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Remote device issue after update

I get the following error message after my last update on Samsung android tablet (remote device):

"The remote device doesn't support screen sharing. For more information contact Teamviewer support service."

I can make a contact with samsung tablet and I can see the dash board but no screen sharing. It worked perfectely befor the update.

I uninstalled the apps for both side. haven.t helped..

Please give me a solution for this issue.

Regards, Saberi 

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  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 2,996 Moderator

    Hello @Saberi,

    Thank you for your message. ?

    This means that the update of your tablet was big enough to create compatibility issues with our app. 

    We are doing the best we can to keep our app up-to-date with all supported manufacturers. It might take some time to adjust the app to make it work on your tablet. I thank you in advance for your understanding.



    French Community Moderator
  • SaberiSaberi Posts: 4

    Hello Jean,

    Thank you for your fast respond. I understand your point completely but I just must add that I updated the teamviewer app and not the tablet. I suppose you could get same issue in this case also, right?

    So, I think it will take a while till Teamviewer comes with the next update ... :(

    Regards, Saberi

  • SaberiSaberi Posts: 4

    OK, Thank you again. have no no expericence with downgrade a app but I wil try this then.

    Regards, Saberi

  • SaberiSaberi Posts: 4

    Hello Renato,

    No worries and welcome to our chat! :) My mother is also ill and she is not able to move her hands also. I call her with skype and I peak it up by myself with teamviewer from abroad... I wil try to downgrade the app but I am not sure if it is possible. 

    I have tried another apps like [removed by moderator] but none of them works like teamviewer!...

    Antother solution for you is using macro recorder on your tablet I think. There are some apps which allows you to automate the tasks on your tablet. For example if a messeage comes it opens the message for you. You can make a 5 minutes pauze for the next message if more message come at same time..

    You can record (teach) the app to do several tasks in serie for you on your tablet. have no practical myself but it is possible. In this way you do not need your PC also (maybe).

    This is an example for these kind of apps watch the video:

    [removed by moderator]

    There are also some macro recorder for windows which automate the tasks on pc also.

    Good luck :)

    @Renato1959 wrote:

    I apologize for joining this discussion, but I have a problem after the last update too and I can't open a new topic.

    Hello, I am a disabled person and I cannot use my hands while I use my PC correctly with a voice program. Until a few days ago, by launching my Teamviewer from the desktop I was able to access my mobile phone and read text messages, add or delete numbers in the address book and anything else; after the last Teamviewer update, the "mobile control panel" screen appears on the desktop but I can no longer interact with it. Remembering that I cannot use my hands, is there anyone who would have a suggestion to be able to view my Android phone on the desktop of my PC without performing other operations?


  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 2,996 Moderator

    @Saberi thanks a lot for sharing your best practices to help @Renato1959

    Unfortunately, I have to remove third party products and links from your post to align with our guidelines. Feel free to share this with @Renato1959  via private message. ?

    Many thanks in advance for your understanding and thanks again for sharing your experience and your support! ?



    French Community Moderator
  • Renato1959Renato1959 Posts: 4

    Thanks @Saberi, unfortunately now the problem is that I can no longer access my Android screen from the computer and therefore I can not do any of the things recommended by you.

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