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Ads still shown with active corporate license

We are paying customer with a corporate license.
Still we see after finishing almost any TV session a new TV related ad popping up. Clicking "don't show again" just will lead to getting another TV related ad shown after finishing the next session.

Giving feedback within the app didn't lead to any response or change.

Seeing those ads within a professional environment within in an not quite cheap application is more than annoying. This has to stop. The money invested into keeping the TV licenses can easily be invested into finding a less annoying replacement for TeamViewer.

Best regards,
Fred Ahrens

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Re: Ads still shown with active corporate license

Hello @FredAhrens´,

Thank you for your message. 🙌

We are sorry that the ads had a negative impact on your user experience. 🙏

Please submit your request to our support: https://support.teamviewer.com/a/ 

They will help you out with this. 👍

Best regards


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