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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • Kenwy
    Kenwy Posts: 1

    I have teamviewer isntalled for personal use, and i usually use it only to acces my girlfriend pc to shut down it when she fall a sleep when we watch movie and from one week i start get this the message from the photo and get disconnected after 3mins, what i can do? 1.png

  • karumba
    karumba Posts: 1

    same issue here. my account was set to private 2 years ago and out of a sudden this. is this a bug?

  • majed050
    majed050 Posts: 1

    Same issue here... it was fine up to 2 days ago.. I hope I can retrieve my account full access 

  • Same here, hope the Algorythm can be overhauled to not telling this.
    Already got a few mentions in the past of this, but now it even restricts my connections...

  • dear sir
    I would like to state that my TeamViewer account is suspected to be commercial, however I only use it to access a pair of my own devices . I may have visited them once from my computer at work . We are waiting for your response. Thanks!

  • Moondog
    Moondog Posts: 1

    This is happening for me as well. I am a student at UofA, and just want to connect to another students computer to help him get his microphone working, and I am getting the same error. Pls help.

  • this happens to me every 6months or so,, im on a home network on a dyn IP and only dial into a few computers her at home,, I reckon they just do it to scam ppl who dont need a comm licence to get one, good luck with that TV plenty of other free versions of this type of app out there, granted TV is good but no longer worth the frustration when they do this a couple of times a year

  • im facing the same issue..

  • Sergey26
    Sergey26 Posts: 1
    the same problem
  • fishduke
    fishduke Posts: 1

    im free user, i used teamviewer for non-commercial.

    i just added many computers and mobile phone, because i use them all

    sometimes, i helped my parents with this too


    but i got banned. teamviewer said, 'we figured commercial using, so you are banned'


    please allow me to use teamviewer

  • postavy
    postavy Posts: 1

    Hello! To begin with, I would like to say that you have a very complex system of addresses, to be honest!
    But if we turn to the essence of the problem, I would like to understand why my account with the wording "Commercial use" is blocked, when I constantly go to my home computer from my workplace to do personal affairs, check mail, find the information I need and track what they are doing my family is on the home computer, as there is a possibility that children sometimes sit.
    If you look at and read the logs, I have 90% of the connection, only a couple that I wrote above, everything else is special cases, and then only minutes to solve some problems of my relatives and friends. The list of contacts does not replenish as it is permanent, even if there are changes, they are associated only with the fact that the old laptop or computer was reinstalled.
    How can this problem be solved?
    Moreover, you can even see from the logs that during the quarantine period which was held at home, there were no connections to my computer.
    I also apologize, the text was written through a translator, since you do not have Russian technical support.

  • PMPP
    PMPP Posts: 1

    This tool is awesome, and has helped for the last couple of months to manage my parent's laptop.
    Today I saw this post, and today you have flagged my account as I was about to help my parents scan documents to send to their bank. It would seem I've been flagged as using the personal account for commercial purposes. There was an update that seems to be addressing that, but I continue blocked.

    I don't need to manage 200 devices (the lowest tier of your subscription), just one.

  • buendl
    buendl Posts: 1

    Ähnidesk is better anyway i never use this tool again!

  • jbarnett12
    jbarnett12 Posts: 11

    Teamviewer does not seem to care about this problem. I have several computers as a hobbyist that I set up with Teamviewer in my host - one is my own pc and the other is my wife's which I support her on. I alo have two headless macs I am using a media players and I use Teamviewer to connect. I filled out the online forms and pdf's to get them cleared a year ago.

    I am now playing around with some raspberry pi's and using Teamviewer.

    Imagine my suprise that all my machines are giving me this message! I connected with Teamviewer on Facebook Messenger and my feeling was that they really did not seem to care. I complained that  my 2 pc and 2 macs had been cleared before and why now do  Ihave to go through the whole process again. Their was that the new machines tripped a process requiring me to apply for ALL machines!. This is ridiculous - if they don't want to offer free use they should just say so and can their free offerings if they are going to make it so difficult. I am not cheap but I cannot afford to pay a license for each machine

  • NZSnowman
    NZSnowman Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Same !!

    I manage my Father-in-law's laoptop.  He is 88 and often locked in his retirement village - due to COVID-19.  We can't get in and he can't get out.

    I often need to access his machine a few times a day.

  • cmauer
    cmauer Posts: 1

    I have been using TeamViewer for years because I am on the other side of the planet and my I have 2 sets of parents to look after and they have flagged me too now. Even if I wanted I couldn't go and help them.
    I only use it for personal use, never charged anybody any money, or made money using it.
    Well I guess this happens, because enough people used it commercially without paying :-(
    Anyway, I just wished that there was a way to get that restriction removed, so that I can help my family again

  • i  have 2 TV laptops. client and host. each has timeout value set to off. well i am watching a movie from the host laptop on the client, but after about 90 minutes the host laptop will timeout and then the TV session hangs on the host. i cannot start a new session to the host, i must reboot the host laptop. both run Win10 latest updates. TV is up to date also.

  • I also use Teamviewer to support my elderly parents and on rare occasions my sister. I have no IT qualifications and do not charge for the assistance provided, I'm just more tech savvy than my family. My account is now saying that it has detected I am using the site in a commercial capacity but I'm not. My Dad needs assistance now and I can't help. Not happy.

  • Go to

    You can then create a PDF document in which you state what you use Teamviewer for if your account has been declared a commercial account and you want it recognised that you are using it for personal use only. You will need to print out the document, sign it, scan it back to your computer and submit it. I understand Teamviewer will then review your application and get back to you within two days to reactivate your account as a Free Account if they approve your submission. I hope this is helpful.

  • treptowers
    treptowers Posts: 18

    Today i received a Mail that my Account is not privat. They don't unlock it ! 

  • Qianqian
    Qianqian Posts: 1

    I also come across the same problems. 

  • scoza05
    scoza05 Posts: 3

    I've been using Teamviewer for years.  Use it to remotely access my desktop and help my family when they need a hand.  Not for business.  Then I get these pop ups.  Nothing's changed at my end.  Why would I be getting these pop ups?  Have I been hacked?



  • owegner55
    owegner55 Posts: 1

    Hello Team,
    why is the Teamviewer after one minute cutting the connection?
    I'm using the software only on a private base.
    Please send me a feedback.

    Kindly Regards
    Otto Wegner

  • scoza05
    scoza05 Posts: 3

    If you've got the same problem as me this is what you need to do to reactivate your ID

  • Good evening,

    I wanted to report that I got the message that I use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, but it is not correct because I used it for many years just to help my relatives. Can you help me on solving? Thank you!

    Fabrizio Di Lernia

  • Billious
    Billious Posts: 1

    I have the same problem!

  • loles
    loles Posts: 1

    Having the same issue. I am not using it for commercial use, just helping my friend. How do you decide which use is commercial and which is not? Where you gather data from?

  • mkono87
    mkono87 Posts: 1

    Im having the same issue, just showed up today and iv been using it for years. Whats going on?

  • scoza05
    scoza05 Posts: 3

    I have the same problem and this is what you need to do to get Teamviewer to reactivate your account -

  • goosee007
    goosee007 Posts: 2

    Someone has to investigate and report their organization to the better business bureau and have it reported a privacy issue. This is going on far too long and data is being collected to justify the excuse that our devices are being used for personal use. We need to find out WHAT DATA IS BEING COLLECTED AS EVIDENCE to show that our devices are being used for personal use vs commerical use? Why is it that we have to constantly submit our IDs to them and make a declaration that your PC / Laptop is not being used as commercial use? How data do they have to prove that you're using for private? You can't even uninstall/reinstall teamviewer even though you've installed it as personal and it says on the app its personal use installed. I've had to ask for a reset 3 to 4 times in one year and still TV constantly reports that its commerically used. This is becoming a privacy issue and shouldn't be tolerated!

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