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TeamViewer is preparing for macOS Catalina

Hi all,

Apple started to roll out public betas* for macOS Catalina (10.15) and iOS 13, and iPadOS. Since yesterday mac users can test the new OS and explore the new features.

The public beta for the new macOS is of course fascinating news for a lot of us, and we are happy to let you know, that our developers are already working on making TeamViewer fully compatible with the new OS and we will let you know once we finished our coding and testing.

Of course, we are also updating our Knowledge Base article Which operating systems are supported? accordingly.

As we are not yet fully compatible, we can not guarantee a hassle-free TeamViewer experience on Catalina, and we recommend to not update to the new OS on your production environment if you need to work with TeamViewer.

*Background: A company shares a beta version with its user base to find and resolve issues and bugs more quickly due to the large test-group.

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3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by pavelw

Re: TeamViewer is preparing for macOS Catalina

Is it possible to download macOS Catalina version to test it ?

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Posted by ChristianBailey

Re: TeamViewer is preparing for macOS Catalina

It appears that the latest version of Teamviewer for the Mac 14.5.1691 (I did not find a beta) does not function at the macOS Catalina login page. Even though both TeamViewer TeamViewer_Desktop are enabled in System Preferences-Privacy-Accessibility. Is it necessary to use another company's remote desktop utility just to get through Mac login? Any indication of when this feature may be added?

Posted by Vmax28

Re: TeamViewer is preparing for macOS Catalina

The final version of Catalina is about to be released any moment. Is Teamviewer compatible with Catalina now?