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    I also have this problem as of today. I have used TeamViewer for a mumber of years for myownprivate purposes. I use it to connect from my tab back to my home pc when I am away on holidays. I only use it for the shortest time possible each time. Please allow my private use to continue as before.

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    Hello, I have been using a free license for several years. I have only one home computer and sometimes I connect to it. But today the program has started writing that commercial use has been noticed. Why? If I only use it for home use and with just one computer.

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    Today im also getting same error. but using teamviewer rarely to connect my local lan.

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    Thanks for the post and looks good. Can this approach also be used for free personal use?

    I've been using TeamViewer periodically to support friends and family, although far more during COVID-19 to support my elderly parents. The other day, for an unknown reason, commercial use was detected while attempting to support my mother. Have sent off the form to TV, although no response as yet. I can understand free use is low priority and I appreciate TV makes it available in the first place.

    @JeanK, should I simply move onto a simple solution (all that I need) which won't be subject to inconvenient, random flagging, such as **Third Party Product**?

    Thanks for any feedback and guidance.

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    Hi Teamviewer Support Team, I have been using your service for my own personal use only for many years. It was always excellent and at a high level. But, a couple of days ago, I connected from my smartphone to the “Mama” computer, and, unexpectedly, the session was interrupted and I received a message that I was using the service for commercial purposes. I tried to connect again, but the connection was broken again. What happened? I

    have never violated the terms of free use, my computers are registered in my account. You can see it. I ask you to check everything and fix this error.

    Please let me know about the result of the check.

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    Good afternoon, I am using the program for personal purposes. The program exits after 2 minutes of use. Please provide full access to the programm.

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    Same issue here. After reading all these messages in the forum, I am getting the idea that they are hurting money wise and trying to make sure they eliminate any commercial users. Unfortunately we get hit by it also. I am deleting my account since I do not want to go back and forth with teamviewer support and end up in a vicious cycle, I will use other products in the meantime. If this ever gets resolved or you release a personal use small monthly fee or one time buy, send me an email and I will gladly join. 

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    My Teamviewer has been stuck on the expired version for over two months now and I have filled out the reset form twice, both times saying my account has been reset. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software a couple of time, restarted my computer, and called for customer support; nothing has worked. What do I need to do (or who should I contact) to get my ID officially reset to a free version so I can continue to use this software?

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    Teamviewer did suspect commercial use so I did reachout using a link provided to me, I recieved an email last night stating: "Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”." So I assumed everything would be fine, I went to use it this morning and it is still signing me out and saying they still suspect commercial use. Is there something I should do ?

    Thank you!


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    I get the message "Connection blocked after reaching the maximum time" after about 30 seconds of use. Did the account appear to be suspicious commercial use?

    My free account has been flagged 2 times in the past years as being suspected to be used commercially.

    The issue was resolved very quickly the first times this happened to me after I filled out the Form to submit Commercial Use Suspected support ticket found in the Knowledge Base.
    I had to wait a long time the second time.

    Now it's third time (now waiting for a reply)

    What would/could cause the "Commercial use suspicion algorithm" to keep flagging my account as suspicious?
    I use it to help my parents (we live 1000 km away!) and to do something on my home pc if I am away from home and forgot to do something.
    I use TV on my pcs: one desktop at my own, one notebook (office computer, but in this case used to connect for personal use) and sometimes from iphone or ipad.

    How can I prove once and for all that I'm not using TeamViewer for commercial use?

    If it is blocked so suddenly, when I have to help my father, as happened today, I am not able.
    He is old, if TV crashes unexpectedly (since it is the third time), I prefer to know it and change software to avoid risking this possibility.

    Thank you all in advance for your kind replies.

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    I paid for my license on May 28, 2020 but still am on the trail version and get flagged for commercial use and my sessions get timed out after few secoonds following the connection with my computer and server at the offie. Two months of my time has been lost and waster. Please do somthing. Sid Iranzad.

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    Hallo Teamviewer,

    Es nervt.

    Alle paar Monate bekomme ich wenn ich meinen Schwiegereltern oder meiner Mutter per Teamviewer helfen möchte, die Meldung, dass eine Seite Teamviewer angeblich kommerziell nutzt.

    OK, die private Nutzung ist kostenlos, aber von ein paar Jahren habe ich sogar schon den Wisch abgegeben, wo ich versichere, dass ich mein Teamviewer rein privat nutze um Familienmitgliedern zu helfen.

    Diese Hilfe ist manchmal mehrmals die Woche nötig, manchmal nur nach monaten.

    Beide Eilternpaare haben zur Hilfe Teamviewer auf Ihren Rechnern und auf den Smartphones.

    Weder in meinem Account noch im Account einer der Elternteile ist irgendein Hinweis, das dieser kommerziel genutzt wird, aber beim Verbinden bekomme ich die Meldung, dass eine Seite kommerziell sein soll.

    Überarbeitet bitte endlich Euren Algorythmus, so dass kleine Nutzer wie ich ohne genervt zu werden, ihren Eltern/Schwiegereltern aus der Ferne helfen kann.

    Teilt mir doch bitte mit, welche Seite (meine oder Eltern) die angebliche kommerzielle Nutzung betreiben soll.



    Michael Diesterhöft

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    APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi. After upgrading version my TeamViewer client on Linux starts showing me a message about commercial usage. I managing 2 devices. my pc and my laptop. I tried remote control from my smartphone, and windows 10 all good, message about license I can see only on my Linux machine. Please help me solve this issue, really annoying.

    Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 Tricia x64

    TW - 15.7.6

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    I'm using TV a lot, at work with my business notebook (the only commercial connection are starting from my business notebook) and at home with my private computers (only personal usage). I don't why I'm getting the notice that commercial use is detected, although I'm using TV from different computers e.g. in my private network at home to connect to each other. 
    So what's the matter? It seems to me, that your algorithm for detecting commercial usage is not working quite good. I assume some if/else construct which has no intelligence at all, maybe a good trained cnn would fix that?!
    So please set my account to personal use or VNC is the way I go!
    Thank you.
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    I can't use any of my computer   I'm using the free version   I never tried paying for business version  






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    The problem is i posted it here as a warning to people TV are 'advertising' to here. Moreso its directly applicable to this article, you say

    "Use TV to help support your parents and friends"
    "Oh btw, we might brand you as a commercial user at any time, and make it take days to get access back so tough luck if you were in the middle of helping someone"

    If i wanted to just whinge about it id have posted it kin the community forum where people wont see it myself,  I was emphasising the rediculousness of this post that one cannot rely on TV to support parents and friends becuase when you least expect it, it wont work, and you have to get them using some other software while you get of your buts and re-enable it (if you are even in a position to print out and scan in the requried paperwork).

    Moving it to another post (and worse that there being no trace of it or notication it was done) just comes across as hiding criticism because you dont want to draw attention to the contraversial commercial detection.

  • _Tim_
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    Thank you for the lack of kcommunication until i asked about it, very transparent of you, i still say my comment was moved kmaliciously, becuase i was specifically warning people how one cannot rely one TV to work when you need it kdue to the feature pointed out a the very end of the article.

    its great you now have a less expensive option (it must be very new, there doesnt seem to be any way to get that plan without a direct link) , pity its still way overpriced compared to competitors, ive been using TV for occasional remote control of my home PCs both from home and elsewhere (but never in a commercial manner) for what must be over 10 years by now, with that less than stellar offer [removed per Community Guidelines] ill be uninstalling TV  and using other software


    Adios TV, its been great (till now) ... and its gone.

  • Zavid
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    I have been suspected as a commercial user. I usually connect my home pc to office pc or reverse for academic perpose. Please let me know a way to rule out the suspicion. Thank you.

  • AriannaMicrochi
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    same for me!

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    Hi, almost three weeks have passed since I sent you a request to unblock the license of the TV application, which I use only to manage the PC of family and friends privately, not commercially. (www teamviewer com/en/reset ) And it's still in processing. You write everywhere that the program is free for these purposes and you have repeatedly blocked me due to suspicion of commercial activity. For the first time about 5 years ago and then every year again and a month ago again. Can you please tell me why you came to the conclusion that I use the application commercially?

    1 = 72 year old friend = PC
    2 = 72 year old friend = MOBILE
    3 = 74 year old aunt = Notebook
    4 = 74 year old aunt = MOBILE
    5 = 74 year old aunt = PC
    6 = 50 year old friend = PC
    7 = 50 year old friend = Notebook
    8 = 60 year old father = PC
    9 = 60 year old father = Notebook
    10 = 35 year old girlfriend

    Do you think that I am exploiting these people and forcing them to pay me for helping them with their technical problems? I signed, uploaded and sent the statement to you, what more do you want me to stop blocking me? I have IT technology as a hobby, I am a member of the Insider program Windows 10, so I format my system several times a year and upload everything again. I don't even have a trade license and I have a postman as a profession. I have tried many competitors, but because you are unfortunately the only one with such a great program, which you probably know, it seems to me that you are playing a "monopoly" and trying to squeeze as much money as possible from us ordinary users. Unfortunately, none of us can afford to pay a total of CZK 17,249.76 / year for joining them a few times a month to fix what they messed up in windows, or what Microsoft messed up / cycled windows update, which is, for example, a problem with 60 years old father = PC / or the problem that after updating Windows does not work outlook other than in safe mode, which is, for example, the problem u = 50 years old friend = PC /
    And because they can't handle it, I have to fix it, but I don't have the time or opportunity to go around the whole of Prague and spend my free time on the road and then repairing them and the speed of their Internet, I'm not even talking if I could fix it online from home.
    If you only wanted 2,000 CZK / year, for example, it would not be a problem to fold and pay, even though you write everywhere that it is free for personal purposes and that you do not want to force them to pay it .... And almost 1,500 CZK We really can't afford CZK / month.

    Please comment and advice on what to do so that this does not happen again? And really, no one with a paid license joins anyone.

    Thank you.

  • SandoHP
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    Read the EULA (you should have done so already, before instaliing or using it!), and it's very clear you're not entitled to the free version. What you call academic purpose isn't private and I'm sure that you're compensated for your work.

    The same applies for all these non-too-smart people here who work for a charity and think that somehow entitles them to use it for free. A charity is NOT private and even people at charities get compensated for their work. Specifically see para 3.4 of the EULA.

    It's unbelieveable how many users of TV seem to be unable to read and are whining at something which is perfectly logical.

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    @Leling What's the relevance of mentioning that you use it commercially at work, if your complaint is about the free version you use at home? I suppose you're not using the same account at work and at home at least?

  • SandoHP
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    My TIP/RECOMMENDATION to Teamviewer would be to change the messages people are getting. Your EULA says it fine, but many people here seem to be not willing or able to read.

    Instead of the message "commercial use detected" I think the phrasing "non-private use detected" would prevent a lot of questions. In that case people who run a charity won't have to get indignant about the fact that they don't consider it to be commercial. Or others that "academic use" is different from commercial use. Just my 2 cents.

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    Translated by Google
    Good evening
    I have been using the Free version for some time and today I can no longer connect because "Warning! our system has recognized commercial use ...". Given that I use TeamViewer only to help my distant family members who are not very practical with the PC. What can I do? I can't afford to buy a license!
    Thank you
    I attach photo screesavarTeamViewer.jpg

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    I am going through same problem. Emailed declaration, but no response for a week. I belive almost 50% people are getting this message. I belive Team Viewer wants you to buy their software once you are use to it like a drug.

  • groucho7
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    This is by design. TeamViewer’s managers, Oliver Steil and Stefan Gaiser, have become too greedy for their own good,. They have many competitors offering free remote desktop access (see here ). They will lose millions of loyal customers. I feel sorry for them.

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    Ja. Teamviewer hat den Zugang zu meiner 74 Jahre alten Mutter gesperrt.
    Man vermutet hier "kommerzielle Nutzung". Das habt ihr sehr gut gemacht.

    An der Hotline sagte man mir, ich soll mich deswegen ans Forum wenden.
    Haben die Forum-Mitglieder Admin Rechte auf den Teamviewer Servern?

    Ich habe also auf das Formular ausgefüllt.
    Und auch stante pede das PDF, was man mir per Email zugesendet hat.

    Bis heute - knapp zwei Wochen später - ist der Zugang noch immer gesperrt.
    Tolle Leistung. Dem Sohn den Zugriff auf den PC der Mutter sperren. Applaus!

    Natürlich nach 1/2 Jahrzehnt der perfekte Zeitpunkt. Wo ich jetzt gerade eine
    Bein-OP hinter mir habe und für 8-12 Wochen das Bein nicht belastend darf.

    Ich kann also auch nicht einfach so ins Auto steigen und zu meiner Mutter fahren.
    Also werde ich mir jetzt eine andere Remotesoftware für meine Mutter suchen.

    Es gibt a.) andere und b.) auch bessere Lösungen. Ein VPN von mir zu meiner Mutter
    (sie hat eine Fritz!Box) und dann per RDP reicht auch vollkommen aus. Fertig aus.

    Falls hier einer was bewirken kann soll er/sie sich beeilen. Sonst fliegt die Software runter.

    An der Arbeit (hier "kommerzieller Kunde") ist Teamviewer ohnehin schon "im Abgesang".
    In [entfernt von Moderator] (Softwareverteilung) und [entfernt von Moderator](Telefonanlage) ist Remotesupport inkludiert.

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    did anybody fill out this "Declaration of private use" und sent it to Teamviewer?
    Did anybody receive an answer?
    Is it worth, to fill it out and send it by mail?
    Do they react to it?