Posted by Yohann

Open Teamviewer with URI and password

Hello World, 

I'm developping a little web app to have acces of all my customers's Teamviewer host, and I need to have the link to open TV with the password in it. 

I allready have this one : teamviewer10://control?device=123456789 

But I can't find the parameter for the password. 

Any one has an idea ? 

Thank you! 

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2 Replies
Posted by DomLan

Re: Open Teamviewer with URI and password

Hi @Yohann,

I do not think there is an alternative to inserting a password through a textbox. Headless hosts are allowed ... not clients.
The appendix A of the API documentation describes the possibility of calling a uri to obtain this series of actions:
- opening of your TeamViewer client;
- pre-setting of the ID of the interlocutor or of the related Contact.

The operation actually ends with the display of the box in which to enter the password to start the connection.


Domenico Langone
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Posted by pdxmaverick

Re: Open Teamviewer with URI and password

You can launch the application and pass the credentials.


Although I am having a hard time encrypting the password base64