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TeamViewer never change temp password after the remote session

Hi, i recently discover once i give my ID and temp password for a remote session, at the end of that the passwoprd still be the same. When other person connect to my PC no alert ask to me to allow the connection so I suppose... If i go out from my PC the other operator can connect again to my remote PC without any consent and will have full access to my machine.

This seems to be a security issue.


By default was not selected to change password every session end so i belive default settings has a potential security issue. Please check.


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  • Hi Esther, thank you very much for your reply!
    I hope your day is going weel and I'm happy to read you.

    I agree with you, reccomandations should be to set the randoom password so why as default TeamViewer is not using this settings?

    Thanks for passing this to the team, I think is important.
    I faced again issues on posting in community, this many month ago and also in those days... so I contacted your company by Facebook. Now seems I can post again but your community seems have issue too for member like me. Every time I need support here I loose my post because of errors on posting :)



    Again thanks for your help.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,176 Community Manager

    Hi @peopleinside 

    Sorry to hear you had issues posting on the community.

    I think I need to check with our vendor why this happens to some of our users every now and then.

    Have a great Friday,


    Community Manager
  • Thanks Esther. Have a great Friday and week end too!

    Yes you should contact your community platform support ;-)

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