Teamviewer slow on my Mac but crazy smooth on iOS


Hey guys!

I had Teamviewer 11 before and I suppose it got updated to 12 with the auto updates. Everything was so smooth. I'm talking streaming my PC from my Macbook Pro 2015. Then, I restored my OS as new, for optimisation purposes. Since, the connection is terrible, quality is desastrous and super laggy. 

I thought at first that I may be my connection at my University. Then, I tried to log in with my iPhone 7, on the same network. No issues. Smooth as cotton, no lag at all. 

I uninstalled Teamviewer from my Mac and reinstalled it, didn't worked, same issue. Tried to optimize the settings, didn't worked too.

Anyone having clues on how to fix it?




  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi MonsierGui,

    Thanks for your post!

    Sorry you are having trouble with TeamViewer 12 on your Macbook after updating the OS.

    You mentioned that you have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times with the same result.

    Have you tried installing recently as we have released an update for Version 12 since your last post?

    If you try this and still see no differnce in quality, we would ask that you submit a ticket to our support team with the log files from your Macbook to help determine a solution.

    Check out this link to find your log files>

    You can submit a ticket here>

    Hope this helps!

    All the best,


  • andylauber
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    I have the same problem on a iMac with OS10.12.5 and TeamViewer 12, Mac systems before and TeamViewer 11 with Mac 10.12 worked perfectly well:

    Trying to log into a remote windows-computer needs a very long time (5 min), then it works without problems. While waiting the screen shows "Negotiating connection".

    I emptied the cache, uninstalled TeamViewer and installed the newest version of TeamViewer, but it didn´t help.

    What can I do else?

  • HNS
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    I have exactly the same issue - I was forced to update, since my employer updated the windows version, and the previous mac version was not compatible with the newer windows version om TW.

    From time to time I experience good sessions, but often it is extremely slow. And this is really a disaster.

    I really don't know what to do!