    3.4.Scope of use for Free Version.

    The use of the Free Version is solely permitted for the Customer’s own, private, non-commercial purposes (e.g. free computer support for a spouse/partner). The use of the Free Version for the exercise of the Customer’s own trade or profession or the use for purposes for which the Customer directly or indirectly receives compensation (e.g. team work with colleagues, free support provided to third parties which have bought software of the Customer) does not qualify as private use. End

    It does not talk about the network, but about what is being done. It seems clear that TV is enforcing a different set of rules, or is taking the easy way out by using a simple-minded algorithm rather than an accurate determination of how TV is being used. Enforcement needs to match the EULA.

  • koryhay
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    after reading through all this i dont feel so bad anymore.  i thought it was just me having this problem.  i mean i know i have a lot of devices in my house and like to help out my family with quick fixes but dag on... forcing me into commercial use without at least checking or some kind of warning to what could have trigged the conversion is down right **bleep**.  what needs to be done to have my account switched back and stay that way

  • DariaRS
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    I use my product to connect to my remote server that doesn't have a monitor.
    I don't get paid for it, so free lincene seems to be a good thing.

    Recently, he still disconnects me after a few seconds and gets blocked for 5 minutes, and so all the time.

    Earlier it worked without a problem.

    At this point, I am forced to use other solutions that work much less well, because I can't afford to buy a license for the whole year.

    Can you explain to me and give me more information.


    Best Regards

    Daria Wach

  • julaak
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    I have the same problem. My Android app says that "commercial use detected". Then it closes after few seconds, and I can't connect anymore. I can't use the software at all. And I'm not using Teamviewer commercially. This started some time ago.

    I have't even used Teamviewer except occasionally, and not for commercial use. Now I have to seek for alternative softwares if there's no solution.

  • Hallohej
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    Same here and its getting old fast....

  • Hello, when connected to a remote computer, it throws me out after a few seconds, as it was suspected of commercial use. I have 5 devices connected: a personal computer, a personal smartphone, 2 parent computers (I help them sometimes on some issues), and a personal computer at work. I do not use team viewer for commercial purposes, please unlock my account

  • shropshirelad
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    to be truthful im getting a little fed up of teamviewer i have been using the software for years but the last year i have had several false commercial use detected. the 1st time they reset my teamviewer id but now its not working on any of my families computers. when i go to connect i get pop up to say commercial use detected then kicks me off. i have sent four tickets up to now and recieved no reply. i also rang the 0208 number to be told get off the line this is for paid users and that i have to shut up and wait. i dont feel 4 weeks is satisfactory when it says on the site 7 days. if teamviewer cant get there act together can anyone recommend other free remote assistant progarms

  • whatthe
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    I've been using teamviewer free for years to help my friends, coworkers and my elderly parents.  for the last 6 months or so, I've been getting the same Commercial Use error.   Teamviewer support even looked into it and the deemed my account as free and reset it.  Now , the first time of trying to use it when my parents are having a windows update problem, I can't use it again because of some new algorithm is messing things up for us all.  I'm so perturbed right now, I'm so mad I can't take care of my mom.