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[Android] Remote Control v14.6.236 - Change Log

We released a new version of the Remote Control app for Android.

Operating system: Android

Version:  14.6.236

Release date: 2019-09-17

Change Log:

  • Connect to the TeamViewer Pilot app! Help others resolve any kind of equipment and machinery issue with AR-based remote assistance.
  • Solved an issue which prevented LAN connections
  • Minor fixes and improvements 

Download the app from Google Play

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Posted by ikatsuke

Re: [Android] Remote Control v14.6.236 - Change Log

Hi, did this release break Samsung Dex Mouse Position Syncing and Right Click?

Quick Update: For anyone that is having the same issue, please rollback to Version: 14.5.224. It works flawlessly. I had to dig up around the internet to find the APK.

No matter what i try, my bluetooth mouse clicks are only recognized as Left Clicks, and the scroll wheel does not work at all. I've tried all setting changes/reboots, updates, etc. Any ideas?

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Samsung Dex on S5e table
2. Connect BlueTooth mouse
3. Open Teamviewer for Remote Control (ver 14.6.236 CL)
4. Remote into a windows 10 desktop (running ver 14.6.2452)
5. Move bluetooth mouse, nothing happens to remote mouse
6. Right Click anywhere, a left click is triggered instead
7. Use Scroll Wheel, nothing happens
8. Click with Scroll Wheel, nothing happens
9. Left Clicking has this weird "touch like" effect on desktop, as if it was simulating a touch on windows? This never happened before.

This situation makes TeamViewer unusable in windows systems in any sort of capacity. Yes, i am aware that "click and hold" will eventually trigger a right click, that is just a **bleep** experience for people with an actual mouse connected to the tablet.
Please, any suggestions, or fixes are highly appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions.

I love this product, but this version seems to have broken it pretty badly for Dex + Mouse users :(

@Esther thanks for your time and consideration :) hope this issue can be solved soon :)

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Re: [Android] Remote Control v14.6.236 - Change Log

Hi @ikatsuke 

Thanks for your feedback.

I am passing this to the mobile team.

Have a great day ahead,