New release of the TeamViewer Host for Linux (v12.0.78433)

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Dear fellow penguins,

I'd like to let you know about our new release of the TeamViewer Host for Linux.

Not a lot of time has passed since our last release. The main reason for this update is to accommodate for the change in behavior in recent Raspbian releases, as outlined in this thread. All problems regarding changing IDs and invalid passwords on Raspbian should be a thing of the past now.

But we didn't stop there: We also managed to squeeze in a few new features and improvements.

Account assignment is available in the options dialog now, adding the device to your account and granting it extended permissions. (Please note that the easy access feature has not made it in this release, which is one use for account assignment)

Wake-on-LAN can now be enabled in the options dialog (requires account assignment), allowing to wake the device from selected TeamViewer IDs within the LAN. Please note that the option is available on all platforms, but some devices (including Raspberry Pi) lack the requirements to be woken up. On the other hand, every device can be used as a trigger. Given the low energy consumption of a Raspberry Pi, it is a perfect always-on device to wake other machines in your network.

Restricted access to options is now implemented. Actually, you already could activate (custom) password protection for the options dialog in previous releases. Now you can also restrict access to superusers, utilizing your PolKit policies. Just check the "Changes require administrative rights on this computer" box. If you have especially high security requirements, you could even activate both options. (Well... actually, activating both options does not increase security but you can choose the one that suits you best.)

Unattended access has been greatly improved. Connections to the login screen should be more reliable.

Access controls for incoming connections have been updated, now supporting the "ask for permission" setting.

Also, a few minor bugfixes and performance optimizations have been included.

As usual, updates are available via the repository. For new installations go to the download page. If you are upgrading from TeamViewer 11 on your Raspberry Pi, please read this article.

All the best,


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  • mcdragon
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    Is this update going to be incorporated in the full client or just the host. The full client version is still currently in version v12.0.76279 for linux machines.

  • DanielStm
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    We are currently focusing on improving the Host version. Most of the changes (regarding the options dialog) have been in the full client for a long time.

    Linux Developer
  • Bilago
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    Teamviewer 12 does not start on my RPI, 11 works just fine.

  • liudr
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    Thanks for the update. I believe that I have the updated version since the new things you mentioned are in it. I wonder when the file transfer can be made available on Raspberry Pi ARMV7-32-bit releases. The main reason I'm looking at this is to be able to remotely find my reaspberry pis that are on other local networks than my home router, such as attached to mobile 4G hotspots deployed in remote areas. With teamviewer, I don't have to waste my time setting up dynamic DNS. So what I really want to see is file transfers.

  • LK
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    Same for me. Teamviewer is such a great tool and it is very helpfull especially for headless pi devices. Filetransfer would make it perfect.

  • Len2000
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    With RPI2 jessie, ver 11.0.63329 works. After remove and purge, installed v12.0.78433. Teamviewer Host 12 script hangs after set gui step. Repeatable. Remove purge v12, install v11 works. Remove purge v11, install v12 same failure. Using v11 now. Thanks for any help. I have been a tv fan for many years. Keep up the good work.