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FireEye clarification regarding misleading Social Media post

Dear all,

At a recent conference of cyber security vendor FireEye, a presentation referenced historic security events related to TeamViewer. This has been picked up on Social Media in a misleading way including non-factual conclusions.

TeamViewer is safe to use. In a statement [see below screenshot], FireEye has made clear that they are not implying a compromise of TeamViewer or a previously undisclosed incident. This clarification corresponds to the assessment of leading external security experts. 

TeamViewer is committed to the highest standards of cyber security, data integrity, and customer privacy. We invest heavily to ensure the best possible security for the connectivity solutions our users trust in.




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Re: FireEye clarification regarding misleading Social Media post

There was a news on the Chinese portal site QQ.com. 
Do you know this information? Is this true?
”On October 11, Shenzhen Network and Information Security Information Center
issued a document titled 「Emergency Notification of TeamViewer Client
Remote Control」 with the number 2019029. This document says,
“Our monitoring center find the APT41, a hacker organization,
recently launched a network attack on TeamViewer,
successfully acquired the TeamViewer backend management system,
and the hacker organization can access and control the clients
installed TeamViewer."”


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Re: FireEye clarification regarding misleading Social Media post

Looks like this is the same. Released a Day after. Or at least after this Post: https://twitter.com/cglyer/status/

11 82 41 31 94 36 05 08 41 9

And this "2019029" is just a Number and not a Date.

I can't Post the hole Link at once. Otherwise this happens:

https://twitter.com/cglyer/status/**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs****Please do not post TeamView...

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Re: FireEye clarification regarding misleading Social Media post

It turns out that this is about a past event, not the current one.
I was misunderstood the fact.

thanks @Alitai .

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Possible new finding of Teamviewer vulnerability?

It appears there is a new hack.      This blog report was created Feb, 2, 2020 posted Feb. 3rd (yesterday).     The hacker was using Teamviewer 7 and 14 ( no word on version 15 ).   

Is it a newly found vulnerability?